Jatta meets HSV wins city of St. Pauli

The Hamburger SV has previously decided on a city of St. Pauli once again. At the break, the householders were still back, but Schonlau and Jatta brought the reds of the winning road.

Of course, with heavy legs, but euphonized by their trophy successes during the week, the Hamburg SV and FC St. Pauli delivered from the beginning to a remedied derby. Meanwhile, the homeowners rose a high pace from the kick-off, St. Pauli did not feel that in the first ten minutes in no moment. In addition, almost all two-fighting went to the HSV, which was only Jetta for Wintzheimer from the beginning compared to the Cologne game.

Already after three minutes Alison had the first big chance of the game, free in the penalty area of ​​the Youngster shot about it relatively much. An even bigger possibility briefly had Hair, who headed a header of Jetta from a short distance to the right post (6.). The strong first ten minutes of the hosts castled Mülheim with a shot out of the distance, which was slightly different attempt just walked over (10.).

Burgs taller awards and meets

More and more, the Kiev Paulis, which were compared to the cup cup against Dortmund only Vasily for March back into the starting eleven, free from the continuous pressure of the HSV. After 16 minutes Burgs taller shot the first time the chest of the householders, but Hewer Fernandes had hardly difficult. The intensity was subsequently higher and higher, although the play flow lost to precision.

Guests were always better in the game – and nevertheless went a little out of that after half an hour in the lead: Amended headed a free-kick of Smith across the differ, Burgs taller had to sign up on the first post. The HSV was just shocked, but almost a penalty against himself: Alison brought Olsson in the penalty area to fall, the scene was checked – a penalty whistle of Sasha Telemann but remained.

Vasily first strong, then restrained

Just before the break, the HSV was dangerous again, but Vasily was on both Jetta (45th) and the strong header of Djokovic (45. + 1). This momentum took the Walter-elf with in the second passage, St. Pauli was meanwhile a bit deeper. Rice announced the HSV for the first time again with a spacer shot, the flatter ball fought Vasily with one hand (48.). Ten minutes later, however, the closest to the guests was nothing to see when Scholar came to the header for a corner of just two meters. Vasily adhered on the line and could not prevent the impact.

With the compensation in the back, the HSV forgot the heavy legs more and more, the KiezPauli hardly knew the offensive game. After 70 minutes, coatings had the next blitz, when he served Jetta with a fine high pass right in the penalty area. The right-wing else closed slightly pointed angle and sank the ball worth seeing in the left corner – 2: 1 for HSV.


Kitten misses the late compensation

Only in arrears, the guests then made the guests more forward, so really dangerous it was after 81 minutes: served by Cartel Castle Burgs taller from 13 meters directly, but Hewer Fernandes was quickly below and defeated aside. As a result, St. Pauli ran, but the late compensation should no longer succeed, as the substitute Kitten awarded the last chance of the game (90. + 5).

So the HSV once again won a city of Lyon, the first after last five winless duels with the Kiev Paulis. In addition, the residue on St. Pauli is only three points. The reds travel on the 21st match day to Darmstadt (Sunday, 13.30 clock), where the next top game is pending. On St. Pauli is waiting for the home game against Paderborn on Saturday evening (20.30 clock).

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