Bock on more games like Elden Ring? 13 upcoming soulslike in the preview

Bock on more games like Elden Ring?
We present 13 announced soulslike that could appear in 2022/2023.

Since then in the fantastic Elden ring (in the test) the credits have run through, it is itchy to try out other games with soul elements on PC and the consoles in our fingers. Stupid: We have already played the other pearls from from software extensively, and we were also hardworking on the front of the already published soulslike games. The good news is that the future brings a large amount of supplies.

Successful concepts are often copied. And if in the end good games like The Surge, Lords of the Fallen, Nioh or Mortal Shell come out, then always come with it! In the following we present a total of 13 exciting-looking action role-playing games with soul elements that have been announced for the coming months and years. Which title do you particularly look forward to?


  • Release: already published
  • Developer: Massive Work Studio
  • Publisher: Prime Matter
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series
  • Click here for the Dolmen website

Right at the beginning we cheat a little. If you read these lines, Dolmen has already been released. Since the launch of May 20, 2022 was so brief, we would like to briefly introduce the game. Dolmen is an action RPG that wants to combine futuristic scifi elements with cosmic horror. You can expect a dynamic combat system in which you can fluent between near and ranged combat, a world full of fatal dangers and (hopefully) difficult boss fights. Here you can see the trailer:


  • Release: August 9, 2022
  • Developer: Overborder Studio
  • Publisher: Team 17
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series
  • Click here for the Steam page of Thymesia

There are not too many games in our list that already have a fixed release date. Thymesia is one of these exceptions. The action RPG should actually be released in December 2021. So now it will be the coming August. And the wait could be worth it, because in the trailers Thymesia exudes the dark and rustless atmosphere of a Bloodborne, whereby the fighting speed and acrobatics even remind you of Sekiro. But see for yourself:


  • Release: September 8, 2022
  • Developer: Spiders
  • Publisher: Nacon
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series
  • Click here for the Steelrising website

This week, Nacon and Spiders have announced what they will be working on in the future: Greedfall 2 **. But before that it is still important to push a different, very exciting project over the launch line. Thanks to the exciting setting, Steelrising has already caught our eye at the official announcement. The action RPG plays during an alternative version of the French Revolution. In this world Louis XVI. the revolutionaries with his merciless, mechanical army. Now it is up to us to process the steampunk robots into scrap. And that looks like this:

BloCK FAITH: Forsaken

  • Release: 2nd quarter 2022
  • Developer: Archangel Studios
  • Publisher: Archangel Studios
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series
  • Click here for the Steam page of BLACK FAITH: Forsaken

Already in 2019 there was a Kickstarter campaign for BLACK FAITH: Forsaken, in which the targeted $ 30,000 were just skipped. $ 30,000, so you can certainly not make big leaps in game development. It is all the more surprising how promising the previous trailers look. The look is reminiscent of Dark Souls, the bosses make a lot and the mix of open world, survival horror and even cyberpunk influences sound exciting. However, we doubt whether it stays with the targeted release quarter with a look at the calendar.

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Lies of P

  • Release: TBA
  • Developer: Round8 Studio
  • Publisher: Neowiz

12 Best Games Like Elden Ring
* Platform: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series
* Click here for the Steam page of Lies of P

Our next soulslike once again exudes a rich pinch of Bloodborne, but was inspired by the – no joke – iconic history of Pinocchio. You play that Pinocchio, a mechanical doll in the form of a young man who starts looking for the famous master Geppetto. You explore the angled city of Krat, which with her Belle Époque aesthetics is reminiscent of major European cities between the 19th and 20th centuries, but turns out to be a dark hell hole in which the residents of mechanical creatures were slaughtered. According to the developers, crisp battles await you, a dense story full of quests and decisions that even influence the end.

On the second page we present eight more soulslike titles that should appear in the coming months or years. Also included: some Next-gen graphics boards, the continuation of one of the best soulslike games in recent years and several 2D secret tips. Do you already have a favorite?

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