If you create a mechanism for throwing, the number of volunteers will increase. SRPG Gloomhaven Tomato juice interview

Volunteer Japanese language has many people who take care of them when playing a PC game overseas. This time, we asked the volunteer translation leader of the tactical RPG (SRPG) Gloomhaven Gloomhaven , which has just been completed. Also note the interesting theme of volunteer Japanese language and reward that jumped out in the interview.

Japanese is to make foreign games play in Japanese. Among them, unofficial Japanese translation by users, which is not an official Japanese language by developers and publishers, is called volunteer Japanese translation . It is generally performed by volunteers and is distributed free of charge.

Volunteer Japanese translation can be performed within the range that developers and publishers are permitted, and those that are unauthorized. Recently, there have been cases where volunteer Japanese language is adopted as an official Japanese version, mainly indie games.

In the 20th series, we asked Tomato Juice, a volunteer Japanese-language project leader of the tactical RPG GLOOMHAVEN based on popular board games.

GLOOMHAVEN Japanese MOD (Steam Workshop)

As a volunteer translator, as a video distributor

–Please introduce yourself.

Tomato juice (hereafter, title abbreviation) is a tomato juice of a volunteer translation project leader. In addition to volunteer translation, he operates a YouTube channel called Mat Juice Game Live Channel, and usually performs slow live commentary for PARADOX Interactive’s big games and various colony simulation games.

―― Please tell us the charm of this work.

The tomato juice GLOOMHAVEN is a cooperative tactical RPG that combines table talk RPG and board games. It is attractive that one solo play can be enjoyed with up to four multiplayer, and you can enjoy the unique exchange of cooperative play in multiplayer. For example, it is a game where you can play with excitement, such as when a critical comes out and you can defeat the enemy as expected, or if you have a fumble and have a friend comfort when you can not defeat the enemy.

―― I heard that this work is the original board game?

The tomato juice Gloomhaven is very famous in the board game world, and has been ranked first in the world’s largest board game information site, BoardGamegeek, since 2017. The board game version is very expensive because it contains overwhelming components such as cards and figures, but the PC version is reasonable and easy to recommend.

――What did you get to be involved in volunteer Japanese?

The work that triggered the tomato juice was CITY OF GANGSTERS. He got a comment in his game live video saying, I can play if it is translated into Japanese, so I found out that it could be easily translated into Japanese. So, when I asked the developer to the source, he immediately updated the Japanese display.

-How did you contact your developer?

I contacted the official Discord of the tomato juice game. Then, it was possible to translate in a ton-ton beat, but otherwise it would not have started Japanese.

――What do you think is the most necessary ability for volunteer Japanese?

If it is a Japanese language instead of a tomato juice translation, it is Japanese language ability.

――What is the difference between translation and Japanese translation here?

The tomato juice translation is a perfect translation performed by a professional translator, and Japanese is a translation that prioritizes that games can be played in Japanese.

――What is your ability to speak in Japanese in that context?

It is the ability to prove the Japanese in which the tomato juice DEEPL translation is returned to Japanese according to the world view of the game, which is easy to read. I think the appearance of DEEPL translation is a game changer for Japanese language work. The old machine translation had a bad impression, but DeepL translation is quite natural. The purpose of Japanese is to be able to play in Japanese, so if you are not particularly particular, it will be the main work to rework the Japanese translation Japanese.

―― Did you use DEEPL translation in the Japanese language of Gloomhaven?

Tomat juice DEEPL is the mainstay of our army. He knew he could use it as a mainstay in the Japanese language of CITY OF GANGSTERS, so he was not hesitant to use it. Without a teacher, Japanese language would not have been completed. However, DEEPL-sensei may fly the whole sentence as soon as I don’t translate this kind of translation, so it is necessary to have the ability to check in light of the original text.

――Why are you working in volunteers?

Tomato juice volunteers are volunteers, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to receive money in Japanese-style translation al1. In this Japanese language, many people participated, so I have no intention of rewarding.

