MHW iceborne: Defeat Tigrex

The Tigrex fight is a challenge and highlight of Iceborne at the same time.
We give you tips to defeat the flightwyvern.

MHW ICEBORNE: TIGREX as a tricky hurdle

Anyone who sees the blue-yellow striped flightwyver knows that it is now getting serious. Without the right know-how, there is an extremely painful lesson.

How To Defeat TIGREX SOLO In Monster Hunter World Iceborne! Monster Hunter World Solo Guides!
The sliding ability through the air and the spines do not make the Tigrex fight easy. Nevertheless, the challenge is by no means hopeless for players with a low mastery:

  • Tigrex is weak against thunder weapons. The kite element follows with two stars.
  • Tigrex is immune to water, ice and fire.
  • The status weaknesses are all specified with two stars.

  • Speed is the absolutely striking property of the monster. Good reactions are mandatory so as not to be promoted to the camp in no time.
  • Despite the wings, Tigrex stays on the floor most of the time, but can use walls to use special attacks like Tobi-Kadachi. After such a jump attack, Tigrex remains briefly on the spot; This is an important time window for attacks.
  • Tigrex likes to attack stubbornly and cover larger distances very quickly. To prevent this, you should usually stay as close as possible to the monster.
  • However, the circular swing with the tail is a specialty against close hunters. The attempt to separate the tail early is rewarded.
  • Caution is also required later in the fight: As soon as Tigrex merges into anger mode, a shocking roaring sounds that even causes damage at a short distance.

Tigrex demands a mixture of reactions, timing and the right predictive of attack options. In this fight in particular, hunters with slow weapons will put on the gripping hook in this fight, since the speed of Tigrex is put into perspective.

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