Metroidvania action MIRA and THE LEGEND OF THE DJINNS released in 2023. Explore the vast world influenced by the Moroccan culture

Publisher ASSEMBLE ENTERTAINMENT officially announced the metroidvania action Mira and the Legend of the Djins on June 15. The compatible platform is a PC (Steam/ It is scheduled to be released in 2023.

MIRA and the Legend of the Djins is a 2D search-type action game inspired by Morocco and Amazigi culture rooted there. DJINN (Jin) in the title is a supernatural existence such as spirits and youkai in the Arab world. In this work, he operates Yuba, a treasure hunter, and goes on an adventure journey with MIRA, who has lost his memory.

While searching for ancient archeological sites, Yuba meets the trapped MIRA. Yuba agrees to connect the bond of her spirit to regain MIRA’s memory. During the adventure of memories, there are hidden ancient history, encounters with new friends, and enemies that aim for life. Eventually, they will face the cause of the catastrophe that led the MIRA world to collapse.

As a feature in the game play, players can use four types of weapons, and they can switch smoothly. The weapons have different attacks, and they seem to be able to switch between them even in the middle of the battle. Flowing battles will be possible.

The game is equipped with a skill tree that releases weapons. Skills are released by currency or the story progress, and can gain further actions and abilities of weapons. Ability seems to be useful not only for battle but also for map search. By acquiring new abilities, it will be possible to reach places that have not been reached before.

There are also seven types of tools available through game play. The trailer allows you to see the existence of a tool for moving a huge block that closed the road. These tools will be used in battle, map search, and puzzle capture on the way.


According to this official website, there are many areas in the setting of this work. There seems to be various locations from the natural world of nature, vast desert areas, ash piled volcanoes. These places will be drawn in the game.

The development of this work is Little Knight Games. There are about six teams composed of members of various nationalities such as Morocco, the United States, Canada, and Venezuela. This work started a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter in August 2021. The following month, the campaign was successful with the support of $ 24,374 (about 3.27 million yen). Expectations have been officially unveiled by the publisher ASSEMBLE ENTERTAINMENT.

Mira and the Legend of the Djins will be released in 2023 for PC (Steam/ Currently, ITCH.IO has a demonstration version.

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