F1 22, the finest settings for the Bahrein circuit

Here is our overview of the most effective settings for your Formula 1 for the Bahrein circuit on the game F1 22 The goal is to give you a maximized set-up for the time trial yet additionally reliable in the race. Keep in mind that it is far better to play driving to attract the complete possibility of these settings, although it is possible to utilize them with a controller.

The finest settings for Bahrein on F1 22.

As pointed out above, these adjustments are to be utilized mainly for time trial or certification mode given that you will draw the complete capacity of your F1 to the hinderance of the tires. Additionally, our set up is enhanced for driving at the wheel, although it is feasible to utilize it with a controller.

Note that certainly fuel level, it is advised to have fun with the least expensive fuel level to make the very best possible time. Therefore, make use of the minimum of petroleum by weight in counter-launch setting.

Find our finest settings below for the Bahrein circuit. Be careful, nonetheless, these settings are instead maximized for time trial more than running, so remember to slightly customize the tire stress.

Much for our overview on the ideal settings for the Bahrein circuit on F1 22. You can locate all the circuits settings in addition to all the news of the Formula 1 game on settings.

Update : Tuesday June 28.

Overwatch 2

How to get the doctor Brigitte (legendary) in Overwatch with Twitch

Brigitte’s first five legendary aspects in Overwatch focused on his character as a warrior and engineer tanned in battle. The main approach of it is not always healing, but she has the ability to restore her teammate’s health. This medicine skin identifies it very clearly as a healer with the red and white logo that looks like the caduceus. Here is everything you need to know about How to get the drug from Medic Brigitte (Legendary) in Overwatch with Twitch .

How to get the doctor Brigitte (legendary) in Overwatch with Twitch

In the first place, this association between Overwatch and Twitch is united to organize Support to Streamer, an event that coincides with the beta version of Overwatch 2. People who give subscriptions to certain streamers on Twitch for a specific period of time will unlock the aspect Medic Brigitte Legendary.

When to buy Twitch gift subscriptions for the medical appearance Brigitte (legendary)

Gather for me!

Give three Subscriptions to your Streamer of @TWITCH favorite participant to unlock Medic Brigitte (Legendary), from June 29 to July 19.


??? More information https://t.co/pecihjzbu6 pic.twitter.com/k9mdllnpcf

-Supervision (@PlayAverwatch) June 27, 2022

To achieve this legendary aspect, you must buy three gift subscriptions for one of the streamers who participate in Support to Streamer between June 29 at 11 a.m. m. PDT and July 20 at 11 a. m. PDT You can find a link to the official Blizzard launch with the complete list of streamers participating in the lower part of the page.

These are some Blizzard steps on how to participate in Support to Streamer:

  • Log in your Twitch account (if necessary, you first create a free Twitch account on Twitch.TV)
  • Visit one of the eligible participating Twitch channels
  • While the channel transmits live Overwatch, obsequies a total of three (3) subscriptions of any level to win the reward (subscriptions presented anonymously will not count for the campaign)

How to enter the code for the Brigitte medical mask (legendary)

Once you buy gift subscriptions, you will get a code to enter that unlocks Brigitte’s mask. These are the steps to enter that code:

  • See Battle.net and log in
  • Click your username in the upper right, then click account configuration
  • Enter the code in the box for redeem a code and click on Code

Blizzard also made sure that the gift subscriptions bought outside the specified time will not be counted for the three necessary to unlock the appearance of Medic Brigitte. In addition, the code you get for the mask will defeat on December 22, 2022 at 11:59 p. m. PST.

That is all you need to know about How to get the drug from Medic Brigitte (Legendary) in Overwatch with Twitch . To get more information, be sure to consult the related articles below.

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V Rising

7 ideas to bring your V Rising video games to the following level

** And what can you finish with that cash? You will certainly see just how helpful your departure is.

Finally, if that is close to you is a person that makes your life difficult, you can always outlaw it. Banuser or Bancharacter are the specific commands to throw it out of your departure.

V Rising has actually exceeded all expectations if we talk about the game at the minute. This Stunlock Studios vampires title has become whatvalheimwas before: a milestone for computer players; A hard journey, yes, however additionally fun and also refreshing-almost as long as drinking a fanta in summer season.

They already commented in Vidaxtra about Wilfred, one of the simplest managers: the V ofv risingis vampire. take care of journeys or fight in complicated fighting when the sun is at the leading .

Developing a labyrinthine system will certainly shield you, although it will certainly postpone the speed of your games. Of program, you will not be able to have a cooking area with newly made burgers or a fridge to the top of fantas of all tastes.

