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The best Marvel Snap decks with Leader, the letter that has managed to break the goal

Although the variety continues to prevail in Marvel Snap and is maintained as one of the most unexpected games in terms of types of decks and situations, during the last days people seem to have taken a letter to a letter: Leader.
If you have not tried your ability to copy all the letters of your opponent on your side to annoy the strategy and get your play, beware of these marvel snap decks with Leader that we bring you today.

The best Leader deer with Devil Dinosaur

First, a notice to navigators.

Surely you have more than one deck that you can play in automatic mode without too many turns where you place each letter (you are not alone), but playing with Leader is in the antipodes of that strategy.
To make the most of it you will have to flock your brains for a while analyzing the locations and plays of the opposite to know where to place letters such as Cosmos (take advantage of its synergy with Maximus) or Aero.
Remember that White Queen is the key to knowing what the opponent has in hand in the face of playing in the last shift and places your next cards accordingly, especially if he leaves you to egg where he will place his most touch letter to burst it with Shang-Chi.
For the rest, remember to leave a hole in your locations so that at least one or two of the letters that you play in the last turn can replicate them with Leader’s ability on your side.
It is not that they will not see it coming, it is that you are going to leave them with zero options.

The best Leader Mao with Death

With a start starring the usual suspects such as The Hood, Bucky Barnes and Carnage, the good will come after the killings of those and the rest of costs of cost 1, especially if you can play Squirrel Girl and burst their squirrels with Kill monger.
That is the key to having Death to the point of caramel in early shifts unless Wave throws a cable to fill the table with powerful bugs to the fourth shift.
Options have to bore, but try to leave some fat people to surprise at the end.
If you have She-Hulk in your collection and in your hand, there is the advantage in one of the locations is more than insured but, if not the case, take advantage of Aero’s play in turn 5 to move the letters of the opponent where
Do not plan to fight for the control of the location.


As a climax, a Death who at this point in the film may have already left at 0 or the use of a leader that will finish filling your locations to turn the game without seeing it coming.
And if you need more ideas, remember that in Snap Zone you can fight your own deck to see which cards work best.

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Roblox Battle Guide: How To Get The RB Battles Challenge Icon

Finally, the third season of Roblox Battles has begun!
For those who are not familiar with Roblox Battles, this three-week event invites the best YouTubers/creators of Roblox to get together and fight for the prize of the RBB championship.
While the tournament is active, the players of the house can join fun by taking part in various mini-events and earned several exclusive badges and objects.
Continue to read below to learn more about how to unlock one of these icons, the Adopt Me Rb Bats Challenge icon.


How to make money RB Battles Challenge in Adopt Me-Roblox

Players must find and activate three magic crystals on the island of adoption to unlock the RB Battles Challenge icon in Adopt Me, and then collect a trophy created by these crystals.
The location of these crystals can be found below.

  • Across the red bridge
  • Across the stone bridge
  • Across the wooden bridge
    As soon as you activate all three crystals, entering them, three rays of light will shoot at the sky and meet at the highest point of the crystal.
    Heavenly Castle.
    To get to this point, talk with Captain Are and pay him five in-game dollars so that he goes aboard his flying pirate ship.
    This ship will deliver you directly to the heavenly castle.
    Enter the heavenly castle through its main door and use the inner staircase to climb the upper deck.
    There should be a small trampoline on the upper deck-jump on it and continue to jump up to get to the top of the heavenly castle.
    To get the RB Battles Challenge icon, configure your avatar in the air to land to the top of the RBB trophy.
    After that, you automatically unlock the icon!
    Now continue to explore the metavselnaya in search of the rest of the icons and regularly come here if you need help!
    Looking for other RB Battles icons?
    Find out how to get the RB Battles Championship icon at Tower of Hell-Roblox or how to get the RB Battles Challenge icon at Wacky Wizards-Roblox here, in the game manuals for professionals!

Sony will publish the Edge Controller Dual Sense, which costs 240 euros. What the input device has to offer for Pro players

If you’re a pro gamer, you’ll want to get your hands on the new Edge Controller Dual Sense from Sony. This powerful input device offers a range of features that can help you take your gaming to the next level. Find out in this article what the Dual Sense has to offer and why it might be worth investing in.

