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When did the video games begin

Despite its popularity, videogames are younger than some believe. With little over 50 years of age, they have been evolving generation after generation, calling their ranks to more and more players. Today, videogames are a media phenomenon without equal and good guilt. It has it Alexander Shafto Douglas, since in 1952 he created what is known as the first video game, whose name is Oxo .

OXO is a three-ray version where a disk phone was used to communicate with the computer, whose size was that of a large room and the results showed them on a screen of 35 horizontal points by 16 vertical . Each of the cells of three in Raya corresponded to one of the 9 numbers of the phone, where it once pressed, the computer processed and showed his play on the screen.

Tennis to Martians …

The first stone was already established and seeing that there was a growing market in this digital entertainment, the geniuses of the time began to work and began to appear very rudimentary titles as Tennis For Two in 1958 , Spacewar In 1962 or pong in 1972 .

Since then, the videogame industry did not stop growing and next to the first games that were played on television, the Odyssey arrived , a pretty rudimentary console in black and white without sound, but with 12 games in The box and with several colored plastic screens that overlapped on television, recreating all kinds of content.

Some of these games were quite advanced for the time and were a commercial failure. However, companies like Atari showed their strong commitment to the industry, the Commodore 64 arrived at the recreational boom and the rest, is already history … a market that does not stop growing and whose ceiling , it is still difficult to venture.