Xbox finally reveals what caused the red ring of Xbox 360 death

For the players of the Xbox 360 era, the red death ring was nothing less than a nightmare. The dreaded appearance of him told the owner of

Checklist of games whose leave was announced on the family of Microsoft Xbox computer game consoles, the Xbox Collection X and the Xbox Series came out on November 10, 2020. The Xbox Series X as well as Collection S have total backward compatibility with Xbox One games as well as several initial Xbox 360 and also XBOX games that were sustained on the Xbox One, except those that made use of Kine ct. This list excludes retro-compatible games. The majority of Xbox One video games that also have an Xbox Collection X/ S version will automatically download and install the finest version for the system Smart Delivery program from Microsoft, without extra purchase. Designers can also target a maximized Xbox Series X/ S brand, showing that (most of the time) the game is running natively as an Xbox Series X/ S and non-descending compatibility.

For the players of the Xbox 360 era, the red ring of death was nothing less than a nightmare. His dreaded appearance told the owner of the console that he was no longer operational. While video game systems have always had problems in the launch, the red ring of death was very common. Microsoft would replace these broken consoles at no cost to the owner, but the company never offered an official reason for the problem, that is, so far! In the fifth chapter of the new documentary Power on: the history of Xbox Todd Holdall, former Xbox Hardware Director, explained that the connectors would break inside the system when it changed too fast hot to cold.

All these people loved playing video games, so they lit and out of this thing, and when it went on and off, all kinds of tensions occurred, said Holdall.

History of the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death | Past Mortem [SSFF]

As stressful as it was the problem for most fanatics, the problem could have been even more stressful for Xbox. The documentary shows clips of various news from the time and the way they impacted public perception. The exosphere of Xbox, Peter Moore, revealed that the red ring of death almost destroyed the brand.

At the time we analyze the cost of repairs, the lost sales we take into account, we had a problem of $1,150 million, Moore said.

Fortunately for fans, Steve Ballmer, then Microsoft CEO, provided the necessary funds to keep afloat Xbox when all hope had been lost. In the documentary, the former marketing leader Albert Hello says that Xbox employees can laugh at some of the problems they plagued the company in the past, but after all these years nobody laughs at the red rings. It is something difficult to square that affirmation with the fact that Xbox Gear Shop is now selling a red death ring poster, but maybe some people find it a little more fun than others. It is difficult to imagine someone from that time wanting that poster, but at least the fans can say that things have improved over the years!

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