Sony will publish the Edge Controller Dual Sense, which costs 240 euros.
The company emphasizes what the input gadget needs to provide for Pro players in a blog site entry released today.
A video can be started below these lines, in which the designers talk about the style of the Danseuse Edge.
At the very same time, some hands-on videos were offered.
Visually, the EDGE controller is based on the standard variation that has actually been available given that 2020.
However, on closer examination, the technical and optical distinctions end up being noticeable.
The double sen sense EDGE has an adjustable trigger characteristic, the adaptation of which accompanies incorporated switches.
There are also interchangeable embroidery caps, of which 3 sets are consisted of in the item scope.
The two standard caps can be compared to the Snappy sticks of the double sensuous controller, while the low and high caps must offer a pleasant, concave feeling.

predetermined profiles make it simpler to get going

According to Sony, various pre-programmed profiles for adjusting stick sensitivity offer a gentle entry for players who do not wish to dig instantly through the individual changes.
Below is a summary of the system settings (bookings scheduled):.
Fast: The scope of the signed up input speeds up when players tend to the stick.
This mode appropriates for fast shooters.
Precisely: the entries are decreased when the stick is inclined.
In this mode, for example, exact can be targeted.
Progressively: the registered entries are restricted, even if the stick is tilted broad.
This setting makes it possible for stable and liquid movements, for example in action video games.


  • Digital: If gamers only tend the stick a little, almost the maximum input is registered.
    This mode works like the instructions keys on the controller and appropriates for fight and action games.
  • Dynamic: The registered input is restricted when gamers tend to the stick slightly or far, however speeds up in the center location.
    With this, gamers can target exactly, however likewise turn quickly.
    The profiles can also be individually adjusted, the following options are available:.

  • As much as 3 three profiles are minimized the controller itself.
  • Customized crucial tasks (e.g. FPS profile, driving profile, action game profile, and so on).
  • Change of the trigger image zone.
  • Vibration strength.
  • Intensity of the trigger result.
    The optional back keys and 2 function keys amongst the thumb sticks consist of further devices of the double sen sense EDGE, which give easy access to a unique menu of the dual sen sense Edge controller.
    With these keys, gamers can change in between profiles, adapt the volume of the headset and set the audio balance in the video game or in the party chat.
    The complete post on the PlayStation Blog on the Danseuse Edge Controller is connected here.
    More reports on the Double Sense Edge:.
  • Pre-order on PlayStation Direct possible.
  • Released product page with further information.
    Up until you can create a hand yourself, a couple of more weeks will pass: The dual sen sense Edge controller will conquer the marketplace on January 26, 2023.
    In the following, the video for the new input gadget discussed at the start is offered for viewing:.
    By loading the video you accept the information security statement from YouTube.
    Discover more.
    Load video.
    Always unlock YouTube.
    Some hands-on videos grant more impressions from the Edge dual sensual:.
    By loading the video you accept the data defense declaration from YouTube.
    Learn more.
    Load video.
    Constantly unlock YouTube.
    By filling the video you accept the data security declaration from YouTube.
    Find out more.
    Load video.
    Always unlock YouTube.
    By packing the video you accept the data defense statement from YouTube.
    Discover more.
    Load video.
    Constantly unlock YouTube.
    By filling the video you accept the information security statement from YouTube.
    Find out more.
    Load video.
    Constantly unlock YouTube.
    Further, reports on Danseuse Edge.

Charlotte Hornets vs. Sacramento Kings Prediction: Injury Report, Starting 5s, Betting Odds and Spread

Get ready for an exciting matchup between the Charlotte Hornets and Sacramento Kings! This game could go either way, as both teams are coming off wins in their last games. We’ll break down the injury report, starting lineups, betting odds, and spread for this game to give you an idea of who has the edge. Read on for our prediction on who will come out on top!

The Charlotte Hornets will go to the Sacramento Kings in the second of two meetings this season. Sacramento won their very first meeting by a score of 115-108 in Charlotte previously this season.

The 16-12 Kings are tied for 5th in the Western Conference as they have won 13 of their previous 19 games after starting the season 3-6. Sacramento have actually been great offensively this season, ranking 2nd in points per video game and sixth in offending rating. They have not had the same success on the less flashy side of the ball, nevertheless, as they rank 21st in opponents points per video game and 16th in defensive ranking.

Charlotte Hornets vs. Sacramento Kings Match Particulars

The 7-23 Hornets have the worst record in the entire NBA and remain in the middle of an eight-game losing streak. Charlotte has actually been a bottom-five unit on both sides of the ball as they rank 25th in points per video game and 30th in offending rating, while defensively they rank 28th in opponents points per video game and 27th in defensive score.

The Hornets are 3-12 on the roadway, while the Kings are 8-4 in your home.

Fixture: Charlotte Hornets at Sacramento Kings

Indiana Pacers vs. Sacramento Kings Beginning 5s.