Whether you win as well as if you lose there will certainly always be a 2nd chance-even in games withpermadeathactive-, You can always take abreak _, rest and breathe, take out an icy fanta as well as stretch your fingers . In addition, you can constantly take advantage of this minute to get your favoredtreats and also go along with those drinks.

_ V Risingis a game stuffed with possibilities as well as tools. All of them are structured in 5 components and have different resistance worths to all the typical weak points of vampires: sun, garlic, fire, spiritual items and silver.

You will just have access to this new game.
It will certainly resemble a private server and also there will certainly be no one moreon the internet _.
All breakthroughs in Steam Cloud will certainly also be recorded, as if you played in a multiplayer game.
You see it, ** A marvel to calmly enjoy the game of the moment.

As well as it is that every season comes a release that marks new rules **.
Like Fanta, that every summer tosses new tastes, exclusive for that summertime season.
Do not miss out on the possibility or, if you favor, thrill with orange fanta and also original lemon or absolutely no as well as fanta watermelon without sugarcoated.

_ V RisingIt additionally gets complicated when you begin looking for a details resource as well as you invest a whole afternoon without locating it. Complying with the line of the previously mentionedvalheim _-although without such a huge map-it is very easy to obtain shed.


That is why we have actually prepared a set of tips, a type of guide for beginners so that you do not miss out on any one of the many opportunities that this habit forming multiplayer proposition offers. To endure you will certainly need blood, however likewise something else. Our little course supplies you fundamental suggestions to encounter fighting with enough assurances The rest, to stop as well as fill powers with the revitalizing collection of Fanta and also your favoredtreats, range from your account.

The secret is to know just how. And our wager is that you copy the castles of the real world: hidden entries, deluxes and area well concealed in trunks, far from the possible appearances of an intruder .

There is just one much better tool in the entire video game and that is moons . To get the latter it is crucial to have actually built in your castle the framework of the Athenaeum as well as have accomplished enough diagrams-in Silverlight’s hillsides.

They already commented in Vidaxtra regarding Wilfred, one of the most basic managers: the V ofv risingis vampire. Each gamer inv risingcan put up a great castle. And beware due to the fact thatv risingis likewise a command video game.V RisingIt also obtains made complex when you begin looking for a details source and you invest an entire afternoon without discovering it. Whether you win and if you lose there will certainly always be a 2nd chance-even in games withpermadeathactive-, You can always take abreak _, remainder as well as breathe, take out an icy fanta and also stretch your fingers .

The only excuse to hug the celebrity King as the just one ofDark Heartsis worn a shield at the elevation. At any kind of other time, you will certainly suffer his burns.

Register for the Rising NETWORK ON YOUTUBE .

And beware sincev risingis also a command game. The commands are like those encrypted messages that just your associates record. That very own language. And some commands are very helpful. Gaterallallies: you create it in the conversation and both you and your minions-sorry, allies-you will automatically relocate to the location where you have actually noted with the arrow. Therefore you can move with locations of light and remain in the shadows in a simple as well as without problem .

Each gamer inv risingcan put up an excellent castle. A number of. As well as they will determine your level of power: your castle can make you virtually unyielding. You can expand plants in your very own yard, sowing different kinds of seeds. You can boost the sidewalk, producing rock floors. And also you can put stairways and battlements.

Buy PS5 on June 27, 2022 in a ticker – all news and offers

As constantly, we keep you as much as day with you concerning every little thing important concerning the PS5 and also your accessibility.

Update from June 27th at 8:18 p.m.: an excellent morning to every person. June ends this week as well as there was no drop of Media Markt or Saturn. So we believe that maybe thus far soon. Because nothing has actually been understood about additional delivery troubles and different other suppliers have already supplied their allocations in recent weeks. There was a on-site pre-order campaign, however they never ruled out the PS5 online sale.

Where you can acquire a PS5 now, you can learn in the ticker on MeinMMO. We will show you the suppliers as well as offers for PlayStation 5 that are now supplying. If you can purchase a PS5 at MediaMarkt, Amazon.com and Co. , here you can review

If you are PS Plus customers, there have been a couple of adjustments to your subscription because last week. Due to the fact that the services PS Plus and also PS Now were brought together.

And if you are likewise curious about the Xbox Collection X: it has actually been readily available at Amazon given that the start of the week.

