Huge 4K TV for PS5: Now on offer at OTTO at the lowest price [advert]

If you have enough space in the room, you can now buy a huge 4K TV for the PS5 on offer. So if you already have a PS5 or want to buy one soon, then this deal is worth a look. According to Sony, the 4k TV is even “perfect for PlayStation 5”.

This is how the offer works: At OTTO you can buy the Sony XR-75x90j 4k TV for only 1,599 euros. That would be no best price. However, until April 18, 2022 200 Euro Cashback, if you register the TV after the purchase and receipt on this action page. You can register your TV there from April 4, 2022.

As a result, you pay effectively 1,399 euros and this is the current best price and the second best price ever. Compared to other providers, you save more than 100 euros.

Buy Sony XR-75x90j 4k TV at OTTO __

Payable & Installment: At OTTO you can currently use the 100 days payment break for free. In addition, a 0% financing is possible if you would prefer to pay the TV in favorable rates for you.

That awaits you with the PS5 TV

In addition to its huge size of 75 inches, of course, he offers HDMI 2.1 with VRR and Allm. Thus, native and liquid 4K gaming with up to 120 fps with your PS5 is possible. The display uses Sony’s Full Array LED technology, which, together with the XR processor, ensures a very good picture. You expect natural and beautiful pictures with full color periphery and very good contrast.

Furthermore, the 4K TV HDR10 and HLG support. In addition, he sets on Android TV as the user interface.

In the test at, the Sony XR-X90J gets a very good rating. They praise the detailed and vibrant image, as well as the high brightness value. In addition, the TV has a good sound. Disadvantages are visible blooming effects and which he has no HDR10 +.

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Buy Sony XR-75x90j 4k TV at OTTO __

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