[Finance D-Tote] The Future of Health Care, who draws a new Life,

Shinhan Life has established a Healthcare subsidiary called ‘Shinhan Cube On’ on the 10th, and has increased its subsidiaries in the Healthcare subsidiaries. Prior to KB damage insurance …

Shinhan Life has established a Healthcare subsidiary called ‘Shinhan Cube On’ on the 10th, and has increased its subsidiaries in the Healthcare subsidiaries. I am going to explore KB Healthcare, which is a subsidiary, a subsidiary of KB, and I am exploring it first.

MD vs. Machine: Artificial intelligence in health care

The financial industry is able to expand the contacts and data limits of customer channels through Healthcare, entering the market. What is the direction of the business that they are ultimately planning, not only data.

Once Shinhan Life has given the blueprints to expand our health promotional content through Shinhan Cube on and provide various additional services. It has not yet revealed the specific plan as much as the initial business, but Shinhan Life is observed that Shinhan Life has been launched last year ‘Hairpit’ will be started. Haudit is a service that measures the customer with the home training-related infinitions and exercise, and measures the AI ​​to recognize the customer’s behavior and exercise in the correct posture.

Much a new cube on will be able to connect with the premiums through the premiums, and we will make consulting and shopping for the diet diet in Haifit, like ‘Danano’, as we know.

KB Health Care is built by a little bit compared to Shinhan Cube on. Last January is the Care Food Activation business in hand with ‘Awards’. It would be to coach a healthy diet and provide a healthy diet at once. To do this, you will need data to recommend the customer to the “content” and customers.

KB Health Care has built a variety of collaborative wires. Chronic Disease Management Service Providers ‘Hurprus Pointing’ · Customized Nutrition Management Solutions ‘Know Care’ and the Union System. Furthermore, the KB Financial Group Employees in the first quarter of this year are also on the beta test.

So far, until now, the insurer is pushing and promoting the improvement of life hazards for health promotion through healthcare subsidiaries and is promoting the business direction of health management, but this is what they do not know. Currently, the Financial Committee is a “non-health health service provider to the” Healthcare Comprehensive Finance Platform “in the insurance industry.

Non-Medical Health Services Guidelines are designed to clarify the distinction between medical laws and other non-medical practices provided by other non-medical institutions. Currently, the insurers are not having a medical license, so the simplicity of health information is possible, but it is difficult to analyze and guide them.

If the financial residents are recently announced, if the insurer uses AI and Big Data to analyze the health status and the residents of the disease, the insurers are coordinated with the relationship department so that they can recent a service that predicts the disease risk, I will run a wide range of business with health measurement data. For example, if you register your health checkup data in a Healthcare subsidiary, you will be a dimension of insurance products involved, and forecasting diseases according to analysis.

Now that Digital Contact is a daily basis, you are now a weekly financial suppliers, biting, biting, tapping, “Finance D-TAT ‘, which is tasted. We introduce details that did not dissolve in the back of the digital conversion, but the details that did not dissolve in the article. [Editorial Week]

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