The Hornets will be without forward Cody Martin, who stays out following a left knee procedure. Charlotte will likewise be without point guard Dennis Smith Jr. and novice center Mark Williams as both gamers are dealing with left ankle sprains.

Charlotte Hornets vs. Sacramento Kings Injury Report.

Odds thank to Manuel Sports book.

The Sacramento Kings, who have actually been one of the healthiest groups this season, will be at complete strength.

Hornets vs. Kings Betting Odds and Spread.

Prediction: Sacramento Kings-10 (-110).

Sacramento have been fantastic offensively this season, ranking 2nd in points per video game and 6th in offensive score. The Hornets will be without forward Cody Martin, who stays out following a left knee procedure. The Hornets are in the middle of an eight-game losing streak in which they have lost by an average of 11.0 points per game. The Sacramento Kings’ 8 home wins this season have come by a typical margin of 13.8 points per video game. Look for the Kings to hand the Hornets another loss as they win by at least eleven points.

If your first bet loses, get up to $1,000 in totally free bets.

The Hornets remain in the midst of an eight-game losing streak in which they have lost by an average of 11.0 points per video game. The Sacramento Kings’ 8 house wins this season have actually come by an average margin of 13.8 points per video game. Look for the Kings to hand the Hornets another loss as they win by a minimum of eleven points.

Charlotte Hornets vs. Sacramento Kings Injury Report.

Charlotte Hornets vs. Sacramento Kings Betting Forecast.

Kings – PG De’Aaron Fox, SG Kevin Quarter, SF Keegan Murray, PF Harrison Barnes, C Do mantas Saxons.

$1,000 No Sweat First Bet at Manuel Sports book.

$1,000 No Sweat First Bet.


Date and Time: Monday, December 19th, 10:00 p.m. EST

Hornets – PG Lamely Ball, SG Kelly Outre Jr., SF Gordon Hayward, PF P.J. Washington, C Mason Plum lee.

. Venue: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California.


After Us: Interview With The Game Developers

After us existed at the Video game Awards 2022.
We had the chance to ask the developers for an interview and have gotten some special responses for you.
Hi, my name is Tobias.
Please introduce yourself and your work at Piccolo Studios to the readers of.
Hi, we are Alexis Coronas and Jordi Ministry, the Video Game Directors from After Us.
Please briefly describe the game and discuss what Xbox gamers can expect.
Alexis: The concept of After Us is a journey through inheritance and hope.
A story about a little mermaid that tries to breathe life into a huge, impressive and bleak world after individuals have actually destroyed everything.
Through the game we check out the different sides of people, as agents of damage, however also as representatives of hope and love.
Jordi: After the United States is an action adventure with expedition, platforming, light puzzles and battles.
The story and the principle behind it play a significant function, but it is a game that blends the categories and also delights in the one who is less thinking about history.
In After Us, players can explore a surreal, damaged world.
Can you inform us a little more about the world components in the video game?
Alexis: The world is a surrealistic representation of the earth, with distinctive elements, weird gravity and a dangerous oil movie that covers everything.
We consider the world to be the action of the video game and expect players to be enthusiastic every time they enter a brand-new location.
In addition, the world is complete of statues that represent individuals who explore them from different point of views.
There are numerous current topics, the video game does not pretend to condemn or advise, it informs an edifying history and lets the player decide what he experiences.
Jordi: It is a video game for large, dramatic areas that extend over more than 10 various biomes.
Each of them concentrates on a particular concept and uses unique threats and game mechanical twists.
We like to inform through the environments and the interaction, so it was essential to create a remarkable world.
For us, making use of Art Instructions, video game design and audiovisual experience to develop intensive interactive experiences is what makes video games and their potential to move people.
The world has lots of these oil-smeared individuals who are searching for the last little life through the wasteland.
Are there any other opponents in the game?
Alexis: The only enemies are involved.
There are a few various kinds of them that you experience in the course of the video game, but After the United States is not tailored towards the fight.
Jordi: Apart from that, you will satisfy lots of various risks that are particular for each location of the video game, and we have more than 10 biomes, so that you are constantly confronted with different brand-new threats.
It seems that the game was much about contrasts, death and love, hope and life.
A bit like Arise: an easy story, but much darker.
Is that correct?
Alexis: Yes, the starting point is a dark, dead world, the legacy that we anticipate for the coming generations.
After us is a journey to hope, i.e.
You will breathe life into the world through your actions.
Jordi: We intentionally desired this contrast in between substantial, impressive spaces with all the meaning and a susceptible, innocent figure, which can move through the world rapidly and efficiently and has the feeling of being the last beacon of life.
Was it hard for you to bring the video game to the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?
And what technical information are intended for the Xbox Series X/S?
Resolution, frame rate?
Performance mode?
Jordi: Nowadays, it is easier than ever to establish for the Xbox.
We develop the Xbox variation at the same time as the other platforms, and it is very easy to debug build, optimize and supply builds.
For us developers, it is great to have effective hardware that is easy to manage.

