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LOL: The new champion ADC will be a water yasu that will be played at mele

Read in Millenium: A well-known YouTuber affirms that the next character after the vacuum jungle will be a shooter without rank of attack, and very similar to Yasuo.

We already know that soon the identity of the next new League of Legends champion will be announced. In fact, we even know that the name of it is probably Bel’veth or Rem’ora, and it will be a new jungle from the void. But we do not have too much information about the next champion on arriving at the Moba de Riot Games. Or at least we did not have until now.

The Creator of Content Ryscu just climbed to his YouTube channel a video in which he claims to know who will be that second new champion, or rather this champion, for which we would have to wait for some additional weeks. And it seems that he will be a very special type of shooter, of those who are not too many in League of Legends.

A water yasu

_ “It’s going to be an ADC Melé and it will be something like a water yasu. Without saying too much, I will tell you that one of your skills will be similar to the Q of Yasuo, in the sense that it will have 3 different activations, which would change Its box of impacts a bit “_, recounts Ryscu in his video. From what he counts, said skill will also be similar to the q of aatrox , counting on 3 different strokes.

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About this new champion, Ryscu said the following: _ “He will probably be played in a similar way to Yasuo ADC, but being a champion who really thought to be played in that way” _. Of course, at the end of the video he says that this are prior filtrations and that everything is subject to possible last-minute changes .

agrees with the official version

On this year’s champions road map, launched a few months ago, Riot Games barely launched a couple of phrases about this champion. This is natural, because characters still had to come out like Renata or that vacuum jungle first. The interesting thing is that those official words agree with what is seen (the photo above) and listened to the mouth of reav3 : _ “a mysterious non-traditional ADC that we will launch” _.

If we stop in Reav3’s literal words, a way that usually advances tracks, we see that he uses “whipping” to talk about the launch of the champion. The literal sense of that word is to hit with a whip or a whip , so it could be that your weapon. Although, that implies that she has something more rank than she would expect from Yasuo.

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