Hakusura Action RPG “Babylons Fall” PS4 / PS5 Pretest trial version will be delivered on February 25. Save data can be migrated to the product version

Square Enix announced that the preceding trial version of Online Action RPG “ Babylon’s Fall ” is delivered from 18:00 on February 25th to PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5. It is also clear that trial version for PC (STeam) will be delivered in late March.

“Babylon’s Fall” is an online-only cooperative play-enabled action RPG that Square Enix and Platinum Games jointly develop. Hack & slash element-based gameplay, player is a warrior, chiff instrument (Sentinel) who is a special brace called Gideon Coffin, and a huge column babylon that huge heritage will sleep Aim for the capture of

In the trial version announced this time, you can enjoy the beginning of the game from the opening of the game including the tutorial, with an online multiplayer with up to four people. Also, save data played in the trial version can be taken over to the product version. This work is one of the great attractions to collect equipment and create your favorite characters while playing over and over again. If you play in the trial version, the results will not be wasted.

This work is operated in a season of about three months, and a large-scale update is performed every season. The Season 1 “Kuen’s Giant Tower” was also revealed this time to start from February 25, on the same day as the preceding trial version delivery. The season 1 will be implemented until May 31st.

NEW GAME! Babylon's Fall Gameplay - New Platinum Action RPG

Also, in each season, free battle paths and paid premium battle paths are prepared. Players can earn various rewards by saving battle points (BP) that can be obtained by clearing missions and quests and raising the battle path Tier. The content of the free battle pass reward has a boost item that increases the acquired amount of experience and the inside of the game, and it is possible to obtain an emote such as cosmetics equipment, appearance and victory production, etc. in the premium battle path.

This paid premium battle path is usually a bit of purchasing at 1000 Galasz (paid currency), but it is special for free of charge for things in Season 1. Not only free battle paths are also available not only for free battle paths.

“Babylon’s Fall” is scheduled to be released on March 4 for PS4 / PS5 on March 4th. In addition, users who purchased “Digital Deluxe Edition” or Collector’s Edition of this work can be Early Access. The PS4 / PS5 version is from 18:00 on February 28, and the PC (STEAM) version can play this work from 2:00 on March 1.

And the Preceding Version for PS4 / PS5 will be delivered from 18:00 on February 25. It will be delivered in late March for PC (STeam).

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