— It’s an answer that seems to be a video distributor who sets it apart from the conventional translators.

If there is a mechanism that can exchange rewards such as tomato juice throwing, it may be that a professional translator who likes games will personally work on volunteer translation for the purpose of throwing.

-In that case, the permission of the copyright holder, including the reward, is likely to be required.

Tomat juice, of course. Many indie game developers want to support multilinguals but have no budget. If the player who plays the game can give thanks to those who can play in Japanese, I think that you can throw money comfortably. With such a mechanism, the number of people who work in Japanese or Japanese may increase. However, many Japanese language is by group, so it is difficult to distribute rewards.

――It’s an interesting idea. I would like to dig into the latter half of the interview.

In the middle of a good translation

――Please tell us how you get the permission of Japanese from the developer of Gloomhaven.

Tomato juice This work has a function to publish multilingual MODs in the Steam workshop, so it was unlikely to be permitted to publish the Japanese MOD itself. However, because it was necessary to modify the game program for Japanese, we checked the developer directly in the official game Discord and received permission.

―― Did you get the permission right away?

I was asked to get a reply immediately because I asked the tomato juice questions in the activity time z1. There were no particular conditions for permission, and it was a reply saying that there was no problem unless it was malicious remodeling.

――How was this Japanese-style team formed?

At the stage where the prospect of Japanese tomato juice could be translated into Japanese, we recruited participants through Twitter. After that, I proceeded with Japanese translation while exchanging with Discord. There are currently 7 participants.

――How did you work in Japanese?


The text in the tomato juice game was stored in CSV format, so I used a translation platform PARATRANZ that can start Japanese language work if I upload it as it is. When I used Paratranz in CITY OF GANGSTERS, I needed to convert the file, but this time I was able to work as it was, so I was saved.

—Paratranz has been often named in past interviews. How did you use it in this Japanese language?

The tomato juice paraTranz can easily check the work status of other participants, and the progress of the work is always displayed, so it has also been useful for motivation. Also, if you register a dictionary in the game in the game, there is a function that can call translations in one click when the same word appeared, which was convenient for unifying terms.

――The original board game of this work has an official Japanese version, and its publisher is different from the PC version. In other words, apart from this volunteer Japanese, there is an official Japanese translation of the board game version. Did you refer to the translation of the board game version in Japanese?

I asked someone who had a tomato juice board game to be supervised, and in the Japanese language of an important part where the game could not proceed if the interpretation was incorrectly interpreted, I checked the contents by looking at the board game version.

— Did you refer to the rules interpretation instead of using the same translation as the board game version?

Tomato juice Yes. As a result of checking, my interpretation was correct.

――What kind of ingenuity did you do to maintain the game atmosphere?

The opposite of tomato juice was the opposite, so I was struggling not to maintain the game atmosphere too much. The official Japanese translation of the board game version is like a translation that expresses the atmosphere of the game well, so I devised so that I would not be able to translate as much as possible in volunteer Japanese. Therefore, it is the translation of the board game version that can enjoy the original world view of the game, such as place names and items.

―― Then, where is the PC version better?

The tomato juice board game version needs to manually manually perform enemy behavior, damage processing, manage the order of action, and various calculations. On the other hand, the PC version is automatically processed, so you can focus on the tactical RPG part, which is the essence of the game. I play multi-played about 10 times with my friends in the PC version, but I am not confident that I can play the rules without mistakes in the board game version.

――What kind of tools do you use for Japanese translation?

We use an open source tool called XUNITY AUTO Translator to display Japanese fonts in tomato juice. Originally, it is a tool that automatically translates unity games in real time, but this work uses it only to display the text prepared separately.

――Is this tool applied to the Japanese language of other Unity games?

Some of the participants who participated in this Japanese form of tomato juice have started using this tool to make another Unity game Japanese. This tool has been taught by an acquaintance on the Internet, but I think it has contributed to the spread of tools through this Japanese-style project.

――Please tell us what was the most difficult in the Japanese language of this work.

