All we know about Skate 4 Release Date Gameplay Features and More

After a terribly long pause, the skate franchise returns. Announced during the showcase Ea Play Live which took place in June 2020, the game closed the

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After a terribly long pause, the skate franchise returns. Announced at the showcase EA Play Live that took place in June 2020, the game closed the show by promising a game that the fans of the series have been calling for years. Heres all we know so far on the upcoming game.

Release date

At the time of writing these lines, we have no idea when Skate 4 will come out, or even if it will be skateboarding 4. During the show Ea Play Live, it was simply confirmed as being in production by the director Creative Because Parry and the director of the game Dean Chung. Without more details on the game, we think the game is still quite distant. We think that in more than two years, Chung says its the beginning of development.


As mentioned above, no details on Skate 4 has been revealed at the time of writing this article. Once we know more, we will update this section to discuss what comes back and change with the game.

ad and trailers

You can see the announcement of the next skateboard below. Once we have trailers revealing aspects of the game, we will add them here, and we plunge in what they mean for the series.

EA Skate 4 Announcement Breakdown! All The Hidden Details!

The announcement of Chung and Parry told us that this game, even in development, is due to the constant passion of the fans base. You have commented that in existence, Parry said with a smile.

Although it can take a while before we know more about the new skate game, it seems to be very enthusiastic about giving a new air to the franchise.

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