Smilegate shows youth e -sports career education program

Smilegate Hope Studio, Big Pictaries Interactive e -Sports Career Program ‘Fregrimmer’ co -operation [Photo = Smilegate] [Hope Studio Park Ye -jin] Smilegate Hope Studio

[Hope Studio Park Ye-jin reporter] Smilegate Hope Studio (hereinafter referred to as Hope Studio, Chairman Kwon Hyuk-bin) announced on the 17th that it will showcase the youth e-sports career education program ‘Fryreamer’ with Big Pict’s Interactive (CEO Song Kwang-jun).

Hope Studio will hold e-sports career lectures and experience programs in collaboration with ‘Game Coach Academy’, a specialized educational institution operated by Big Pictiv. The program targets more than 500 people, including youth and parents who are interested in e-sports in more than 20 local children’s centers nationwide. In addition, more than 20 special lectures will be held to select e-sports talent to provide advanced career consulting and scholarship programs.

Meanwhile, Big Picture Interactive, who participates as a talent donation in the pro-Dreamer, is a ‘Orange Farm’ operated by the Orange Planet Foundation, a Smilegate Group Startup Support Foundation, and is a business in various fields such as esports competitions, education, contents, and platforms. It is a comprehensive e-sports company that runs. It is noteworthy that a company supported by Smilegate shows the value of a virtuous cycle of social contribution that provides education to vulnerable youth with talent donation again.


In July, Hope Studio signed a business agreement with the Big Pictivation Interactive, the Korea Creative Content Agency, and the National Children’s Center Council. The agency plans to cooperate closely with the sustainable growth of youth by using the human and material resources of each institution. Big Pictures Interactive will sponsor special lecturers and rental career experience spaces.

Coach Lee Jong-won, a professional gamer who took charge of career lectures, said, We will actively support children to develop careers in esports based on the process of discovering their interests and hobbies.

Kwon Yeon-ju, head of Hope Studio, said, The social contribution platform of Hope Studio is a virtuous cycle platform where companies that have benefited from in-game donation and participation activities as well as start-up support can realize social value through talent donation. I hope this will be an opportunity for future generation youth who want to achieve their dreams.

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