The most difficult is, of course, to achieve the very best possible performance and quality on the Series S because the memory is limited, however we conclude the development and are satisfied with the result.
You can anticipate a mode with a 4K resolution at 30 FPS and a mode with HD resolution at 60 fps.
What do you consider the Xbox Video Game Pass?
Is your game a possible candidate for the service?
Alexis: Game Pass is unquestionably a fantastic service and the great deal of fans validates.

Nevertheless, at this moment we can not discuss whether After Us will be taped in Game Pass.
What does the future of your game look like on the Xbox?
Alexis: We expect many players to find After Us and enjoy a unique experience that moves and inspires them.
This is our primary objective as a developer.
What suggestions would you give Xbox gamers on the way?
Jordi: After Us is not a conventional game.
We provide emotional benefits, no mechanical.
We recommend the gamers to immerse yourself in the world and look at the information, to be carried away by the experience and not to expect what you normally anticipate from a game.


Would you like to give the readers a few final words?
Alexis: There is a sentence that we from an admired physicist, Jorge Weinberg, who summarizes a lot of the topics that we convey through the gameplay: The only animal that kills for satisfaction is by far the one, that the best poems writes.


Charles Barkley Goes In On LA Lakers Again: They Stink… Lakers Are Not In The Same Conversation As Clippers

Last year, the LA Lakers were a total mess. They had injuries, they had a coaching change, and most importantly they had rookie-of-the-year (and eventual NBA champion) Alonzo Ball.

The LA Lakers are likewise among the most-watched groups around the league for the same factor. When they play against marquee groups, this is what gets them on nationwide Television. Whether experts like Charles Barkley like it or not, the Lakers are most likely to be among the most spoken about groups up until their stars are still on the lineup.

Meanwhile, the LA Clippers have one of the very best rosters in the league. They haven’t played to their potential, as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have actually battled with injuries again. They are arguably a much better team than the Lakers right now.

The LA Lakers likewise do not accumulate well against the remainder of the contenders compared to their roster building and construction. The Purple and Gold do not have size and boundary shooting, which has led to their failure to win video games regularly.

The Lakers have continued to be among the most discussed groups on debate programs and in the media. They get lots of attention for a group with just the 12th-best record in the West. However, they likewise have the video game’s most spoken about superstars, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Anthony Davis, betting them.

Charles Barkley certainly does not hold the LA Lakers in high regard after last season’s fiasco. The Hall of Famer has been heavily important of the 17-time NBA champs practically whenever he’s on air with TNT on Inside the NBA.

Charles Barkley’s assessment of the Lakers could be considered reasonable. The Lakers have actually continued to be among the most pointed out groups on debate programs and in the media. The LA Lakers are also among the most-watched teams around the league for the very same factor. Whether analysts like Charles Barkley like it or not, the Lakers are likely to be among the most talked about teams till their stars are still on the roster.

Check out: Charles Barkley refuses to give LA Lakers their flowers after 8-2 run: If the playoffs started today, they wouldn’t even be in the Play-in Game.

Charles Barkley does not look like he’s going to let the LA Lakers off the hook anytime soon. While going on another rant on Inside The NBA, Barkley said the NBA is forcing audiences to see the Lakers in action.


Read: Charles Barkley takes a clear shot at LA Lakers’ ownership for not doing their task and deploying geezers: What they’re putting around LeBron is an embarrassment.

They don’t have a reputable supporting cast to support LeBron James and Anthony Davis. This makes it hard for them to stay competitive throughout the routine season and make a deep push in the playoffs considering James and Davis’ injury-prone history over the last 2 seasons.

Barkley took another jab at the Lakers by comparing them to their crosstown competitors, the LA Clippers. Here’s what he stated (via Talkin’ NBA):.

Charles Barkley hilariously claims it’s a conspiracy that the NBA is revealing LA Lakers.

Charles Barkley’s assessment of the Lakers might be considered reasonable. They are off to another poor start and are 11-16 this year. LA has actually shown looks of being a solid group at times, however they haven’t been able to sustain it. The Lakers have created three wins in a stretch two times, which’s the longest streak they have actually assembled.


