NFL Recap Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens 22 10

Thanks to a superior defensive performance, Miami Dolphins have surprisingly beaten the Baltimore Ravens at the beginning of the week 10 in the NFL 22:10. Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa convinced as a substitute and helped the open lake in the two

The Miami Dolphins have surprisingly beaten thanks to an outstanding defensive performance, the Baltimore Ravens at the start of Week 10 in the NFL 22:10. Quarterback TUA Tagovailoa compelling performance as a substitute and helped the offense in the second half to come up to speed.

The Dolphins showed from the outset uncomfortable in defense and kept the Ravens just days after their grueling overtime victory over Minnesota in the first series of attacks in a 46-yard field goal by Justin Tucker. The second drive then ended with a missed shot by Tucker after 14 successful field goal attempts in series. He forgave from 48 yards.

Attacking the Dolphins, where Jacoby Brisket again started as quarterback came — TUA Tagovailoa acted struck as a backup — only after three punts picking up and for the first time reached the Red Zone. At the 12-yard line was after a holding penalty circuit, so Kicker Jason Sanders got the equalizer from 31 yards.

Seconds before the break the home side put then their previously the best drive of the game back and marched 84 yards to the 4, but where they ran out of time. Sanders finally made from 22 yards for the 6: 3-break guide Miami.

After the break Brisket injured in a sack on his right knee and was replaced for the second series of attacks Miami in the second half by Tagovailoa. It was remarkable that Brisket was apparently ready to return, but head coach Brian Flores met to send TUA to the field the decision. After initial problems the offense was then gradually up to speed. Tagovailoa (8/13, 158 YES) led his team end of the third Virtues up to the 1-yard line after a pass interference in the end zone by Marlon Humphrey, but ultimately it reached again only at a field goal by Sanders to 9: 3 beginning of the final quarter.

Dolphins: Defense decides the game against Ravens

What the Dolphins offense failed, took a little later his own defense for — a touchdown! Jackson was under permanent heavy pressure Sammy Watkins, who lost then tackle by corner back Xavier Howard a fumble immediately after the catch. Howard even grabbed the ball and carried it about 49 yards into the end zone. The following two-point conversion failed, making it eleven minutes before the end of 15: 3 was Miami.

The Ravens were then stopped once more and gave the ball quickly back to the Dolphins, who reached the opposition half, but then at 4th and unbeaten Short. This rather suboptimal decision was least alleviated by the fact that the Punt went to the 1-yard line. The ball return would be punished but ultimately. Aided by two roughing-the-passer penalties — a right — marched Baltimore this time inexorably over 99 yards to the touchdown — in the end Jackson found an open tight end Mark Andrews on a drag route over five yards. 15:10 to play with just over 4 minutes.

After that, the home side wasted little time and marched right back into the Red Zone — Tagovailoa found a completely open Albert Wilson after a jet motion on a go-route and this then ran up to the 9-yard line. After penalties on both sides it was finally Tagovailoa himself who carried the ball by QB Sneak 2:19 minutes left in the end zone. 22:10 Miami after Baltimore had used up all his timeouts. The finale finally sat Dolphins corner back Justin Coleman with an interception in the end zone.

Miami Dolphins (3-7) — Baltimore Ravens (6-3)

Ravens vs. Dolphins Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2021
Result: 22:10 (0: 3, 6: 0, 0: 0, 16: 7) Box score

Dolphins vs. Ravens — key statistics

The Dolphins have now won their last 21 home games since 2015 in series in which they were halfway through the front. They are in this time, the only unbeaten team in this scenario.
This game is the first this season with more punts (14) than points (9) after three quarters.
Lamar Jackson was flashed his drop backs of the Dolphins in 51.1 percent. Thus, the home side a total generated 13 Pressures and 4 Sacks.
The offensive style of the Dolphins changed when changing from Brisket to Tagovailoa significantly. Brisket had still predominant normal Drop Backs (28 percent play-action pass), they sat with TUA to 50 percent on play-action pass, which made for some explosive plays.

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The star of the game: Devon Holland (Safety, Dolphins)

The Defense of Dolphins towered in this game and the main reason for this was rookie safety Devon Holland, auftrumpfte in all respects. He was one of the most effective speed cameras (4 Pressures), broke into pass coverage two passes, and also managed a sack. He helped in addition to the run well with. An outstanding performance by the youngsters.

Flop of the Match: Lamar Jackson (quarterback, Ravens)

Jackson (26/43, 238 yes, TD, Int) was under continuous cast and had no answers to the numerous speed camera. He had to throw permanently earlier than desired and was accordingly imprecise. In addition, he could hardly succeed in making the correct Zone Reads in the Run Game, which else is one of his strengths. His Deep Balls were just as unprecoceptible and his few runs rarely explosion. In addition, this happened that his receivers dropped some passports without any need. Also mentioned must, that it never succeeded in beating the violent lightning over the middle.

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Analysis: Dolphin s vs. Ravens — The tactical panel

The Dolphins consistently played Coverage and sent regularly extra-pass-Rusher, especially at 3rd down. Flores even sat very often on cover-0 to give Jackson no time to fit. And that s noticeable to Ravens and Jackson. In addition, the Dolphin s numerous screens of the Ravens was very committed and attentively defended.

It was noteworthy that the ravens barely put on their crossing routes against their usual tendencies and very much outside the numbers tried in the pass game. On the floor it was like usual RPO and read options, but they were also usually read correctly from the front of the Dolphins.

The area in the middle of the field would have been open because the Dolphins mostly — if at all — operated with single-high-safety looks — Jason Holland in turn held up often in the box and often indicated flash, also helped In the Run Game. After the break we saw Crosser, SLANTS and DIG Routes for Baltimore. A changeover but probably came too late.

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