Tomat juice, you still took care not to suffer the Japanese translation and wording of the board game version. The board game version is different from the PC version and the right holder with the Japanese language permit. There is a lot of information on board game versions on the net, so I desperately fighting the temptation that makes me want to use the wording.

――Are you happy with the Japanese language of this work?

Before the Japanese tomato juice was translated into Japanese, I couldn’t recommend the people who usually play with them to buy them. So I was happy when I first played multiplayer. In addition, I was happy to report that I played because it was Japanese, and I was grinning on Twitter.

―― Then, let’s return to the topic of volunteered and rewards that jumped out at the beginning.
For example, what if an indieveropper and a volunteer translator mediate a service that brokers reward exchanges?

After this, the ideas unique to Tomato Juice, a volunteer translator and a video distributor, came out one after another, and the interview was unexpected.
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Wild rift

The little video game without announcing that Ubisoft delayed yesterday is Assassins Creed Rift, according to Bloomberg

At first Assassin’s Creed Rift was planned to launch as an expansion of Assassin’s Creed Vallhala, but came to be an independent video game to Fill up the few pitches that Ubisoft has for this. This way, the only 2 releases entrusted to Ubisoft this year are Mario + Rabbids Triggers of Hope as well as Head and Bones whose development was quite intricate.

The game was arranged to launch in February 2023 , yet they have actually been postponed to spring of that very same year. By doing this, the Monetary Plan of the Gala business is changed, since I intended to launch this title for this which ends in March 2023, and will certainly have to release it for the adhering to period **.

The other day we already commented that Ubisoft delayed Avatar and an additional tiny game as well as without announcing, due to the fact that the latter is Assassin’s Creed Rift . Definitely at the Ubisoft event this September we see more from Rift, and perhaps some Assassin’s Creed Infinity might. In enhancement, emphasize that they canceled 4 video games, 2 of them Splinter Cell Virtual Reality, Ghost Reconnaissance Frontline as well as 2 others without revealing.

Jason Schreier has actually shared through Bloomberg an information that indicates that the Assassin’s Creed Rift title that they were developing has been postponed .

How to find muzan in Project Slayers

After you have passed the 15th level in Project Slayers, you may want to become a demon. However, for this you will need to drink Muzan’s blood, and it can be very difficult to find it.

Keep in mind that Muzan appears only at night. The easiest way to track down Muzan is to buy a gaming pass with a notification that shows its exact location on any night, which will come in handy when you need to find it again for the second part of its quest.


How to find a muzan without a gamest with a notification?

You can still find a muzan without a gampas, because every night it appears in the same seven given places. Despite the fact that this method includes several trials and errors, you will ultimately find it and begin your journey to demonism if you repeatedly visit these places at night.

Village Kiribing . Exit through the gate in the village of Kiribating and turn left. Run along the fence until you get to the tree at the end of the fence. Muzan may appear on the edge of the fence.

edge of the bridge . Go from the village of Cyrbatting to the edge of a really dilapidated old bridge. Muzan should be along the edge.

Mount of Wallpaper . Teleport to the mountain of the cutter, and then move to the left of the place where you appeared. Stay away from Zenitsa . Continue to go straight, and there should be a cliff with a yellow tree below. Muzan appears under this tree.

Cabivarian village . Run in the courtyard surrounded by houses. Run back and go to the left upper corner between two houses. Sometimes muzan is hiding there.

Babochka mansion . Muzan can be found immediately behind the shinobe.

The mansion of the butterflies. Leave the gate surrounding the mansion, and run to the left along the yellow path. You will see a set of hills with small steps built into them. Use steps to find muzan.

Babochka mansion . From the hill with short steps, turn right and run straight. Muzan will be under the yellow tree.

As soon as you find Muzan, do not forget to talk to him, and not try to fight. You get his blood as a reward for the completion of the quest, and not for victory over him.

Check out the additional content of Roblox in games for professionals by visiting the section How to set your character in Project Slayers.

