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Charts France God of War Ragnarök is unleashed on PS5, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II resist

Leading 5 consoles.

On PC, there is modification. Indeed, FIFA 23, which occupied first place, is ejecting by Football Manager 2023. We discover Farming Simulator 22, while the Sims 4 replaces Minecraft Java & Bedrock on the last step.

Unsurprisingly, God of War ragnarök (PS5) removes Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare II from very first location in the top 5 consoles, the flagship FPS of Activision falling in 3rd position. FIFA 23, he handles to hang on to 4th position he loses a location compared to the past week-Just before the PS5 version of Call of Task: Modern Warfare II.

Charts France Week 45 (from November 7 to 13, 2022).

1/ God of War ragnarök (Ps5-Sony Interactive Entertainment).
2/ God of War ragnarök (Ps4-Sony Interactive Entertainment).
3/ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (PS4-Activision Blizzard).
4/ FIFA 23 (PS4-Electronic Arts).
5/ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (PS5-Activision Blizzard).



1/ Football Manager 2023 (SEGA).
2/ Farming Simulator 22 (plain).
3/ The Sims 4 (Electronic Arts).

Unsurprisingly, God of War ragnarök (PS5) dislodges Call of Responsibility: Modern Warfare II from very first place in the leading 5 consoles, the flagship FPS of Activision falling in 3rd position. Since second location also goes to the work of art of She Santa Monica Studio, but this is the PS4 variation this time. FIFA 23, he manages to hang on to 4th position he loses a location compared to the past week-Just prior to the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

Call of duty

What is the DMZ mode that reaches Call of Duty? Explained

The next update of call of Duty season 1 looks robust with the arrival of War zone 2.0 and many changes in multiplayer mode. However, the addition of the newer way, DMZ, is what has fans excited about the future of COD. This mode is quite unique compared to the typical cod formula, and in case you have lost it, this is what you need to know about the DMZ mode reaching Call of Duty.

Explanation of Call of duty dmz mode

Image Source: Call of Duty

The new DMZ mode that is coming is Call of Duty attempt to recreate games formulas such as Escape from Markov and inject the formula Cod. . The official description of the mode says:

Show to the exclusion zone of Al Madeira, where the operators are free of arms. Accept contracts, explore secondary objectives, interact with opposite operators and combatants, and look for valuable items, while trying to complete your mission and leave alive.

Escape from Markov was launched in July 2017 and gained popularity due to its challenging game cycle. The players enter a place, have the task of collecting resources and must be extracted successfully when their mission is completed. It is largely a simulation game, since players must eat and drink to maintain their health, and the time to kill is very hard.

The new DMZ mode will seek to follow the same game cycle, although in a less strict way. Many creators have had the opportunity to test the new mode, and it is played as a mixture of the Ground War and War zone modes of COD. Wait for many challenging fights between enemies controlled by players and equally, and if you are familiar with War zone, many of the new features that will arrive in War zone 2.0 will be present in the DMZ.

That is all you need to know about the new DMZ mode towards Call of Duty . Wait a lot of coverage when the new mode is launched together with season 1 and War zone 2.0. Go down to find a large amount of related content, such as our Modern Warfare 2 review, vehicle changes that will arrive in War zone 2.0 or the map in which the DMZ will take place.

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Call of duty

Sex Sells: Warzone player motivates group counciles with naked photos

The streamer Vauxie has discovered a curious tactic to be effective in the Battle Royale shooter Call of Task: Warz1. We explain to you what lags your erotic offer and also whether this stitch is in fact successful.

foot images as well as nudes as an incentive

Every Warzone player knows the problem: The opponent was a few seconds much faster or had the high ground and a companion gets on the flooring. Helpless and also weak. The other group participants are asked loudly concerning the voicechat to revitalize the fallen soldiers.

The streamer Vauxie, nonetheless, fixes the problem described in an entirely new means. She offers her random colleague naked images of herself when she sets her method to lift the banner again.

For most players, such an activity refers honor as well as naturally.

This spicy deal was tape-recorded with a clip, that went viral on Tikkok. A corresponding duplicate of it can be located on Twitter, as an example:

Incidentally, it is uncertain whether the selfless heroes were actually paid. , nonetheless, Tikkok was not very passionate about the clip and deleted the video clip , as it most likely went against the regards to use the platform.

And this pledge also shows directly effect. In both situations, the Simps are hurrying… uh friends quickly and assist the streamer back on its feet.

That is Vauxie?


It describes herself as a Telephone Call of Responsibility Queen and also gathers a little even more than 7,000 followers on the platform. Just the claimed Tikok clip provided the girl international focus.

The streamer Vauxie has actually discovered a curious tactic to be effective in the Battle Royale shooter Call of Obligation: Warz1. Every Warzone gamer knows the problem: The opponent was a couple of seconds faster or had the high ground and a companion is on the floor. In both cases, the Simps are rushing… uh friends right away and help the streamer back on its feet. Just the claimed Tikok clip offered the young female ** global attention.

Vauxie is an Australian streamer that is energetic on Facebook Pc gaming as well as regularly plays Phone call of Task: Warzone.

Call of duty

Dead telephone ADV Shredinggers Call Released from Shueisha Games. The story of a girl who responds to the phone in a world where humanity has disappeared

On August 6, Shueisha Games officially announced Schledingers Call as a publishing title of the company. The compatible platform is PC/iOS/Android. At this time, the release and price are undecided.


