Warzone Secrets of The Pacific All Intel Item Locations

Find out all of the different places where you can locate the intel objects from the Keys of the Pacific event in Warzone.

Figure out all the different places where you can locate the intel objects from the Tricks of The Pacific event in War zone..

War zone players can not wait until they drop right into the brand-new map, Caldera, yet they still need to be individual in the meantime.

Although Raven Software application has actually postponed the War zone Caldera map launch day, this didn’t hold off the release date for the Secrets of The Pacific event.

This occasion shares some official looks at Caldera and also tasks gamers with discovering some intel items around Verdant. Luckily, we’ve got all the intel areas for you.

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War zone Secrets of The Pacific Event– Every Intel Item Location.

Complying with the leakage of a number of War zone Caldera calling cards, players now have the chance to gain more map teasers in the Tricks of The Pacific event..

To earn these intros, you will initially need to know every challenge as well as benefit readily available in the Vanguard as well as War zone Secrets of The Pacific event.

Although, if you just wish to see the intel places without exercising the ideas, below are all 6 of them:.

Jailbreak– Table Tennis Noise.

Gamers can discover this in the West side of the Jail underground. The table tennis racket is on a bench at the rear of the showers.

On the Air– Microphone.

This Tricks of The Pacific intel area is a microphone situated in a structure simply South-East of Train Station in War zone. The microphone goes to the back of the shop.

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Fast Food– Cash Money Register.

In the South-West edge of the Airport terminal on the 2nd floor is a fast-food restaurant. The intel is in the cash money register on the left side of the counter.

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On Your Feet– First Help Box.

In the Medical facility operating theater, you will locate a blue emergency treatment box– this is the following intel item in the War zone Secrets of The Pacific event.

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Abandoned– Box of Explosives.

The Old Mine has ultimately opened up in War zone and this is where you will discover the box of nitroglycerin. It is located under the cart tracks.

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Secrets– Battleships.

In the WW2 bunker North-East of Boneyard, you can find a blackboard. On the table in front of the blackboard are 3 small battle wagons.

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As well as those are all the intel object places in the War zone Secrets of The Pacific event. Simply beware when browsing for these things– these places will be preferred while the event is running.

Likewise, make certain to take a look at Wetzel’s video listed below showing all the places if you get stuck.

All 6 Object Locations From Secrets of The Pacific Warzone Event
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Finally, the Pacific map upgrade will certainly be big and also players ultimately desire Raven to include a shooting array to War zone as part of it.

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