FIFA23 Trailer Movie Public -Announced to support inter -platform cross -play

EA SPORTS has released the trailer movie of the latest work FIFA23 .

At the same time, the FIFA23 official website is open. It also mentions cross-play, and in the previous work FIFA22, it only supported matching in the same model, but FIFA23 announced the realization of crossplay beyond models. Cross play can be turned on and off, and cross-play is possible on the same generation model, such as PS5 and XboxSeriesx | S, but as before, it is a mechanism that does not match on models with different generations, such as PS4 and PS5. increase. For more information, please see the notice of crossplay on the official website.

The trailer movie also introduces new elements of FIFA23, such as the animation technology Hypermotion2, and the game content is also waiting for a follow-up report.

FIFA23 will be released on PC/PS5/PS4/XboxSeriesx | S/Xboxone/STADIA on September 30, 2022. The Ultimate Edition comes with a three-day pre-access right.

The information released by the previous time is as follows.

The last FIFA announced FIFA23! The package of the Ultimate Edition, which is the first men and women appointed, is also released

NFL Patriots holen Big Point gegen Buffalo

The New England Patriots is a giant step towards NFL playoffs. The Football team around the Stuttgart Jakob Johnson won the duel against the Buffalo Bills 14:10 and distanced the sharpest pursuer in the AFC East with it.

I’m proud of our players who have made a great job, said Patriot’s coach Bill Belching. In the coming week, his team has play free. The break is good, the break gives you a chance to get your body back into a better constitution, said Johnson of the German Press Agency. It was now 13 weeks in a bit, you already feel that.

Johnson prepared the way for the Patriot’s Touchdown of RunningBack Damien Harris with its strong block, making it much properly in the game, in which because of the strong wind in Buffalo, especially the running show trains were important. The conditions were reasonably challenging, said Belching. His quarterback Mac Jones threw only three passes throughout the encounter and came to only 19 yards.

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots FINAL SEQUENCE (14-10 Patriots Win)

For the patriots, the victory of the seventh was in series, so a run has no other team in the National Football League. We’re just hardworking and try to work out of the hole in which we were at the beginning of the season, Johnson said. Of the first six encounters, the Patriots had lost four.