How to get the colors of the Laser Saber in Jedi: the Empire Order

Blue is not the only crystal color that Cal can use jedi: Fallen order. He will discover a handful of colors during his trip, but to get there, you have to progress in the game until a certain point.

All 8 LIGHTSABER COLORS and How to Get Them! - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Tips
During Cal’s trip, you will find yourself visiting the planet Ilum. It is there that many Jedi went to receive their Kyber crystals, with whom they have linked by force and were inserted into their lightsaber. These crystals fueled the Jedi weapon, giving it unique colors.

When Cal arrives at the time of the truth to choose his laser lighting color, he can choose a new crystal and has several options.

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Indigo
  • Orange
  • green
  • Blue

  • Purple

You have the choice among the eight options. Blue and green are available from the start. If you have pre-order the game, you immediately get orange, as well as green and blue. However, when you come back to the Mantis, all colors are available.

League of legends

LOL: The play that demonstrates the power of Zeri in the hands of a professional

Season 12 League of Legends is increasingly seated and with it a new champion that is totally dividing the community: Zero . The spark of Faun seems to be sowing the madness in the loyalty crack for good and for bad , since many think that the damage to the champion is ninth and that without a good composition of the team and build, the Character will not be as powerful as expected. However, many others think that she is pretty good and that as well as many other champions at the departure of her, she needs an nerf immediately of many of her skills, so she is not as unbalanced.

Well, since the wording we believe that the champion is fine, although she requires some retouching. However, If you know how to play we will see that the champion is a total monster as we are seeing just up the hand of a professional. Specifically we talk about Jakob Jackspektra People, current shooter for Team Heaters that is harvesting, as expected, a round season and giving a notice to more than one that in the future not very Far will land on LEC to compete against the best players in Europe. But we are here to talk about Zero, the character who in the hands of the Norwegian is a true headache for opponents.


With a build composed of the Berserker Greaves, the strength of Trinity, the Titania Hydra and Ru naan Hurricane, Zero was able to completely return a group fight thanks, mostly, by the mechanical quality of Jackspektra and Kite Outstanding to enemies . Thus, the Norwegian player would go little by little going down the lives of the rivals and ending three of them, hitting a cry of joy and taking the game for granted. And you, do you think Zero needs an improvement / nerf, or she is balanced enough?