Steam Open World milestone dust for the absolute low price

At Steam, the discounts fly back around and this time they meet a real open World Hit. In addition, a former PS4 masterpiece is greatly reduced. The offers are only available for a short time, but with real best price guarantee. So is worth accessing!

Steam deal at the best price

With the ongoing Black Friday Week, the Internet is just full of lots of deals — so also at the Game Platform Steam. Although it is not every offer is always a real bargain, but in the following Open World masterpiece this is definitely the case.

The game is equipped with a discount of 70 percent and as the price history shows ideal, so also a real low price :

Death Stranding for 17.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros

PC players who always wanted to try the special video game of Video Kolyma once again can confidently strike at the latest. But you should not wait too long with a purchase, because the offer is already running on 24 . November at 19 o’clock out.

Currently, Steam also offers the former exclusive PS4-Action-Kracher Horizon: Zero Dawn (Complete Edition) at the attractive price of 24.99 euros at 50 percent discount. If you want to save a little more, however, we recommend the following limited offer on eBay:

Steam Open World Sale! 5 Games with 85% - 90% Discount!

Horizon: Zero Dawn on eBay

If you want to buy Horizon: Zero Dawn buy directly at Steam, you are also only up to the 24 . November time to complain. In addition to these two top deals, the Game Platform of Valve of course has other offers, through which you can scroll.

ICR wants to save even more? Then this video Prepare best for the Black Friday:

For a short time you can dust an absolute open-world hit for the real low price on Steam. Get Death Stranding from Kolyma Productions until the 24th of November with set 70 percent discount.