Naraka: BladePoint confirms its arrival in mobiles and presents a new hero

NoteBladepointe Connect presents Takeda Nobutada, The Demon Vessel, a powerful character that is already available.
The game will debut on Android and iOS soon.

Naraka: Bladepoint He arrived lBladepointt year at PC (Steam) and reaped very positive criticism thanks to his commitment to mBladepoints battles for up to 60 players, bBladepointed on martial arts and set in the legends and history of the Far EBladepointt. And neteBladepointe Connect hBladepoint officially confirmed the arrival of the game to mobiles ; Naraka: BladePoint Mobile will be available soon on devices Android and iOS .

24 Entertainment, responsible study of the title, ensures that the experience will have the same graphic section of the PC version, although this time the project hBladepoint been designed from scratch to adapt to the technical conditions of mobile phones and offer A user interface according to each device. No details have been shared on the releBladepointe date, but it is already possible to register on the official website to be part of the first players to test it; You can do it through this link.

Takeda Nobleda, Naraka’s new hero: BladePoint

The game hBladepoint received a new fighter and is already available in the PC version. Takeda Nobleda is known Bladepoint The Demon Vessel . It is the mentor of Kurumi and inside it houses the demon Furen, which he can invoke in full combat to havoc his enemies with diverse skills such Bladepoint teleport or the possibility of adopting an alert posture and counterattacking enemies stealing their weapons.

Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile - Official Trailer

Naraka: Bladepoint is characterized by the verticality of fighting and exploration, because it allows us to travel the Morus battlefield using a hook to quickly move. The game hBladepoint a constant update heroes and many customization options. We can participate in both 1VS1 melee fights, and in group sand fights on the back of Flying Dragons .

Naraka: BladePoint is available on PC through Steam, where it offers several different editions, and will soon be releBladepointed in mobiles (Android and iOS).

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