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How to be treated in v rising

V Rising has several methods of treatment.
However, each method has its own restrictions in battle.
This is due to Debuff, …

V Rising has several methods of treatment. However, each method has its own restrictions in battle. This is due to the debuff that arises during the battle, which does not allow players to be treated above a certain value of HP. Methods of treatment improve during the game, and players can quite easily collect the resources necessary for treatment. Here’s how to treat V Rising.


Healing in V Rising, explanation

At the beginning of the game, players will have two treatment options. The first is Kraft Balm from the parasites , the consumed item that restores 2.5% of the maximum health of the player every 1.5 seconds for 15 seconds. The healing effect stops when the damage is obtained and requires one rat , 60 plant fibers as well as 20 bones . The second treatment method is the use of bloody healing holding ctrl and using the ability. This exhausts the blood pool and restores four percent of the player’s maximum health, sucking 0.2 liters per second.

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How to make medical potions

Both leather factory and alchemical table are necessary to create a larger number of healing objects. They demand from the players to use tablespoons with water you can create by creating an empty flask at a leather factory and filling it with water or glass bottles on an alchemical table to put potions there. A decoction of a bloody rose is a consumable material whose recipe players can study. Either find a book of recipes, or collect enough paper and randomly unlock it, studying it. This requires 40 Blood Rose as well as 1 flask with water to create and does not require an alchemical table.

Another potion that can be unlocked is a bloody rose potion . Using a quartz for making glass, players can create glass bottles and fill them. The recipe for this is unlocked by draining blood Christina Priestess of the Sun . A bloody rose potion can only be prepared at the alchemical table, this requires 80 bloody rose and single bottle of water .

Extra Treatment in V Ringing

Players can also heal themselves using their vampire forces. villain blood type also has the ability to restore health when applying damage. Cleaning wicked power, you can use for the treatment of both the player and any allies inside the circle.

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