FIFA23 Trailer Movie Public -Announced to support inter -platform cross -play

EA SPORTS has released the trailer movie of the latest work FIFA23 .

At the same time, the FIFA23 official website is open. It also mentions cross-play, and in the previous work FIFA22, it only supported matching in the same model, but FIFA23 announced the realization of crossplay beyond models. Cross play can be turned on and off, and cross-play is possible on the same generation model, such as PS5 and XboxSeriesx | S, but as before, it is a mechanism that does not match on models with different generations, such as PS4 and PS5. increase. For more information, please see the notice of crossplay on the official website.

The trailer movie also introduces new elements of FIFA23, such as the animation technology Hypermotion2, and the game content is also waiting for a follow-up report.

FIFA23 will be released on PC/PS5/PS4/XboxSeriesx | S/Xboxone/STADIA on September 30, 2022. The Ultimate Edition comes with a three-day pre-access right.

The information released by the previous time is as follows.

The last FIFA announced FIFA23! The package of the Ultimate Edition, which is the first men and women appointed, is also released

Call of duty

Open world fishing shim CALL OF THE WILD: THE ANGLER PC version released on August 31

EXPANSIVE WORLDS announced that it will release the open world fishing simulation Call of the Wild: The Angler on August 31 for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) and publish a trailer. 。

This work is the latest work by creators of THEHUNTER: CALL OF THE WILD . While freely exploring the vast nature of the open world, you will find the perfect fishing spot for you and aim for the strongest angler. It is possible to enjoy fishing experience in a seamless and beautiful water area with a solo or up to 12 people. In the game, you can freely move on foot, off-road vehicles, and boats. Set in the beautiful nature of the northwestern part of Wyoming, traveling in a different world, such as turning rivers, magnificent alpine peaks, turquoise blue springs, magnificent hiking courses, hidden ponds, etc. can.

Techniques, such as winding reels according to the characteristics and behaviors of various fish that were realistically simulated by different water temperature, water depth, and altitude, and customizes rods, reels, lines, uki, hooks, lures, and bait. Let’s learn and enjoy the real pleasure of freshwater fishing.

CALL OF THE WILD: The Angler, which can be customized up to 12 people, will be released on August 31 to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store). The console version will also appear soon. In addition, this work will regularly add free/paid content.

What is the maximum trade range in Pokemon Go?

_ Pokémon Go Players always utilize the excellent trading function within experience and also many will certainly often exercise what they want to act to prepare for the upcoming big battles. Naturally there is a couple of appointments about the trading system, and among them is that you have to be a specific range from another player in order to be able to act. In this overview you will locate out whatever you require to understand concerning the functioning of the function and also obviously the optimum trade removalPokémon Go _.

_ |* _

maximum trading range in Pokemon Go

To act with other gamers, they need to be within 100 meters, which matches about to the length of a smaller sized football field. The maximum profession elimination still gives you adequate leg liberty so that you can patronize a little additional away, perhaps in a different structure or the like, to ensure that you can certainly show others that you can not truly see right away. When eliminating you get to, however, this implies that you still need to be quite close, so there can be some problems when attempting to show others.

In spite of all the benefits that the profession offers you, there are from the procurement of the Pokémon you require, to many even more, always great reasons to act with other gamers if you can. To act, you just have to go to your close friend checklist if you are near the individual with whom you act as friends. Then you can simply press the instructor and after that tap on act, whereupon you can act freely with the various other player.

_ Pokémon Go is now offered for download and can be played complimentary of fee for both iphone and also Android.

Fortnite: All No Sweat Summer Quests as well as incentives

All Summer difficulties as well as incentives in Fortnite.

The No Sweat Summer Fortnite event provides players the chance to gain a great deal of complimentary equipment as well as benefits by just playing the game and also completing straightforward missions. There is a summertime event in Fortnite every year, and while a lot of followers are usually waiting to see the new summer versions of the skins favored by followers in the product shop, the cost-free occasion benefits are quite awesome once again this time.