For everyone who has not yet been lucky with the acquisition of a PS5, the complying with deals from the past few days are still readily available:

Where you can acquire a PS5 currently, you can discover out in the ticker on MeinMMO. Below you can read if you can buy a PS5 at MediaMarkt, Amazon.com and Co.

Important: With Libro and also MediaMarkt (Austria), no shipments are feasible abroad. There is just delivering on Austrian addresses. You don’t get PS5 supplied to Germany from Switzerland either.

MediaMarkt-last drop 36 days ago.
Globe of Games.

  • PS5 Disc Edition + Perspective: FW + year PS Plus When it comes to brand-new agreement with E Just how simple- > Although the structure of the PS5 bundle continues to be the same, the energy supplier decreases the one-time added settlement for the premium of the console from 299 euros to 249 euros. On top of that, the fundamental price in the MeinSmart tariff is reduced by an additional 5 euros monthly. So you conserve on your own 60 euros a year.
  • PS5 in the bundle with 55 ″ LG OLED55C17LB TELEVISION 4K at Computeruniverse
  • PS5 in the bundle with 48 ″ LG OLED48C17LB TV 4K at Computeruniverse
  • PS5 in the package with 65 ″ LG OLED65C17LB TV 4K at Computeruniverse

Media market.

The list of all suppliers that you should maintain in view today and also as a whole:

Germany: .

We will constantly notify you of the latest advancements in updates. Additionally, your remarks throughout the last waves have confirmed to be extremely useful. Please continue to help and know us as well as other viewers if feasible if the PS5 becomes available somewhere at short notice so that we can include it here in the short article.

_ The deals noted below are supplied with so-called associate web links. With a purchase via one of these web links, you will certainly support MeinMMO: Without the effect on the price, we will certainly obtain a small compensation from the carrier.

Update from June 27th at 8:18 p.m.: an excellent early morning to everybody. * PS5 Disc Version + Horizon: FW + 12 months PS Plus In the instance of brand-new agreement with E How easy- > Although the structure of the PS5 package remains the same, the power provider decreases the single extra settlement for the premium of the console from 299 euros to 249 euros. Important: With Libro and also MediaMarkt (Austria), no deliveries are possible abroad.

Amazon-last drop 23 days ago.
MediaMarkt-last drop 37 days ago.
Euronics-last drop 57 days ago.
Expert-last drop 245 days ago.
Alternate-last drop 12 days ago.
Saturn-last drop 37 days ago.
Otto-last drop 1 day ago.
Müller-Last drop 42 days ago.
Medimax-last drop 87 days ago.
MyToys-last drop 2 days ago.
Gamestop-last drop 21 days ago.
Video game grotto-last drop 32 days ago.
Conrad-only branch sales.

Austria: .

Switzerland: .

Red Barrels provides the conceptual art of the new enemy in The Outlast Trials

This opponent looks like another miserable as well as bad spirit, which has actually been experienced along with the gamer. They were chained throughout who recognizes the length of time, imperfect and damaged. It also seems to be partly maintained with metal hugs which also offer to reduce as well as mutilate any type of person with whom it can drag.

They have among these less than elegant helmets whose players are also geared up. Possibly it means that every person can see at night? Among the primary game technicians is that it is tough to see which the batteries, and as a result the sight, is an essential source. Will this adjustment for The Outlast Trial runs?

The Outlast Tests must be released this year on PC and, with any luck, on even more systems.

The Outlast Trial runs is expected to be launched this year, but we have just seen that the trailer for revelation. Previously today, the designer Red Barrels gave us a brand-new kind of enemy that players will certainly fulfill. It could be our best overview if the environments of this game are as dark as in Outlast 2.

It appears that the next Outlast game allows gamers to go from a portable night vision camera to a hands-free night vision helmet. The Outlast Trial runs is supposed to be released this year, yet we have only seen that the trailer for revelation. If the environments of this game are as dark as in Outlast 2, it could be our finest summary.

It appears that the next Outlast game permits gamers to go from a portable night vision camera to a hands-free night vision helmet. There is a small caution. It will be a little pierced on your head, yet great. Use both hands!

We do not understand the information of the launch of the game. The Outlast Tests need to be introduced this year on Computer and also, with any luck, on even more platforms.

Are you mosting likely to try The Outlast Trial runs? Let us know in the remarks listed below.

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[Trial repo] Aiming to win the PUBG MOBILE don with the full -fledged wireless earphone OLADANCE with a built -in super large dynamic driver!

