League of Legends Patch 12.10 Changes to Healing, Damage, and More

For several versions, League of Legends has warned us that patch 12.10 would come loaded with modifications for the damage to our games. They want the game to stop being so focused on burst and change it to be more mental.

Therefore, as of May 24, we will have a significant change within the game system beyond modifying only champions. The team will have to wait to see how the modifications evolve and fix them if something has gotten out of control.

League of Legends Patch 12.10 Changes
All champions will receive a base stat boost which will be as follows:
Base Health: +70
Health per level: +14
Armor per level: 1.2
Magic Resist Per Level: +0.8
At the same time, the team wanted to nerf healing/shielding of all kinds to keep them from being too powerful combined with the new base stats.
Likewise, sustain-focused champions would be invincible with no chance of finishing them off. Therefore, we have the following nerf:
Shields to champions: reduced by 10%
Healing to champions: reduced by 10-28%

System Settings
Systems with healing: reduced by 10-28%
Shield systems: reduced by 10%
Serious injuries: 40% > 30% || Increase: 60% > 50%
Penetration Items (Percent): Reduced 5-10%
Turret Physical Damage:
Outside: 152-278 > 167-391
Interiors: 170-305 > 187-427
Inhibitor: 170-305 > 187-427
Nexus: 150-285 > 165-405
Baron Nashor Damage: Physical Damage 125+8/m > 150+10m

League of Legends patch 12.10 skins
Continuing with the Alone in Danger theme that we saw in patch 12.9, we will have an expansion of the skins in this new version.
In this way, Sion, Tahm Kench, Samira, Viktor, and Twitch enter the dark world of the Wild West. What is your favorite?

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