Camilamarianaj, Mrferruzca and Rasecorcust triumph in the Apex dedication organized by Eld

The events that end the year are sometimes the most beautiful to see because content creators get too many crazy
These dates had a battle in Apex Legends where several personalities were present.
With a trios format that is characteristic of this game we saw several creators participating, being 60 personalities who were part of this event like Ended, Allowed, Namely, Maferrocha, Girl of NOX, among others, we could see very battles
Interesting, with a format to four maps where the position in which they remain give them points added to the casualties they got and some challenges that placed them.

With a prize of $7500 to be distributed among the first three positions, things began in a very intense broken Moon that left several interesting fights within the map to demonstrate a wide variety of non-professional players who had a good time between them, World Edge
and Olympus were very similar letting the audience enjoy each low and cardiac departure, but it would be Team Camilla who started taking the advantage in the confrontations to climb to the first position.


A pitched battle that ended up being for Camilamarianaj, Mrferrucca and Rasecorcust who showed their teamwork along with many hours of preparation to be able to be crowned as the champions of this Apex dedication and take a beautiful Christmas gift for each one, secondly
Team last and in third Team Aldo who gave a great battle throughout the event, without a doubt, these types of coexistence between creators help themselves and the spectators, but now we will have to wait for the next dedication.


Inner Pavilion Gradual Relief: The Origin Meeting of the Era of Era, what did you say?

On December 17, the Origin user meeting was held on YouTube Live.
The meeting is a place to discuss the unfortunate point of service and the future improvements.
The meeting was held for about 7 hours.

The meeting consisted of two parts, and the first part consisted of answers to the opinions from the questions and surveys received so far, and the second part of the real-time RNA.

※ Meeting Compensation: 3,000 Blue Gem Payment to all users

Part 1-Anni, Investment, Ships, etc.
Disclosure of updates until the first quarter of next year

Mae-In-do-A variety of systems to lower the hurdles

I adjusted the balance with my waves, but the numerical setting seems to have been somewhat excessive.
This part will be balanced.
In the ages of the ages, the Origin of the Age thought that ships and parts should have a greater impact on specifications than levels.
In order to guide this part, I organized the system of the parliamentary system, and the inconvenience that users feel seems to be greater.
Starting with the 21st update, there will be various improvements in the parts related to the faction.

Soon added is the same content as the raid of other games.
Parts can be supplied through the associate system. Depending on the contribution of combat, high-grade ships and special parts can be obtained.
If you produce a 14-class special vessel specialized in assault, it can be useful in that raid, which can be made with the ingredients regardless of drying level.

Trading-including the addition of continuous content, including’Support’

Trading content is enjoyed by the most users, and it is continuously improving as it is an important part.

Trading-related updates are in three stages, and the trading score system, which is currently the first stage, is applied.
The second update is a ‘sales association system’, which allows you to earn additional transaction scores by selling certain trade products, which includes 14-grade ship materials.
The trade route will be diversified, including various trade goods, and the items change every week.

In the first quarter of next year, ‘Great Fashion’ content will be applied.
Daeyuhaeng is more than long-range trade, and it will be as effective as long-distance trade with short-range trade.
Daeyuhaeng has been planned to maintain up to 17 hours.
In addition, various contents such as ‘market’ and ‘barter exchange’ will be added, where the market in each port controls trade events.

Adventure-Inland search is added in 23 years.

Adventure improvement

Regarding the completion of adventure content, the development team is also lacking.
We are preparing various updates to complement adventure content.
Exploration rewards are reorganized in the first quarter.
Afterwards, the constellation/weather discovery content will be added, and a rare exploration request will be updated to find special findings with continuous quests.

In 23 years, the company is preparing a lot of updates to complement adventure contents, such as ‘inland search’ to explore the continent and find the founding, and to make up for the contents of adventure.

AI-In improvement, automatic battles are added 21 days

Battle AI needs a lot of improvement.
First, the update on December 21 will improve allies and enemy AI.
In 23 years, we will diversify the automatic arrangement and pattern of the AI fleet, and in the second quarter, we will add a combat strategy to set AI directly.

In 23 years, content such as adding automatic recovery function, delegated fleet dispatch, and real-time PVP will be updated.

Investment-Investment through various events

Many opinions have been received in relation to investment, and the application is in progress.
On December 21, the company will reflect improvements such as increasing reputation compensation according to the investment amount and the increase in trading quantity of trade goods in the alliance.
Improvements apply.