The wireless earphone OLADANCE , which is being accepted by the support purchase service Makuake, has earned a huge amount of money. As of June 23, when this article is written, the total support purchase is 2,7957,580 yen . What is the earphone that can collect such funds? OLADANCE arrived at my hand, so let’s open it immediately.

Built-in super-large dynamic driver

OLADANCE is equipped with a 16.5mm dynamic driver. The driver unit mounted on the wireless earphone is almost 10mm. However, OLADANCE is a size that greatly exceeds the common sense of this field. What kind of effect can be obtained with this is that the heavy bass that is unlikely to be a wireless earphone can be resonated with Zun, Zun.

And OLADANCE is an open-year type. It does not forcibly block the ear hole, so it minimizes the burden on the ears. So, let’s do the smartphone battle game PUBG Mobile with this OLADANCE. Wait a little, why do you play games with this product? Listen to music honestly! I know that it will be rushed from various fields. In the first place, OLADANCE itself does not claim the use of games. However, I thought that the heavy bass that breaks through this eardrum is perfect for Pubg Mobile. Why is it?


The important thing in playing Pubg Mobile is listening to the sound. The enemy’s footsteps and gunshots approaching. All of these have distance and direction, and you can easily hear the enemy’s position quickly. In this game, players who find the enemy quickly are advantageous. And I thought that OLADANCE would convey those sounds faithfully and heavy. So, sortie to the usual island!

The difference from other products was immediately understood. A genuine gunshot is transmitted to the brain at a super-speed from outside the ear. This is scary! Similarly, the footsteps stimulate this nerves without mercy. Especially in the building, there are many scenes where you must detect the enemy’s footsteps and search quickly, so the three-dimensional sound greatly affects your grades. And as I thought, OLADANCE reproduced a real battlefield.

OLADANCE information can be clearly distinguished if the information where there is an enemy and where is the gunshot?

It’s perfect for long play!

OLADANCE is an open-ear wireless earphone as described above. Therefore, there is also a drawback that it is difficult to cut external environmental sounds. However, the fact that it supplements it is that ears are hard to get tired even if you wear it for a long time. It is not a design that forcibly blocks the ear holes, so it is perfect for playing with time. The play time of PUBG Mobile is about 30 minutes. During this time, OLADANCE can play comfortably.

In addition, the battery life is very long, and it is possible to play up to 16 hours with earphones al1. Combined with an optional charging case, it can work for 94.4 hours. What if this is, for example, an average wireless earphone? Isn’t the continuous playback time of the earphone alone at most 6 hours? Isn’t it difficult to play a long place for 30 minutes per game?

In order to make up for the fundamental stamina shortage, recent wireless earphones have a quick charging function (including products that assume gameplay). If you charge a break, you can secure the power for the next one and two games. However, in the case of OLADANCE, it does not even have the hassle. It is a stamina that can still afford to play in a full half day.

If there is a precaution, it is still volume. If you get too tone and raise the volume too much, you will feel like your heart is likely to be torn when it is suddenly fired. Of course, the actual battlefield looks like this, but here it doesn’t matter the volume that can be heard in the direction of the sound.

Win the interior battle!

In interior combat, which often occurs in PUBG MOBILE, OLADANCE is the most powerful weapon. While picking up items in a three-story house, the footsteps are somewhere. This is definitely an enemy sign. Someone other than me is stepping into this house!

Where are the enemies in multiple rooms, or on which floors? If you make a mistake, it is fatal. Do you dare to go outdoors here, or you’ll be lying down in a room without windows. It is also an essential skill of this game to win such a tense psychological warfare.

Of course, if you have a wired gaming headphones, you won’t be better than that. But what if this is on the go? Considering that it is a more easy-to-carry audio equipment, you will see the option of wireless earphones with long continuous operating time. And OLADANCE should show the performance just to complete the play for a long time.

Reservations one after another

OLADANCE accepts purchases from Makuake from 15,480 yen (one product, as of June 24). However, this is a purchase frame that does not come with a charging case. If you have a super long time set of 18,480 yen, you will receive a charging case. It is a rare case that the earphone body and charging case are sold separately, but as a writer, you should also experience the sense of security that the up to 94.4 hours brings! I think.

At the beginning of this article, I stated, The total support purchase is 2,7957,580 yen, but if you wait only one day, the total purchase purchase of OLADANCE was 30,519,660 yen. 。 In just a day, 2.5 million yen has increased! ? Although it is a very popular product, delivery to buyers is scheduled for the end of August.

