DFB evaluates broken game in Bochum with 2: 0 for Gladbach

The DFB Sports Court has decided: The broken game between the VfL Bochum and Borussia Mönchengladbach is considered 2-0 for the foals.

“According to the legal and procedural order of the DFB for all clubs, the game for VfL Bochum is 0: 2 as lost as the association is responsible for its viewers and attributable to the fault of the viewers the club,” Stephan said Oberholz, the chairman of the DFB sports court, on Thursday. This is “mandatory and alternatively required) according to the statutes. A repetition or replay of the last more than 20 minutes is therefore not possible.”

The Friday evening game of the 27th Bundesliga matchday had been broken off in the 69th minute, because referee assistant Christian Gittelmann had thrown a stuffed beer mug against the head from the viewer area. Gladbach had led at the time of termination 2: 0.

In paragraph 18, point 4 of the Legal and Mertification Regulations of the DFB, among other things:

“If a federal play without fault of both teams is canceled prematurely, so it is to be repeated in the same location. If a team or association or both clubs arrive at the scan, the game is the culprit with 0: 2 goals for lost, the innocent with 2: 0 gates for won to values. Has the innocent achieved a more favorable result at the time of demolition, this result is considered. “

On Wednesday evening, the Bochum had submitted an opinion on the DFB by her lawyer Horst Klgleke, after which the newcomer at the cup of “no fault” was to be assigned because the “offenders bought completely legal his drink”, as it was in the opinion. This reasoning could not connect the DFB sports court – against the judgment announced on Thursday, however, Bochum may appeal.

About any sanctions against the Bochum for the incident, the sports court will decide separately according to DFB “at a later date.

Precedents in Osnabrück and St. Pauli

The DFB has made similar decisions in the DFB Cup, as in the first round of 2015/16 Osnabrück and RB Leipzig set out. The VFL resulted in 1: 0, when the referee Martin Petersen was hit by a lighter from the Osnabrück spectator area on the head. The game was scored 2: 0 for the Saxony.

Almost four years earlier, one of the Bochum’s fall even more comparable case: at the Bundesliga game between FC St. Pauli and Schalke 04, Referee Deniz Aytekin broke the game in the 87th minute, because referee assistant Thorsten Schiffner met by a filled plastic cup in the neck area had been from the audience area of ​​the Hamburg. Also this game of the 28th matchday of the 2010/11 season went to the green table with 2: 0 to the scarce.

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