Wild rift

The little video game without announcing that Ubisoft delayed yesterday is Assassins Creed Rift, according to Bloomberg

At first Assassin’s Creed Rift was planned to launch as an expansion of Assassin’s Creed Vallhala, but came to be an independent video game to Fill up the few pitches that Ubisoft has for this. This way, the only 2 releases entrusted to Ubisoft this year are Mario + Rabbids Triggers of Hope as well as Head and Bones whose development was quite intricate.

The game was arranged to launch in February 2023 , yet they have actually been postponed to spring of that very same year. By doing this, the Monetary Plan of the Gala business is changed, since I intended to launch this title for this which ends in March 2023, and will certainly have to release it for the adhering to period **.

The other day we already commented that Ubisoft delayed Avatar and an additional tiny game as well as without announcing, due to the fact that the latter is Assassin’s Creed Rift . Definitely at the Ubisoft event this September we see more from Rift, and perhaps some Assassin’s Creed Infinity might. In enhancement, emphasize that they canceled 4 video games, 2 of them Splinter Cell Virtual Reality, Ghost Reconnaissance Frontline as well as 2 others without revealing.

Jason Schreier has actually shared through Bloomberg an information that indicates that the Assassin’s Creed Rift title that they were developing has been postponed .

New world

The Last Cube: Smother puzzles bring heads in March to smoke

Brain Raise: Tricky Puzzle - Christmas DOP Game - All Levels 1-30
Improx Games tricky Puzzle Adventure The Last Cube is expected to be released on March 10 for PC, Switch, Xbox and PlayStation. In a series of surreal, otherworldly landscapes, it is up to you to discover the history of this eerie alien civilization.

It is an atmospherically dense puzzle, in which it comes to guide a dice through a variety of enigmatic, monolithic chambers and discover the story behind this strange world. Explore a wide range of brutalistic architecture, which extends from misty, nightmare fortifications over oppressive, lava-illuminated factories to developing natural landscapes, where golden sunbeams are glittering on the mountains.

Paired with an epic soundtrack, which reinforces the threatening mood, and an abstract story about a dying world on the threshold to Ruin, The Last Cube is an atmospheric, mysterious riddle game that makes you fully immerse yourself in his abandoned world.

The Last Cube has a unique sticker system that allows you to stamp certain skills on the pages of your cube, creating your new skills for this interface. Some allow you to flit out by obstacles, others create makeshift stairs and some give the ability to turn themselves on the spot to easily maneuver.

The positioning of the cube to get the desired stickers on the right surface can range from pleasingly simple to masochistic head scratches, while they are fighting through the over 100 puzzles of the Last Cube. New mechanisms are introduced in a rapid pace and quickly expand the possibilities of cube.

The combing of each chamber offers a solid challenge, but only the most dedicated players will discover all the collective objects and bonus sections of The Last Cube scattered throughout the adventure. Do you have the stuff to solve the puzzles left by your ancestors and save this strange world before the collapse?

“The Last Cube has since returned a long way since its beginnings in 2017 and has grown into a much more ambitious project when we could ever imagine,” says Max Samarin, Creative Director at Improx Games. “The final result is a rich puzzle experience whose gameplay is full of joyous AHA moments and surprises, settled in very diverse, colorful, eerie and mysterious environments of the Cube planet. We believe that both occasional and hardcore puzzle fans will be enthusiastic about the gradually evolving mechanics and the abundance of secrets, when The Last Cube is on the market on March 10. “