In addition, they are also preparing contents such as the ‘Prime Minister’s Election’, which selects the national team for the market, the ‘national management’ where the prime minister has issued national figures and manages the state, and the capture of the port, which is a large RVR.
It is also preparing to improve ship drying taxes and diversification of investment compensation.

Ship-Supply and Supply and Supply.

Add devices to preserve ship value

With the December update, the unlocking condition of the cabin is lowered to LV 5 and 10.
One warehouse is added to reach level 20.
In addition, the drying experience is paid when the ship is disassembled. In addition, the design of the design when drying above the 11th vessels increases, and the demand for materials for ship construction is also reduced.
In addition, with the introduction of the reinvestment system, it can be consumed by consuming blue gem once immediately after drying.
In addition, various improvements to alleviate the difficulty of supply and demand are reflected.

On January 23, the adventure can be supplied with Goiter ship materials, and the first drying bonus of the ship will double the construction experience.
Afterwards, the exchange price limit system for the preservation of ship value and the collection elements that provide various stats will be strengthened.
In addition, the design is also added, and special purpose vessels are added, and systems such as ship synthesis are being prepared.

More-Mock-Match Making improvement is preparing for improvement

There were many opinions that I wanted to be able to proceed with the simulation during the sailing, which is difficult to apply simply due to technical problems.
Instead, we will add contents such as mini-games and new exploration that can be used during voyage.

Mock-in-law’s victory, official modification and matchmaking improvement are being prepared.
In addition, we are adding to the replacement of combat topography and individual combat patterns on the season, and the introduction of scenarios and the compensation levels are being reviewed.

UI/UX-Various inconveniences and to improve PC environment play

UI improvement is trying to improve, but I think it takes some time.
Currently, several parts of the focus are focused on the heating solution, and inconvenience seems to occur.
In addition, the exchange is expected to improve, and it will improve several factors so that it can be played even in the PC environment.
In addition, it is also preparing for the setting and improvement of convenience.


Navigating effect-more to strengthen the ability rather than reducing acquisition costs.

Regarding the navigator effect, there were many opinions that the Lv70 effect was somewhat excessive.
The effect of the effect will be balanced to be a stronger effect.
The overall effect balance is also expected to improve, and the lack of effects will be improved by further updating navigators.

The birth effect is a content that includes the advantages and disadvantages of the characters, which will allow the negative effect to be changed to positive effects through the scenario progress.

Growth-Increase in navigator growth by establishing a variety of systems

As a reward for the memoirs, you will be able to pay the new navigator by paying the experience.
This is updated in January.
In addition, the delegation fleet system is also added, and the growth rate will be faster.

The training system will be added to increase the navigator.
Since then, patches such as adjustment of the Admiral Balance and the Reduction of Admiral Change Cold Time are also scheduled.

Part 2-Q & A
My wave systems will continue to ease

The questions and answers in the second part were Lee Deuk-gyu, Moon Jae-young, Director of Planning Team, Park Chul-woo, Scenario Part, Song Ingoing Balance, and Kim In-ho’s business team leader.
The contents of the RNA were summarized in the form of RNA.

The current production seems to be a system for individuals rather than a dedicated content.
Do you plan to change this to a co-operative content?
-The current application is right.
Currently, we are discussing the addition of content that we have produced as a group.
If you share a commercial product, you may have negative issues such as Abusing, so you need to be carefully approached.
If there is a decision, I will announce it.

Currently, the origin era Origin uses only ships used due to systematic constraints.
I have a lot of fun using various ships, and I am curious about this.
-Insides internally, we are aware of the balance of the ship.
The value and use of each vessel will be rebalanced as a whole.

What do you think about the system that provides buffs by using a variety of ships?
-Providing a set effect leads to the burden of raising all the various blueprints.
First, why don’t you solve the inconvenience of drying and discuss the introduction of this system.

In the event of a battle, a bug occurs without battle.
Are you aware of this bug?
In the process of changing the sea area, there is an issue separated from the server stage, and these bugs are generated when attacking from that boundary.
I will prepare an alternative to solve the problem.

Currently, the balance patch of Origin era is currently being nerfed.
I am curious about the development team’s thoughts and intentions on the direction of this balance patch.
-The balance of to nerf was in the issues where unintended equipment was supplied by the missing data.
If the second half content is adjusted to play in the beginning, the motivation of the play is expected to fall.
The balance patch aims to level up.

Communication is limited to official website announcements, but there is a lack of communication channels.
-Apologize for the inconvenience of communication.
In addition to improving gameplay, he focused his capabilities on development, and seemed to have not communicated well outside of gameplay.

