Twitch: With these sums through gambling

If the statistics of XQC are correct, it is no wonder why Twitch streamers throw any morality overboard for gambling deals.

Even with their die-hard fans, Twitch streamers are criticized when they take on sponsors’ deals from gambling sites and only stream “slots” or other gambling all day. It is not the lack of entertainment that is criticized, but of course that people are encouraged to gambling, lose money and, in the worst case, become addicted.

Twitch star Felix “XQC” Lengyel recently moved back to the Gambling streams and sometimes gambled $ 1.85 million a day . As a Twitch top earner, he can cope with this, but in addition to his fans, his father also worried and called him in the stream after reading the stories about XQCS gambling losses. The streamer’s reputation could crumble and he has already admitted that he is addicted to games of chance. Why Streamer still participates is because the sponsorship deals for gambling streams are simply so incredibly lucrative.

with these sums everyone would be weak

In his stream on May 19, 2022, XQC said that was paid $ 119 million on the gambling page . His deal with the gambling page, which sponsors him, is that he streams the games on the side and receives a margin for every deposit that makes people with his streamer code.

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You cannot verify whether there are really 119 million, but based on the not surprised reaction of Twitch’s greatest gambling streamer Trainwrecks, you can assume that the sum is right. These numbers are “not crazy” , XQC told his live stream chat.

“These are beginners … compared to some of these crazy people,” he continued, and probably meant the sums of Trainwrecks, which as a long-time gambling streamer should be significantly higher. He addressed some comments from his viewers about the way the deposit bonuses work on the website. “People, that’s a betting mission. It means that you use it, but it always comes back somehow,” added XQC.

Twitch Needs to Stop Gambling Streams

However, many fans did not take his explanation from him. If the numbers are right, it is no wonder why some streamers throw any moral concerns about board and take on the sponsors’ deals of the gambling sites. It is lucrative for both sides. Because In the end, the bank always wins **.

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