Final fantasy xiv

Anime Mrs. Kaguya: In love as in the war he will receive season 4

Yesterday, the premiere of the final episode of the third season of the anime adaptation of the manga Mrs. Kaguya: in love is in war, at the end of which the continuation was announced. Whether the fourth season or a full-length film, but this continuation is already in production. The release date and accurate information about what this continuation is not yet reported.

Recall that the first season of the anime Mrs. Kaguya: in love as in the war it started in the winter of 2019, and already in the spring of 2020 we saw its continuation in the form of the second season. Since April 9 of this year, we could observe the events of the third season of adaptation, which ended yesterday.

In the meantime, you are waiting for the new Kagui season, we offer to familiarize yourself with the list of Titles that can be seen this summer.

Launch date of Rune Factory 5 PC: When does the video game begun Heavy steam?

Rune Factory 5 was introduced in 2019 as well as was to be launched in 2020, yet there was a delay and Japan was delayed to May 2021. The title was released in March in North America, yet just Nintendo Switch players were able to experience the activity RPG title. Leave the quantity of PC with gone across arms and wait on an announcement and even a rumor. Fortunately, a recent statement has actually shown the title day of the title on the Microsoft platform.

Several followers of the Rune Factory series wonder when Rune Factory 5 begins the PC system. The collection that began in the Nintendo DS period has placed a long means given that its moderate beginnings, as well as currently your newest title will involve the PC system.


publication date of Rune Factory 5 COMPUTER: When does the video game come on Vapor?

Rune Factory 5 was announced in 2019 and also was to be released in 2020, however there was a hold-up and also Japan was postponed to May 2021. According to a lately released leakage, Rune Factory 5 will certainly be launched on July 13 on the PC. According to the SteamdB web page of Rune Factory 5, the game steam accumulating cards, achievements, cloud memory as well as also partly controller support.

Numerous of these problems might be addressed as soon as Rune Factory 5 goes live on the computer, so players shouldn’t stress. This is not the very first Rune Factory title that shows up on the PC, so gamers Hakama Workshop and also their previous projects need to trust.

The video game was released on March 22nd on Nintendo Switch as well as his testimonials are at ideal average; The game 68/100 obtained on Metacritic, and also according to the IGN review, the game is anything however ideal. Even if the game exceeds all the important things that gamers anticipate from a title like this, the efficiency on the Nintendo Switch is anything however excellent.

Runenfabrik 5 is now readily available for Nintendo Switch as well as will be launched on July 13th for Computer.

According to a lately released leak, Rune Factory 5 will certainly be released on July 13 on the PC. In enhancement to the release date, the SteamdB side of the game reveals a great deal of info regarding the title. According to the SteamdB web page of Rune Factory 5, the video game steam collecting cards, achievements, cloud memory and even partially controller support.

According to the testimonial, the video game is extremely conscious stick drift; Even when playing on the Pro Controller from Nintendo Switch, the game suffers from a certain entrance hold-up, that makes the struggle and even the production process much less enjoyable. The visuals of the video game is not that wonderful when it pertains to the environment; Although the character models are impressive, the game globe looks level.

How to change the class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes gives you a wide list of units to choose from, depending on the route you have chosen. Each character has the primary grade, but you can change these classes as you pass. This may make you think about how to change your class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How to change the class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes


To change the classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, you must first unlock new classes. Having done this, you can freely change the classes through convoy . Here’s how to change classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

  • Open the menu.
  • Select the convoy.
  • Choose a unit that you want to change the classes.
  • Press ZR until you find yourself on the Change class tab.
  • Select a class that you want to switch to.

How to unlock classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Before changing your class, you must first unlock other classes for the character. This is done using seals. There are different levels of seals , including Intermediate, Advanced and Master. As soon as you unlock the class, you can change the unit to this class. This may make you think about where to unlock classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

where to get classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Unlocking new classes is carried out in training instructor . You can find this character in the lower left corner of your base camp. You can also click R and teleport directly to this place. Talk to the training instructor and spend printing to unlock new classes for your characters.

Additional information about Fire Emblem see is there romance in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes? And does the choice have a choice in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes? In professional game guides.

Final fantasy xiv

2022 Valorant Challengers Korea stage 2 PO interim results

-DRX, breaks the 21st winner finals. Finals with a silent set

-maru gaming, on Slayers-WGS in a row… Confirmation of participation in the final development of East Asia

-25th Loser Final Damwon Kia-Maru Gaming The final on the 26th

The ‘defending champion’ DRX succeeded in the finals for three consecutive seasons, following the finals of the playoffs.

