Ubisoft talks about having an E3 style event

Ubisoft confirms that it will not have an E3 style event during the summer.
However, there will be more news later in the year.

We are already in the month of June, and that means that video game events will begin to emerge little by little, among the biggest we have the Summer Game Fest and the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. And although several companies have joined their presentation space, it seems that this time Ubisoft will shine for its absence.

The company of France normally makes an event to coincide during the celebrations of the e3, these are called Ubisoft forward and give the novelties regarding their video games. However, a spokesman confirmed that this time it will not be so, promising that later there will be a transmission of this type with the greatest advances.


In fact, for now it is not known about many video games that the developer has under the sleeve in the 2022, nothing beyond the launch of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. Also, they continue working on the Open World title of Star Wars and the adaptation of Avatar, which is expected to have for the end of the year to coincide with the film.

In news related to events. The alignment of companies that are going to attend the _summer Game Fest, there are more than 30 participants who will show their games to fans. If you want to know who it is, we invite you to click on the following link.

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