Star Wars Eclipse Release still far far away

A new Star Wars game has an impressive trailer. But fans have to be patient. Source: Getty Images / Nik01ay the…

Quantico Dream is a video game designer firm based in Paris (France) established in 1997. It is specialized in capture of activity and also video games of interactive movie such as Fahrenheit (sixth generation), Hefty Rainfall (7th generation), Beyond: Two Spirits (7th generation) and also Detroit: Come To Be Human (8th generation). He has as head a lot more noticeable to David Cage, who is a creator of the company and existing director of this together with Guillaume de Fondaumière.

The first Cinematic trailer for Star Wars Eclipse has already taken care of for a lot of hype. An industry insider now reveals that the fans have to wait for a while before they can dip into the universe.

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When should Star Wars Eclipse appear?

The new Star Wars game of Developer Quantico Dream has already turned on the Game Awards 2021 with a first cinematic trailer. However, the chic CGI says little about how far the development of the actual game has progressed. However, the industry insider Tom Henderson believes knowing that the release date of Star Wars Eclipse is probably still at least three to four years away. In addition, he indicates that it will be an Open World game. However, this was not officially confirmed.

According to Henderson, Quantico Dream should also have problems to hire new developers. The website of the developer studio actually reveals that there are over 60 vacancies at Quantico Dream Paris and nine jobs at Quantico Dream Montreal. From the official body, there is no information about when and which platforms Star Wars Eclipse should appear.

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New Star Wars game with beautiful trailer

The newly announced Star Wars Eclipse leads you to the Golden Age of Jedi. The heavy-rain developer Quantico Dream wants to provide a complex and branched story in which the player’s decisions are in the foreground.

This NEW Star Wars Game will be HUGE!! - Star Wars Eclipse

The first CINEMATIC REVEAL trailer on the Game Awards 2021 can already impress the fans with his graphic splendor. Although the real-time gameplay of the game is not so impressive, the scenes shown will blur the border between animation and reality. Of course, space struggles and light vortex duels must not be missing.

The first Star Wars game in the time of the High Republic

Star Wars Eclipse will play in the era of the High Republic, in which the galaxy is about 200 years before the start of the films a phase of peace enjoys. Nevertheless, the trailer already shows a first danger in the form of the bizarre-looking alien drummer. As you can counteract this threat, however, will not be revealed yet. In a press release, Quantico Dream merely reveals that there will be action gameplay next to the story elements.

The developer Quantico Dream has already experienced with playing with Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human experience that focuses on their story. Quantico Dream and in particular the studio boss David Cage, but have also fallen into some controversy in recent years. In addition to reports on a toxic work environment, Cage was also noticeable by women’s tiny and homophobic statements. (Source: Checkpoint Gaming)

An example of a great star-Wars game of recent years is Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order :

Star Wars Eclipse wants to tell a gripping story in an era off the movies. Currently, the game is still in an early stage of development. A date of publication is not fixed yet.

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