22 pursuits need to be completed throughout this year’s Summer event. Each of them awards a different cosmetic things, however the benefits for some of them are not yet known at the time of creating. This guide is updated as quickly as additional details about the occasion come to be known.

Summer Event installment plan.

Look Reward
Land after leaping from the Battle Bus during the Summer event. Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem Back Bling.
Put on the indicator and also location it at a sponsorship place. ???
After the start countdown, complete a round on the boat racing line (1) ???
Let a personality dance right into a boogie bomb. ???
Emote on numerous doctoral dancing areas (2) Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem (Fishy Flurry Design) Back Bling.
Raise a No Sweat indicator (2) Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem (Meowscles design) Back Bling.
Ringing up to the break (3) ???
Capture the air for 3 seconds while driving a motorboat ???
Remove No Sweat signs from recalled products (3) ???
Toss an ice lotion in various named locations (3) ???

Area the check in a main heap (1) | Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem (Goopy Guff Design) Back Bling.
Inflatable items Stand out No Sweat Summer (3) |???
Get on sunshades on the beach (5) |???
Pass a water polo as well as kick a significant water polo (2) |???
Fire the fireworks cannon on the Mighty Monolith or on the Tilted Towers (1) |???
Damage with doors in various quarters (3) |???
Destroy huge marine boars with motorboat rockets (3) | No sweating menu songs.
Add challengers to swimming damage (150) |???
Go to various called places. |???
Total 3 Summer Quests (3) | Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem (Nana frost design) Back Bling.
Total seven No Sweat Summer Quests (7) | Perspiring satellite umbrella.
Complete 14 No Sweat Summer Quests (14) | Perspiring turning dramatize.

The No Sweat Summer Event does not yet have actually a dealt with schedule, however Impressive Gamings has validated that the occasion will start eventually this week. Most individuals think that the event begins on Thursday, July 21st and also will certainly last a couple of weeks. This overview is updated as quickly as Epic Gamings introduces the event plan.

These missions are active throughout the event, but the benefits are not readily available as quickly as the Summer finishes. If you desire the totally free incentives, make sure you do it in good time.

The No Sweat Summer Fortnite occasion uses players the chance to gain a whole lot of free devices and also incentives by simply playing the video game as well as finishing straightforward missions. There is a summertime event in Fortnite every year, as well as while the majority of followers are normally waiting to see the new summer variants of the skins liked by fans in the product shop, the totally free event rewards are rather awesome once again this time. |???
After the start countdown, complete a round on the boat watercraft auto racing (1) |???
Let a character dance personality a right into bomb. |???
Emote on various numerous dance dancing Locations2) | Ice-blasted Snow Crunchem (Fishy Flurry StyleDesign Back Bling.
The No Sweat Summer Event does not yet have a dealt with schedule, however Impressive Gamings has validated that the event will start at some factor this week.

Fourteen days is now readily available on computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch as well as smart phones.

Genuine footballers of 1. FC Köln take component in an experiment that appears like FIFA 23 in Digital Fact


FC Köln attempted something brand-new in the test game versus Air conditioning Milan: Bodycams with which spectators can see the game straight from the factor of sight of the footballers. That had a bit of video clip games-like Ebenfifa 23.

** What type of examination was that?

You can see what that resembled, for instance, below in the tweet of 1. FC Köln, where you can see a goal of Perfume Florian Dietz from the factor of sight of enemy Lemperle.

The latter showed the game from an uncommon perspective: The Cologne players Timo Hüber and Tim Lemperle were equipped with the camera so that various scenes of the game might be seen directly from their viewpoint.

Among various other points, a referee camera, a new data acquisition in the footwear of some gamers and body cams were used.

And also somehow the entire thing looked like a virtual reality game, or at the very least like the first-person camera camera. The normal summary of a football broadcast was missing out on, but it was in the middle of the activity. Above all, the arms of the gamers who showed up every now and then in front of the camera really resembled a VR or vanity setting for video games like FIFA 23.

wouldn’t that be for FIFA 23?