It’s hard to tell you how to communicate in a specific way, but I’ll discuss it internally for improvement.
Since then, we will communicate with users’ opinions and how to notify them quickly.
We will also disclose the internal situation on the update schedule and communicate more often.

Bugs, errors, and issues are often modified late after being a hot topic in the community.
In addition, there seems to be a lack of notice, including update intentions.
I will improve the part of -QA.
Problems are being discussed through internal process inspection.
It is also true that the guidance of the update notice was insufficient.
I will explain it in the future.

It is necessary to repeat the battle with the material supply, but the fatigue that the user feels great.

-I don’t think we didn’t consider the users’ feelings.
In this part, we will introduce continuous combat and other systems to reduce combat fatigue.
In addition, we will increase user convenience by modifying the part related to AI.
The goal is to apply this part about the first half of next year.

In addition, the company is building a system that allows users to customize, such as using the first turn buff or using the item automatically.

The navigator does not provide an internal wave, but there is a lack of influence on the game as a whole.
-The current sailor effect is fixed at level 1, which will allow you to hold up to 3 ~ 5 levels.
Other effects will also be renewed, and the upper limit of the fleet effect will also be released to increase the influence.

Battle-Adventure-Less linkage of contents of trade.
-There is a cautious part.
It may be a problem to force the contents of the combat user.
The improvement of investment seems to have a variety of play patterns.
We are continuing to discuss mixing.
I will share it when I find the improvement.

The bonus for the region is too weak.
-There are two elements to add about this part.
The first is the addition of a traditional trade-owned trade.
In addition, we are preparing for RVR, which can only participate in the occupied countries.
However, if the waters are too strong, there may be problems such as content only to certain users.

Now, the Old Origin has a problem that is carried out with only a limited formal play pattern that is limited to numbers, rather than the fun of the Sea of Age, which is composed of various in-depth contents organically interlocked.
Tell me about the future update direction
-The goal is to provide the fun of the Sea series.
In addition to the contents of the roadmap, the improvement of the shortcomings will continue.
At the same time, there was a lack of development and improvement.
After that, the update will focus on the part where users feel good.

The user satisfaction with the improvement has been reduced.
-There seems to have been a mismatch between our expectations and the user’s feelings.
I will balance this part.
We also want to reflect the opinions of users.
We will make up for the slow development speed.

It is difficult to check the investment status.
Is there a new system to be added to solve the problem?
-The recognition and priority were pushed.
It is considering the introduction of new refresh functions with stable devices such as cooldown.
We are also considering API support.

I’m curious about the formula for the national power calculation.
-The number of urban and power generation is collected and calculated.
I will add a guide to this part.

Do you plan to add other methods other than drying for the opening of the cabin?
-It will be patched to acquire experience at the time of dismantling.
In addition, systems such as opening a cabin will be added depending on the number of days of navigation.

Customer centers often occur incorrectly without knowing the question.
-I think there is a problem in the answer processing.
We will guide you after a careful review of the report.

The setting that trade prices fluctuate depending on the trade distance is not working properly in in-game.
Are you aware of this issue?
-This part.
However, if you modify this problem, it is cautious that users will be able to accept them as nerf.
Let’s discuss the correction.

In the meantime, it seems that there was a problem such as the nerf-oriented patch and the longer the patch cycle.
Instead of taking the future-oriented development direction, the direction of the patch seems to change due to public opinion.
-Even if there is a request for a bug, it does not make an unconditional modification.
The update schedule was inevitably a term because of lack of time to spend the schedule for QA.

What is the development team’s intention to invest in NPC countries?
-If the number continues or left after investment, the motivation is lowered, so these systems were introduced to motivate investments.
However, it seems that the numbers were a little excessive.

The user departure is severe, but is there a plan for server integration?
-There is a plan for server integration.
I will disclose the approximate content next week.

You need a penalty for a user pirate.
Shouldn’t there be restrictions on a private permit?
Especially low-level users have a lot of pain
-In this part, it is in the internal discussion.
Currently, the Operation of the Age of the Age of the Age of Origin, the result of victory, victory, and defeat-defeat can result.
Therefore, there may be abuse issues such as abusing in relation to compensation.
In order to solve these problems, real-time PVP is required.
If the system is introduced, it is possible to add a system such as a phenomenon.

Regarding the user pirate penalty, it is also considering giving a penalty if Karma is more than a certain number.

