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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

The third guild Wars 2 extension is finally here! We reveal what great, new features and content you expect in End of Dragons! #advertising

For almost ten years Guild Wars 2 fascinated his fans with an atmospheric, varied role-player experience that does not have to hide before competition. Especially because the basic version of the online role-playing game is playable for free, what GUILD Wars 2 is very beginner-friendly. More than 16 million loyal players have explored the carefully crafted world of Guild Wars 2 and with End of Dragons now appears on February 28, 2022 the third major expansion of the role-playing game.

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To explore four new areas

In End of Dragons, she returns to mysterious Cantha, the fans from Guild Wars: Knowing Factage. There you will explore four new areas together with other players and join the fight for the future Tyrias together. Your journey begins on the tranquil, cute in scene set island Shing Jea, where a large harbor is expected to charter boats. Northeast is the huge capital of Cantha: Neu-Kaineng. This metropolis of Jade-Tech was built on the ruins of Alt-Kaineng and emphasizes the technological superiority of Canthas among the peoples of Tyria. The Echowald’s wilderness has changed pretty well since our last visit. The once petrified, tranquil area is now a lively, but also deadly jungle, in which chaos prevails. The wildest region of Canthas will enchant you and do not let go! The frozen Jademeer is the source of Canthas. Here, without regard to losses, the valuable raw material Dragon Jade is degraded. But that also carries tremendous dangers that would manage her together with your companions.

Nine new elite specializations

Fishing, combat turtles and an exotic setting – that awaits you in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Source: NC Soft Another, important feature next to the pretty staged areas are the nine elite specializations with which you can with the known classes In Guild Wars 2 a few mighty, new tricks can teach. We introduce you to the specializations that we liked the best. In End of Dragons, the warrior is becoming a blade quore, which can fit his enemies properly thanks to a unique weapon. Only masters of the blade can control the flint sacrades! Engineers become mighty Mech handlebars. Thanks to its strong jade tech battle robots, you are the perfect support class for each adventurer group! From thieves are in the new extension phantoms that use their fighting tenders and the shadows to attack opponents from the ambush and support allies in the fight.

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons is FINALLY Here!

Cannon turtles for everyone!

Exotic ribs are indispensable from online role-playing games and Guild Wars 2 also offers a few extraordinary. The new siege turtle for multiplayer battles is still a bit unique: This four-legged war machine has jump nozzles and mighty cannons and even allows you to take another player as a canonal. Because Cantha is on the sea, it is only logical that you spend some time on the water in End of Dragons. For this you have your own skiff. These small boats where up to five players have room, bring them quickly and reliably through the world and to the best fishing centers of Cantha. Yes, you have heard correctly: End of Dragons finally holds fishing as a relaxing activity in Guild Wars 2. If you want to measure yourself with other players, you may also participate in fishing tournaments and angel events.
Fishing, combat turtles and an exotic setting – that awaits you in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Source: NC Soft

End of Dragons offers a variety of new content that will have newcomers, returnees and faithful players for months! In addition to the many new features we have introduced you, you expect crisp attack missions, legendary weapons, Jade bots, a new guild hall and much more! Well, did you want to get you a visit to the diverse and atmospheric roleplay world of Guild Wars 2? Get one of the three variants of the latest guild Wars 2 enlargement and crashes to the adventure!

Now take on the “legacy of the dragon” gauge and creams great prizes!

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