“Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel” A quickly losing “suicide deck” is a big deal! Finally, “Dont die” and recover rivals to the meta

Absolutely, you can not die ….

Konami Digital Entertainment Handle, PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / STEAM / Nintendose switch / for smartphones “Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel”. In the “Exissise Festival” event held in this work, what is “suffering deck” is born and has a big topic.

“Self-destructing deck” is a deck that aims to defeat by damage to himself as its name. It is a construction that aims to lose efficiently.

Why are such decks are popular? It is caused by the way of rewarding events. In this event, “medal” can be obtained according to the battle result, but if the number is “100” if the number is victory, “50” is set to “50” (either of the madkki is used).

From some users who saw this specification, the view of “Is it more efficient to repeat the losing quickly and won more than one win?” And eventually. Thus, the opening “suffering deck” was supposed to be popular.

Under such circumstances, finally, the deck that will “suffered self-bomber meta” also appeared. This is, It is born from the invitation idea of ​​”I can not die absolutely” that I try to make it quick and self-destruct, “Heroic Gift” and “Hygena Muscle” etc. “Card to recover the other party” Stop and try to survive as long as possible. As a result, the prospects of players who are emphasizing only efficiency are trashed, but Of course, not all other than your self bombing deck **. This is deep chaos….

From the voice that “I want to enjoy the duel right” and the problem that “I can not help because I can not help because I can not help because I can not help because I can not help because I can not help”. Of course, all people do not use these decks, but you may enjoy the event match normally.

The “Exies Festival”, which is not obvious to the topic, such as the ban on popular cards and “Erdorich” on the first day of the event, is scheduled to be held until 13:59 on February 24.

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