Riot Games, the developing and distributor of the 5th to 5 tactics FPS FPS, said, DRX has defeated Slayers and Damwon Kia in a row.

DRX, playoffs and no-set sets

The Defending Champion DRX, which scored seven games without losing a set in the 2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 finals, did not intend to lose in the playoffs.

Damwon Kia, who entered the second round of the playoffs as the first place, met WGS X-IT on the 19th. DRX defeated the WGS X-IT without a single crisis. The DRX, which started as an attack camp in the first set on the ‘Bind’ map, achieved a round score 13: 7 with ‘Albi’ Gu Sang-min, ‘Mako’ Kim Myung-gwan and ‘Zest’ Kim Ki-seok.

In the second set of ‘Haven’, DRX, which started in the attack camp, finished the first half in the first half of the game based on the play of ‘Jet Master’, and won the four rounds from the beginning of the second half, and the set score 2-0 win, winner, winner. I went up to the final.

The DRX’s winner finals were Damwon Kia, who ran to Spear Gaming and On Slayers in the first and second rounds of the playoffs. In the winner final on the 21st, DRX seemed to be pushed by Damwon Kia’s ‘Texture’ Kim Na-ra and ‘Axi’ Park Geun-chul, but finished the first half of the first half thanks to the performance of ‘Buzz’ Yoo Byung-chul, who chose Chae-eun. Victory with 8.

The DRX, which was ahead of the two sets of the first two sets in ‘Split’, won the chase of Damwon Kia, winning 2-0, and continued to march in the playoffs and won the final final on the 26th.

Maru gaming… Confirmation of participation in the final development of East Asia

On the 18th, he lost to the WGS and showed a different performance of the floor gaming. Maru Gaming lost one-on-two in the first round of the playoffs with WGS and fell to the first round of the losers and met Slayers. Maru Gaming, who lost every time he met on Stage 1 in 2022, won an upset by winning 2-0.

Maru Gaming met WGS again in the second round of losers and succeeded in revenge. Maru Gaming, who finished the first set in the ‘Bris’ map with a six-to-six tie, defeated the steamer of 13 to 7 with the performance of ‘Wicks’ Kim Doo-heon, who played in the second half, and in the second set ‘Bind’ map In the second half, the first half was finished in the losers of the losers, finishing 13 to 7, thanks to the opponent’s camp in the second half.

As Maru Gaming went to the Losers’ finals, all teams that were on the ‘East Asian final development’ were confirmed. Starting with the DRX, which won the Masters 1 and participated in Reykjavik and secured a circuit point 250, Damwon Kia and On Slayers, who scored more than four-finals in Stage 1 and Stage 2, joined the finals.

Following the results of the Loser Team Finals, the final finals, and the results of the Masters in Copenhagen, Denmark, a team that goes straight to the Champions will be decided, but in Korea, a team of four teams will go straight to Champions and three teams to advance to East Asian finals. The final selection in five areas, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Latin America, Asia Pacific and East Asia, will be held in August.

DRX’s final finals sold out in one minute

Maru Gaming, who defeated Damwon Kia and WGS, who lost to DRX, will meet in the loser final on the 25th and play a final match for the finals. Damwon Kia met Maru Gaming three times in 2022 and never lost. He defeated 2-0 in Stage 1 Line held on February 26 and won 2 to 1 in the first round of losers on March 19. In the stage 2 finals on May 23, he has won two to one, continuing three games.

The variable is the rise of floor gaming. After defeating the strong slayers, he broke to the WGS and raised the mood. From 2021 to 2022, he had a chance to advance to the finals against the ‘Jung Hai’, who played as a member of the Damwon Kia during the stage 1 period. The team, who won the loser finals, will win the stage 2 wins on the 26th, the stage 2 winning trophy and the Copenhagen ticket against DRX on the 26th.

The 2022 Valorant Challengers Korea Stage 2 Finals, which will be held on the 26th, proved that there is a high interest in the final as 400 seats sold out within one minute after the reservation began on the 22nd.

Riot Games will hold a separate space in Daejeon and Seoul for fans who have not been able to find the final ticket and the final ticket. The Korean relay viewing party, which will be held at the Daejeon E-Sports Stadium on the 25th and 26th, plans to accommodate 60 people through pre-application and on-site reception, and the English relay viewing party held at Core-A Studio in Mapo-gu, Seoul, is 60 students through pre-application. I plan to receive it.

Loser Finals and final finals can be watched live through African TV , Naver , Twitch , YouTube . Details of this tournament can be found on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.