“AMONG US VR” followed by continuation! VR game presentation “Meta Quest Gaming Showcase” broadcast from 2:00 am on 21st

“Bio 4 VR” Mercenaries and VR version “GTA: SA”?

Meta announces a presentation event for VR games centered on the title of the company’s stand-alone VR device “ Meta Quest 2 ” “ Meta Quest Gaming Showcase (formerly Oculus Gaming Showcase), Japan Time 4 We announced that it will be broadcast from 2 am 21st.

This time, a new title announcement, the first public gameplay video, and the latest information on the first public title video, and the latest information of the scheduled title next year will be announced.

The game title to be announced is almost unknown at the moment, but the announcement announcement for the VR version of the Space Game “AMONG US” that became the topic last year is decided. Other than other published information, there are VR versions of “Mercenaries” and Masterpiece Open World Climb Action “Grand Seef Cauto San Andreas” for free delivery to “Biohazard 4 VR”, etc. It is likely to be expected.

“Meta Quest Gaming Showcase” will be delivered from 2:00 am on April 21st on Youtube / Facebook / Oculus TV 3 platforms.

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