What is a horned? General characteristics and examples

The game industry is extensive and offers many games to choose from.
Each game can usually be attributed to one or several genres, and one of?

The game industry is extensive and offers many games to choose from. Each game can usually be attributed to one or more genres, and one of the most popular genres is Roguelike. This can make you ask about what Roguelike-game is and what Roguelike means.

What does a horned?

The Roguelike genre and the games of this genre have much in common. Although not all games in the Roguelike genre will have these elements, they usually contain at least several or more variations of these . Here are some of the most common Roguelike mechanics.

  • Procedural generation/randomized
  • Various runs
  • The progress system
  • Permanent death/One life

Rogaliki games, as a rule, have one or more of these functions to add a depth reiglable to the game cycle. Players usually make a series of passages, often through randomized dungeons or levels, with a progression system that allows them to transfer something to the next run. Thus, players achieve progress and learn from their mistakes.

Best Credphouses

There are many rogalists to choose from, but below we have made a list of some of the best available rogalists. If you are interested in this genre, we recommend that you look at these games.

Sacrifice of Isaac

In The Binding of Isaac, locked in the basement of your mother, you fight with dangerous and bizarre enemies. It has accidentally generated dungeons , equipment, enemies and much more so that each race is unique. There are also many enemies, objects, bosses and classes, which increases reiglabia. The Binding of ISAAC is one of the most re-playing games in the Roguelike genre, which has many fans.

Enter the weapon

Enter The Gungeon inserts a bullet caterpillar hell of the dungeon . Choose from various unique characters and enter into an accidentally generated dungeon. Here you must dodge, rob and break through random enemies and bosses, collecting various weapons. Each race will improve your trigger finger and rotation ability until you can defeat the arms.


It is often called a spacecraft simulator, FTL or Faster than Light. Command with a spacecraft and spend it through a randomized galaxy. In each passage you may encounter various events, enemies and tests. As you learn from your mistakes and move further through the galaxy, you will open new ships and crew members, which, I hope, will succeed in your next attempt.


Hades explores the story of Zagre, the son of Aida and the Prince of the underground world. Ruby and cut make your way through the halls of the underworld, collecting powerful gifts, objects, artifacts and much more, trying to escape. You will also meet representatives of the Greek pantheon who will try to help the Zagrean escape. Each passage contributes to the narrative of Aida, and the Blazers and other characters make notes and comment on its actions.

kill the spire

Slay The Spire takes the Roguelike genre and adds a thrill deck construction . In each race you choose a character and try to go through a randomized series of tests in a spire. Along the way, you will collect cards and make your deck-these cards will become your attacks, protection and abilities. The cards that you collect, and the problems that you are faced with are randomly selected, which means that each run is unique.

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