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How to unlock and request a care package at Cod Modern Warfare 2

In the field in constant evolution that is the FPS genre, Call of Duty has remained constant in the delivery of a frantic and rapid rhythm multiplayer game. Apart from the unique customization that is the Gunsmith and Perk system that gives it an advantage over the competition, COD has given the players rewards in the game known as kill streaks that reward the players who chain murder consistent with advanced weapons that can change the Rambo of the battle., including attention packages. This is what you need to know about How to call and unlock an attention package in Modern Warfare 2 .

Unlocking and called in an attention package

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You can unlock and request an attention package in one in two ways; The first way is winning five players kill streak in the game . The other method is if you prefer

Call of Duty fans know a lot about the kill streak of the attention package. First presented at Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 of 2009, accumulate several deaths in a row would grant the attention package. Equating the care package will give you a throwing flap that, when placed on the ground, will release a package with a random death.

However, as COD has evolved, some of the newest titles have changed the Kill streak formula to Score streaks. This rewards players who meet the goal and help their team with points that will generate gusts if they get enough score without dying. The Care Package is a score streak of 625 points that is rewarded by playing and attending.

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To use the attention package, be sure to have it equipped in one of the three streak slots going to « Weapons « tab » Dachas of murders and selecting attention package. You can also alternate between Kill streak and Score streak on the same menu. Pro-Punta; Equine as one of its advantages will reduce the necessary death count to call a package of attention, therefore, it will require that a streak of deaths of four players win. If you prefer punctuation gusts, Hardliner will reduce the amount of points necessary for the service package in 125, which means that you need 500 points for the streak.

That is all you need to know about How to unlock and request the Care Package in cod modern warfare 2 . As the game approaches quickly, we will bring you many guides and tips to help you on your trip along the battlefield. Be sure to consult our related guides, such as the Beta version schedule, how to silence other players in their multiplayer experience and how to win rewards when playing the beta version.

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