After Us: Interview With The Game Developers

In a first interview, we asked the developers of After Us some questions and received detailed answers.

After us existed at the Video game Awards 2022.
We had the chance to ask the developers for an interview and have gotten some special responses for you.
Hi, my name is Tobias.
Please introduce yourself and your work at Piccolo Studios to the readers of.
Hi, we are Alexis Coronas and Jordi Ministry, the Video Game Directors from After Us.
Please briefly describe the game and discuss what Xbox gamers can expect.
Alexis: The concept of After Us is a journey through inheritance and hope.
A story about a little mermaid that tries to breathe life into a huge, impressive and bleak world after individuals have actually destroyed everything.
Through the game we check out the different sides of people, as agents of damage, however also as representatives of hope and love.
Jordi: After the United States is an action adventure with expedition, platforming, light puzzles and battles.
The story and the principle behind it play a significant function, but it is a game that blends the categories and also delights in the one who is less thinking about history.
In After Us, players can explore a surreal, damaged world.
Can you inform us a little more about the world components in the video game?
Alexis: The world is a surrealistic representation of the earth, with distinctive elements, weird gravity and a dangerous oil movie that covers everything.
We consider the world to be the action of the video game and expect players to be enthusiastic every time they enter a brand-new location.
In addition, the world is complete of statues that represent individuals who explore them from different point of views.
There are numerous current topics, the video game does not pretend to condemn or advise, it informs an edifying history and lets the player decide what he experiences.
Jordi: It is a video game for large, dramatic areas that extend over more than 10 various biomes.
Each of them concentrates on a particular concept and uses unique threats and game mechanical twists.
We like to inform through the environments and the interaction, so it was essential to create a remarkable world.
For us, making use of Art Instructions, video game design and audiovisual experience to develop intensive interactive experiences is what makes video games and their potential to move people.
The world has lots of these oil-smeared individuals who are searching for the last little life through the wasteland.
Are there any other opponents in the game?
Alexis: The only enemies are involved.
There are a few various kinds of them that you experience in the course of the video game, but After the United States is not tailored towards the fight.
Jordi: Apart from that, you will satisfy lots of various risks that are particular for each location of the video game, and we have more than 10 biomes, so that you are constantly confronted with different brand-new threats.
It seems that the game was much about contrasts, death and love, hope and life.
A bit like Arise: an easy story, but much darker.
Is that correct?
Alexis: Yes, the starting point is a dark, dead world, the legacy that we anticipate for the coming generations.
After us is a journey to hope, i.e.
You will breathe life into the world through your actions.
Jordi: We intentionally desired this contrast in between substantial, impressive spaces with all the meaning and a susceptible, innocent figure, which can move through the world rapidly and efficiently and has the feeling of being the last beacon of life.
Was it hard for you to bring the video game to the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?
And what technical information are intended for the Xbox Series X/S?
Resolution, frame rate?
Performance mode?
Jordi: Nowadays, it is easier than ever to establish for the Xbox.
We develop the Xbox variation at the same time as the other platforms, and it is very easy to debug build, optimize and supply builds.
For us developers, it is great to have effective hardware that is easy to manage.

The most difficult is, of course, to achieve the very best possible performance and quality on the Series S because the memory is limited, however we conclude the development and are satisfied with the result.
You can anticipate a mode with a 4K resolution at 30 FPS and a mode with HD resolution at 60 fps.
What do you consider the Xbox Video Game Pass?
Is your game a possible candidate for the service?
Alexis: Game Pass is unquestionably a fantastic service and the great deal of fans validates.

Nevertheless, at this moment we can not discuss whether After Us will be taped in Game Pass.
What does the future of your game look like on the Xbox?
Alexis: We expect many players to find After Us and enjoy a unique experience that moves and inspires them.
This is our primary objective as a developer.
What suggestions would you give Xbox gamers on the way?
Jordi: After Us is not a conventional game.
We provide emotional benefits, no mechanical.
We recommend the gamers to immerse yourself in the world and look at the information, to be carried away by the experience and not to expect what you normally anticipate from a game.


Would you like to give the readers a few final words?
Alexis: There is a sentence that we from an admired physicist, Jorge Weinberg, who summarizes a lot of the topics that we convey through the gameplay: The only animal that kills for satisfaction is by far the one, that the best poems writes.

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