Overall, the BodyCam perspective from the video clip appears like something that would fit FIFA 23. Naturally, a few decisive factors would be shed: the big game review that you require for a regular FIFA game would be shed. You would probably not have the ability to play truly competitively with it.

In the meanwhile, FIFA 23 is getting closer. All reports as well as information regarding FIFA 23 launch can be discovered below in our introduction.

For this, the environment, such as the reasonable stages or the mood from the rankings, might enter into its own. At the very least as remarkably, maybe fun to immerse on your own in the game for a few minutes.

Of training course, a few decisive variables would certainly be lost: the large game summary that you require for a normal FIFA game would certainly be lost. Can you use something for the games of your favored groups?

_ Im adhering to highlight video on YouTube you can view a few added scenes from the game in between Perfume and also Milan-also in regards to first-person viewpoint: _

Can you make use of something for the games of your favored groups? And also what would certainly you believe of a variation in FIFA 23?

Furthermore, there is currently a specific degree in FIFA 22: The Pro Web cam allows a solitary player play from a sort of persecutor point of view. Particularly if you create your own gamer into a globe star in the gamer profession, such a primary step might supply a bit even more immersion as the following step.

FC Köln tried something brand-new in the test game versus AC Milan: Bodycams with which spectators can see the game straight from the point of sight of the footballers. As well as somehow the entire thing looked like a VR game, or at the very least like the first-person camera camera. Over all, the arms of the players who showed up from time to time in front of the camera really looked like a Virtual reality or vanity mode for video games like FIFA 23.

** Could FIFA advantage from such a camera? Only playing in a Bundesliga club-the opportunity is uncommon.

Great banner tests Twitch – tosses for banned words to prompt a spell

The Twitch streamer Asmongold is recognized not to take a leaf out of his mouth as well as constantly plainly states his viewpoint. He showed himself carefree when he dropped the words Virgin, Simp and also Incel. He wished to see if Twitch truly takes through.

Who is asmongold?

  • With over 48,000 ordinary viewers and also over 3.2 million fans, he is the largest MMORPG banner on Twitch.
  • His major video game has been Wow for years as well as likewise streams it very energetic on his 2nd network. Additionally, he has been playing Lost Ark vigilantly because the release as well as broke his audience record at the time.
  • Asmongold also obtained the award to be the Ideal MMORPG streamer on Twitch.
  • When he saw a video about Twitch in a past stream, it was gone over that the words Virgin, Simp and Incel were forbidden on the system. Asmongold saw this as a difficulty and also packed all 3 in sentences to the target market on Twitch.

_ A lot more about asmongold can be located in our video clip: _

Asmongold does the test: Will you be prohibited for Simp, Incel and Virgin?

What do the words imply?
| Simp: Basically kind, a Simp is a guy who would certainly do everything for a streamer as well as pays her a great deal of attention. This happens through news, donations or other assistance. You can discover specific information in our write-up: Twitch deletes Emotes to Simp- what is a Simp?| Incel: A society of heterosexual males explains itself as an incoluntary sex, however it is of the viewpoint that they are actually entitled to sex. Words emerged from the terms involuntary (involuntarily) and also Celibate (solitary/ bachelor).| Virgin: ** This is the English word for Jungfrau. It is typically utilized to implicate individuals of not obtaining a partner off.

Why are you forbidden on Twitch? Most of the words on Twitch were utilized to knock and disrespect particular individual groups. At some time this became as well colorful to the system as well as chose to attract effects in the form of a block as soon as Chatter or Streamer placed words in the mouth.

** What did the streamer do? At the same time, he tested Twitch:

On top of that, thousands of users would certainly then need to be obstructed, as they likewise spamed in the simp, virgin and chat.

I believe that people that get distressed about warm tub streams are virgins. I think that people that have actually completed Stufe-3 memberships are Simps. As well as I think that people who comment on this as well as obtain distressed about what I’m saying concerning jacuzzi streams are incels.

