Wemade wins the final heart of Namwol Electric… W95.5bn payment order

[ Moon Young -soo] Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun -guk) is China’s Kingnet (Shanghai Kaiying Network Technology) and Zhejiang Huanyou Netw

[ Moon Byung-soo] Remade (CEO Gang Hyung) is the final heart of the web game ‘AWOL Electric’, which was raised against the Shanghai Saying Network Technology and Zhejiang Canyon Network Technology. He was victorious.

Zhejiang Hung is a subsidiary of King net, and has been unknown royalties even though it has been producing and servicing ‘Mir’s Legendary 2’ IP-based web game AWOL Electric since February 2017.

As a result, Remade filed an arbitration in February 2017 to the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce to pay interest, including minimum guarantee and royalty under Mir’s legendary mobile game and web game license agreement. In May 2019, the International Court of Arbitration (ICC) under the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICC) decided to pay compensation, including interest expenses due to non-compliance with the contract.

Under the ICC ruling, Remade was recognized for applying for approval and execution of international arbitration in September 2019. Despite the decision of the Tribunal, Shebang Confectionery did not fulfill his debts, and in June 2020, the Shanghai Province 1 Intermediate People’s Court filed a ‘legal lawsuit’ against King net and Zhejiang Human Court.

On the 23rd, the court of Shanghai High People’s Court, a court, cited all of Remade’s lawsuit against the legal lawsuit and ruled the final victory. The Tribunal ordered that King net and Zhejiang Confectionery were actually responsible for illegal acts as a corporation, and granted solidarity obligations for the debt that was not repaid by the King net.


Remade completed the seizure of King net’s cash assets and intangible assets during the lawsuit. Based on this, the ruling will be effectively enforced through procedures such as forced execution.

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