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Battlefield 2042 EA presents Hazard Zone trailer and all information

Alectronic Arts has just introduced the mysterious mode Hazard Zone. Although the presentation with a nearly two-minute trailer has failed relatively short, but we have detailed information that awaits you with this game mode.

The events take place in 2040, so two years before the actual action. A global power failure ensures that the number of available satellites is drastically reduced. That s why the United States and Russia start to send temporary satellites to the sky to collect valuable information.

Subsequently, these satellites are dropped over different occupation areas so that the captured information can be collected by the world powers. The non-patriates (specialists) are also behind the data packets. At this point, your mission begins.

The game is played on the seven cards of the All Out Warfare mode. Together with three other players you have to find the data drives, which are distributed anywhere on the map. You will meet opponent Squads who pursue the same goal. But also armed forces from the Occupying Forces (computer-controlled opponents) and natural violations like Tornados will face you a challenge.

The 5 play phases of a round

Each round consists of a total of five play phases:

  1. Plan & Equip: You choose one of the specialists with equipment and tactics upgrades. You can also determine the starting point.
  2. Infiltrieren: Your squad is sent to the selected starting point.
  3. Save: The spy scanner is activated, whereupon the fight for the data skills begins.
  4. First extraction: The first chance to leave the danger zone alive.
  5. Second extraction: The last teams are fighting to escape the battlefield.

Whether you survive or not depends on your tactical decisions. It depends on the correct combination of weapons, gadgets and upgrades in this mode. The upgrades include a faster recharge time, additional ammunition, more space in the inventory and a revival for one team of players.

After each successful extraction you get a fixed reward. Depending on how many data drives you have backed up, you will receive further rewards. In addition to the classic experience points, you will receive the so-called black market credits that you can invest in your equipment at the beginning of a round.

On the New Gen consoles and the PC, the intense rounds take about 15 to 20 minutes. 32 players fight here around the naked survival. The lobbies on the PS4 and the Xbox One consists of only 24 players.

The Official Trailer:

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