I think assume’ll see if I’m being banned tomorrow?


He evaluates this to see if this guideline truly exists. Asmongold states: If it is not blocked, this directive does not exist. He could not think that the words can no longer be made use of.

_ Den complete clip you can see here: _

Was Asmongold be prohibited? Approximately the here and now time, the banner is still able to go live and has actually not been blocked by Twitch. It remains to be seen whether consequences will certainly follow.

Extra and also much more Twitch streamers are relocating to YouTube. After myth went, the symbol Pokiman now made a sign of wishing to approve such a deal:

Twitch will soon lose his next Star Streamer to YouTube? Pokiman makes tip

The Twitch streamer Asmongold is recognized not to take a leaf out of his mouth as well as always clearly claims his viewpoint. | Simp: In short form, a Simp is a man who would certainly do every little thing for a streamer and pays her a great deal of focus. Why are you prohibited on Twitch? Many of the words on Twitch were utilized to knock and insult particular customer groups. ** Up to the existing time, the banner is still able to go real-time and also has actually not been obstructed by Twitch.

If not currently then when? HSV is intending for the climb

Hamburger SV has been the outright top fave in the 2nd department for the first time given that the bitter descent from the 2018 Bundesliga. Most recently, the Hanseatic Organization failed 4 times in a row.

In the fifth effort, it needs to finally work-the Hamburger SV is the big promo favorite in Organization two. At the beginning it goes to promoted Eintracht Braunschweig.

Fitness instructors, gamers as well as professionals concur that the course can just lead over the north Germans. The objective is the promotion, said HSV keeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes prior to the opening game with promoted Eintracht Braunschweig on Sunday (1:30 p.m.) in the SID interview and confidently added: We intend to approve the role of favorites, we want the high quality.

HSV raises on the transfer market

The protective financing players Mario Vuskovic as well as Miro Muheim can be devoted in the summer season, the currently strong offending area 3 with 67 objectives in the last period amplifier the beginners Ransford Königsdörffer and also Laszlo Benes.

He can make us better, claimed coach Tim Walter regarding ex-Gladbacher Benes, whom he learnt Kiel for half a year and that is supposed to help the HSV mainly with his hazardous requirements.

Essential assistances such as midfield planner Sonny Kittel and leading marker Robert Glatzel-27 Competitive goals were kept in his best period. This is an impressive sign of Bobby as well as additionally from Sonny, claimed Heuer Fernandes, who was behind the best defensive collection (35 objectives) of the second department last period.

Just stopped working in the transfer to Hertha BSC, the Hanseatic trees proceeded to strengthen in the summer season. With 7.2 million euros, the HSV spent 3 to four times as a lot for brand-new players as the competitors.

The relegation hurt

The HSV captured an apparently weak opponent at the beginning. Risinger Braunschweig around trainer Michael Schiele was barely energetic on the transfer market in summer as well as is considered a relegation prospect. We recognize that every game will be tough. Nonetheless, we normally intend to reveal what we are able to do, claimed Fernandes Heuer.

This was noticeable, in the final test game the Hanseatic team won 5-1 versus the Swiss top team FC Basel. The team desires to take this efficiency into the opening game in Braunschweig and be complete, said Fernandes.

As the last 2nd department team, the Hamburgers started preparing on June 20, 4 weeks after the video games against Hertha BSC. The relegation hurt, and also it likewise took a bit until we shaked it off in the team, claimed Fernandes Heuer. Walter took away directly from the very first day and also anticipated anticipation for the new season.

As the last 2nd division team, the Hamburgers began preparing on June 20, 4 weeks after the video games against Hertha BSC. The relegation pain, as well as it likewise took a little while until we drank it off in the team, claimed Fernandes Heuer. Risinger Braunschweig around train Michael Schiele was rarely energetic on the transfer market in summer and also is considered a transfer candidate. We naturally desire to reveal what we are able to do, stated Fernandes Heuer.