It is not easy to supply A-class parts even if it has a high specification regarding adventure.
Exploration is too small to return compared to the entering goods.
13 tier ship materials are also almost impossible, so it is necessary to raise up.
-Adventure compensation system will be modified overall.
It will lower the probability of getting a high quantity and increase the basic compensation that is definitely obtained.
Goiter parts are considering raising the drop rate.
Application aims to be in January, but we will review the schedule again.

Is it so bad to return some parts of the material when dismantling to alleviate the supply and demand of ship materials.
-I will share the part you said after reviewing

It is inconvenient to use the chat system, such as resetting the conversation when you go to the port.


Is there an additional notice system?
-I am aware of the inconvenience, and I will fix it quickly.
The note system is also being developed.

The difficulty is too high for chronology.
In the progress of the story, the high level of demand for internal waves is working as a wall.
-The set to respect the emotional respect of the original seems to be a specification.
I am also aware that this is a problem inside.
It is expected to be solved by alleviating the supply and demand.


Jason Terry Thinks The NBA Is In Good Hands After LeBron Retires

Former NBA champion Jason Terry believes the league is in good hands even after LeBron James’ retirement. Terry says that the league is going to be fine and that people should stop making such a big deal about LeBron’s retirement.

Former NBA champion Jason Terry thinks the league remains in excellent hands even after LeBron James’ retirement. James has actually been the face of the NBA for more than a decade, and it will be interesting to see who will take the mantle from him.

LeBron James is currently in his 20th season in the NBA. A lot of players can take over the NBA, like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokić.

Luka Dončić, Jayson Tatum, Zion Williamson, and JA Moran are likewise taking control of, and could quickly be the next face of the NBA. Each team may already have a franchise player, however the talent pool for the next years is insane, starting with Victor Wembanyama.


In an interview on Maggie & Perl off on CBS Radio, Terry was asked about the future of the NBA when The King chooses to quit his crown. The current assistant head coach thinks that the league is blessed to have a lot of terrific young players. He likewise credited James for the impact he had on the next generation of NBA stars.

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Dennis Schröder reveals when LeBron James will retire

Well, his LA Lakers’ colleague Dennis Schröder has an interesting insight into James’ retirement plans. Schröder exposed that The King wishes to play for five to seven more years and possibly retire at the age of 45.

He also credited James for the impact he had on the next generation of NBA stars.

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LeBron James is currently in his 20th season in the NBA. A lot of gamers can take over the NBA, like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokić.

LeBron James revealed in an interview with The Athletic previously this year that he will retire when he satisfies his imagine having fun with his son, Ronny, in 2024. He altered his tune a few months later on, telling Sports Illustrated that he might also have fun with his 2nd son, Bryce, in 2026.


How To Get The RB Battles Challenge Icon

Finally, the third season of Roblox Battles has begun!
For those who are not familiar with Roblox Battles, this three-week event invites the best YouTubers/creators of Roblox to get together and fight for the prize of the RBB championship.
While the tournament is active, the players of the house can have fun by taking part in various mini-events and earned several exclusive badges and objects.


Continue to read below to find out more about how to unlock one of these icons, the RB Battles call icon in Shopping Wars.

how to get an icon RB Battles Challenge in Shopping Wars

To unlock the RB Battles Challenge icon in Shopping Wars, players must be the first on their server to fill their cargo counter, get the key card and escape through a hidden output.
This can only be done to the escape from the planet block mart game mode, so be sure to select this parameter on the main menu.
After you appeared on the server and the round began, explore the card and click on everything that can be added to your basket or basket.
To achieve the best results, we offer to go to the electronic section of the store-adding any of these items to your basket will be considered an additional load!
When your basket is filled, go to the checkout in the center of the store.
Standing on the platform in front of the cashier, they will begin to scan your goods.
As your items scan, the cargo counter in the upper right corner will increase.
As soon as your cargo meter is filled, you will receive a notification on the screen that the room with the key card is open-head to this room (at the revival point) as quickly as possible to pick up the key card!
Now that you have a key card, you are ready to make your great escape!
Do this by finding a secret exit on the map and entering a rescue capsule.

Unfortunately, the location of the exit changes each round, so you decide whether to find it on your specific server.
As soon as you enter the rescue capsule, it will be launched into the air with you inside, which will lead to the receipt of the RB Battles Challenge icon and the end of the round.
Now continue to explore the metavselnaya in search of the rest of the icons and regularly come here if you need help!
Looking for other RB Battles icons?
Find out how to get the RB Battles Championship icon at Tower of Hell-Roblox or how to get the RB Battles Challenge icon at Wacky Wizards-Roblox here, in the game manuals for professionals!