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Hiton Lineage 2m starts on December 2

Prepare for the Great Battles Ahead! Bring the renowned clashes and characters of lineage ii to your home PC or mobile in this world-class Battles Ahead: lineage2m is arrival on December 2, 2021!

Although we have an official message, but the whole thing is a bit more complicated.

In this entry referred to the start for Russia, the Community of independent states and Eastern Europe, i.e. also theoretically also Polish (although we do not consider ourselves Eastern Poland, this is how the world perceives us).

On the other hand, Closed Beta was blocked for us, and the official site of the game ( here ) still has problems with working for our part of the world.

We have a sign…

Let s assume, however, that we will actually enter L2M until December 2. If so, the game will be available in the Polish language version, which has already been confirmed several times. — We Are Preparing to Support English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Korean for the Official Launch.

Last week, Lineage 2 m was the most profitable Battles Ahead from the NCS oft stable, which quarterly earns more than Guild Wars, Ion, Blade & Soul, Lineage and Lineage 2 Total taken.

The total game revenues have already exceeded US 1.5 billion dollars, which clearly indicates that we are dealing with Battles Ahead super production.