Chapter 14: The battle guide “Revenge burns inside me” – a strategy of a triangle

If you have chosen the Roland’s path in chapter 13, two complex battles are waiting for you: one with Talas and Erica, and the other …

If you have chosen the Roland’s path in chapter 13, you are waiting for two complex battles: one with Talas and Erica, and the other with General Awlora . Talas and Erik were tolerant because of narrow passes, but you are facing Angore and her army in Open Field .

There are not for hiding and they have too many magicians and warriors. Riders in haastures are also called into the second move to annoy you. Awarrow can kill such characters like Frederick from one shot. Healers can apply regeneration on it, which allows it to receive 100 oz every move while it is active.

Everything may seem gloomy, but this stage is quite performed. You must remember the purpose: WORK AVLORU .

Although before defeating it, you can clear the field, it is not recommended to do it, as it is easy to get confused. Lure Awlour to yourself instead before everyone else is approaching. Fortunately, these magicians and armored units have low speed and low speed of movement.

Best units for Vengeance Burns WITHIN ME


Body Swap Battle (Legends Revived Chapter 14) ML: Adventure My Walkthrough

Benedict now…! or Double turn are important for this type of strategy. As soon as any of your strong units attacked, both can give them another move. You can also use it on Anna which can apply two subsequent attacks, if correctly settled.


Place a huetet on the hill and make it use Shadow Arrow on the units of the melee. It coulted them into two or three strokes. You need to have the rank of weapons 2 unlocked, so you can increase the duration of the arrow of the shadows per course.


The provocation of Erador and the total mass can distract part of the attention of enemies from people attacking Awlour. It is weak to magical attacks, so it is necessary provoke magicians when they fit too close.

Picolotta, Lionel or Thunder

They can distract enemies even more like Eradid. Use Primanka For pics and Ruffer feathers for Lionel. You can also try happiness with his incitement whispers skill that makes the enemy fight on your side. However, he has less chances to land than Ruffle Feathers. Give him an amulet of good luck and _ in fact_ invest in improved good luck, if you do it.

Thunders can how to provoke a also condense with squeezed strike And also lure . Just select a skill with a range that will be aimed at the largest number of units.


Medina is the ultimate unit of utility. Double items can allow her to heal twice with the help of granules and high-speed medicine gives her the same ability as Benedict…! (To provide allion a move after it).


Julio gives TP. Use his skills on Medina and Benedict. Sometimes you can use it on Frederick if she needs an extra TP to play blazing chains, but otherwise they go to Medina and Benedict.

How to defeat AVLOR

Use fast-footed to the very first move so that you can put your allies to the position. Raise Hewette; Move all forward. If they are close enough to Avulora, it will make a step forward.

Surround it with the detachments of the melee and constantly do follow attacks. Roland can be arranged at a distance of two cells due to its reach. Place your strongest unit, for example, sullen, for her back. Anna can apply two subsequent attacks, so make sure it is also near. It can also be at a distance of two cells if she has enough teleports to throw poison.

As soon as you surround the AULLOR, use the missed opportunity make it skip the turn. It costs two QP. Do not forget to distract people who get too close with Erador, Lionel, Picolletta or Thunder. Win it as quickly as possible.

Finally, if you have Resurrection Earring , Give Roland, just in case. His defeat is one of the conditions of loss.

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