Netmarble, the 11th regular group,

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] “We will introduce a variety of new artifacts based on a block chain as a result of this year.”

Kwon Young-sik’s Netmarble representative was presented on the 11th, Seoul Guro-gu Taichura, in the 11th regular shareholders’ meeting of Netmarble this year’s vision.

“In 2021,” 2021 was a revenue, and the uncertainties of corporate management have been more difficult than ever. ” The industry has been limited, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “has a limit to the speed of the development environment due to the change in the development environment due to long-term development of telecommuting.”

“We are continuing a lot of efforts in the mid- to long-term perspective to strengthen the fundamental competitiveness of the game business,” he said, “It has been devoted to the Diversification of the Game Platform, Explained.

Finally, the councing, “I have been in a large number of new technologies and research and development of related next generation technologies such as block chains and metabuses such as Netmarble. I said it “

Netmarble reported its main management earnings last year, including USD L2556.9 billion, operating profit of W151bn, and net profit of W15.1bn, and net profit of W12,49.2bn.

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Netmarble said vision for shareholder value improvement. In 2018 and 2019, we practiced shareholder-friendly policies through purchasing large-scale treasures, followed by dividends of W62.8bn last year, and this year will be held on W43.3bn (528 won per share).

On the other hand, on the other hand, in the shareholders’ meeting, the Article 11 session of the 11th financial statement, the eligible for outside directors, a member of the Audit Committee, and the issue of the director’s repair limit approval,.

The new season of Pok mon Go is based on Legends Arceus

Contrary to what could come to think, Pokémon Go still has a healthy base of players, and in fact, a new season is already available for this game. Ni antic, its authors, we already gave us a small advance in this regard and everything indicates that the new content will be based on Pokémon Legends: Areas.

POKEMON NEWS & LEAKS | New Season of Heritage Coming to Pokemon & GEN 9 SPECULATION

This new season will be given as a name Season of Heritage, and as I was saying before, it seems that we will travel to the past as we will with Legends: Areas.

In the next season of Pokémon Go, we will take a look at the past to get answers that will help us guide us in the future of Pokémon Go.

Join us in our Pokémon Go adventure at La Season of Heritage.

This new season is currently available, and although we have not yet seen much about it, it is easy to assume what it will be about. It is possible that we see new Pokémon or even to Areas, which according to the lore of the game, is the Pokémon responsible for having created the entire universe.

For its part, Pokémon Legends: Areas will premiere the January 28, 2022, for Nintendo Switch.

Editor’s Note: The concept of Legends: Areas still does not end of convincing me. It is appreciated that they want to give you a new address to the Pokémon Saga, but maybe this idea has not been the best. Surely Areas reception will help define the future of the franchise, for good or for bad.