MS Xbox Game Pass September 2nd additional title released in September

[ Park Ye -jin] Microsoft unveiled the second addition of the Xbox Game Pass in September 30.
▲ Death Loop ▲ Slime Ranthcher 2 ▲ Ground ▲ Foot

[ Park Yeo-jin] Microsoft unveiled the second addition of the Xbox Game Pass on September 30. ▲ Death Loop ▲ Slime Raised 2 ▲ Grounded ▲ Value.

Microsoft allows users to enjoy the game they want anytime, anywhere on the console, PC, Apple operating system and Android mobile devices through the Xbox Game Pass.

On the 20th, ‘Death loop’ and ‘Hardscape: Ship breaker’ were released.

Death Loop is a story where two rival assassins are trapped in a mysterious time loop on Black lip Island. The only way to escape from Colt is to assassinate eight major targets before resetting the day and break the bridle. New weapons and abilities, cross play matching connections, extended ending, photo mode, accessibility options, and Golden loop Update are provided.

Hard Space: The Ship breaker is a game that cuts off the abandoned spaceships using cutting-edge salvage technology and recovers valuable parts in weightlessness.

On the 22nd, ‘Spiderweb’, ‘Beacon Pines’ and ‘Slime Radish 2 (Game Preview)’ were added.

Spider hex is a fast-paced cooperative battle game, and you can see the ultimate parkour stunt that fights against a friend and shows them before they fall into the lava. You can show who is.

Beacon Pines is an adventure game, and the main character Luka and his friends are not aware of anyone, but something strange is happening. You should sneak out late, make new friends, reveal hidden truths, and collect words that will change the flow of destiny.


In Slime Rancher 2, we will travel along the Beatrix LeBeau, the owner of the Slime Ranch, and travel to Rainbow Island, an ancient technology, unknown natural resource, and soft-floating new slime.

On the 27th, ‘Moon scars’,’ Grounded (official version), and ‘Let’s build a zoo’, and Value (game preview) were added.

Moon ska is a story about solving the mystery of his existence with the Soul Lake 2D platform action game. Claiborne warrior ‘Gray IRMA’ is mastered for combat skills and new abilities.

Grounded is a survival cooperative game that can experience the whole story with up to three friends. You need to find out how to go back to the original size and find out how the body is reduced to an ant and why you came to the backyard.

In the management simulation game ‘Let’s make a zoo’, you should import and breed rare creatures, hire appropriate employees, handle strange and exciting events, and give visitors a pleasure.

Latham is a survival game for up to 10 users with a world inspired by the Nordic mythology.

In the 30-day Pal Patrol Grand Prix, the Pal pi rescue team will be in charge of winning the PUP CUP. This championship with up to 4 people can be enjoyed in many symbolic places, including adventure bays, snowboard resorts and jungles.

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