Schledingers Call is an uncertainty adventure game that Acrobatic Chirimenjako is producing. The stage of this work is a world where humans have disappeared without any 1. The protagonist is a girl named Mary. In the world of this work, humans are extinct and no one remains. However, she is still calling her to Mary, the last partner in her world. Those who are lonely and cannot die are looking for her story. In this work, the player becomes Mary and talks with them over the ph1. He answered the question and repeated the phone, and they regain their precious hearts. Players will also face Mary and the truth of her world.

This work is being developed by the Kyoto Indie Game Development Team Acrobatic Chirimen Jaco. According to the page in the Shueisha Game Creators Camp, ACHABOX is the representative, and SEISHI IRIMAJIRI, Amenone Games, and Kohei belong. All four seem to live in Kyoto.

This work Schledingers Call won the Grand Prize in the original game planning and development contest GAME BBQ Vol.1, an original game operated by Shueisha Game Creators Camp, which was recruited from July to September 2021. 。 In addition to investing in prize money and development funds, development support has been provided by Shueisha, but this time it has been decided to release from Jujisha Games.

Schledingers Call is being developed for PC/iOS/Android. It is planned to support Japanese and English.

Call of duty

Open world fishing shim CALL OF THE WILD: THE ANGLER PC version released on August 31

EXPANSIVE WORLDS announced that it will release the open world fishing simulation Call of the Wild: The Angler on August 31 for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store) and publish a trailer. 。

This work is the latest work by creators of THEHUNTER: CALL OF THE WILD . While freely exploring the vast nature of the open world, you will find the perfect fishing spot for you and aim for the strongest angler. It is possible to enjoy fishing experience in a seamless and beautiful water area with a solo or up to 12 people. In the game, you can freely move on foot, off-road vehicles, and boats. Set in the beautiful nature of the northwestern part of Wyoming, traveling in a different world, such as turning rivers, magnificent alpine peaks, turquoise blue springs, magnificent hiking courses, hidden ponds, etc. can.

Techniques, such as winding reels according to the characteristics and behaviors of various fish that were realistically simulated by different water temperature, water depth, and altitude, and customizes rods, reels, lines, uki, hooks, lures, and bait. Let’s learn and enjoy the real pleasure of freshwater fishing.

CALL OF THE WILD: The Angler, which can be customized up to 12 people, will be released on August 31 to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store). The console version will also appear soon. In addition, this work will regularly add free/paid content.

Call of duty

Filtration of Call of Duty 2022 reveals the return of two popular pistols from Modern Warfare 2

a new -duty 2022 leak has revealed the return of two popular world 2 weapons if you have not been paying attention to the latest bacalao rumors and leaks, everyone affirms that this year’s noveance continuation of the 2019 _ Duty of duty: modern war_. In other words, it will be a restart of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. If this is true, and there is no reason to doubt the validity of the affirmation at this point, then many weapons of mw2 probably will not only return through multiplayer mode, but will also be presented to the duty area: war z1. For this, a prominent Obligations The filtrator went forward and filtered two weapons that players can expect them to be part of the return Arsenal.

The escape comes by the way of the ghost of hope on Twitter. The source in question has proven to be reliable and of good reputation in the past, and now affirm that The Intervention and ACR will be in the game.

The intervention is a bolt sniper rifle that was first introduced with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The weapon has a slow shooting speed, low capacity and large rolling, but it can inflict a massive damage that can provide a single-shot deaths without the need for a shot. For these reasons, it is a popular weapon, especially between the shooters and those who are inspired to be shooters.

FIRST OFFICIAL CALL OF DUTY 2022 TEASER! (Modern Warfare 2 2022 Teaser)

The ACR was also introduced in C Tode duty: Modern Warfare 2 also, but it is an assault rifle that is popular and widely considered as one of the best weapons in the game for its extremely low versatility and recoil. Like The Intervention, to excel with it, it must be very precise because it has a low shot rate for its class.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. This is a rumor, not official information. At the time of publication, neither Activision nor Infinity Ward nor anyone related to either of them has commented on any of this. We do not anticipate this change for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

Call of duty

Exactly how is the previous Twitch-Star Drdisrespect today, after his perma

His twitch network was likewise opened up in 2010 as well as he started to stream shooters there as well as to do as the Doc. Numerous customers commemorated his attractive personality as well as wit, that swiftly offered him some growth. The years there were just uneven content from him, as he additionally had to accomplish a task in the pc gaming industry.

A black wig in the type of a vokuhila, his noticeable nose and a striking sunglasses were initially of the hallmark of Drdisrespect. Nowadays, a skin, dark top as well as a red vest or dungarees are included – his recognition worth is incomparable.

So the job of Drdisrespect: Already in 2010, the DOC uploaded his initial video on YouTube, in which he played Call of Duty: Modern War 2. Currently there he took the role of Drdisrespect as well as showed up in his typical presentation.

DRDISRESPECT, bourgeois referred to as Herschel “Man” elegance IV, was a rising star, which even signed a multi-year special agreement in the LiveStream system in March 2020. Nevertheless, Twitch Tanned the Banner in June 2020 forever. Until today it is not recognized why he was referenced by the system, yet Drdisrespect was clear: then he needs to go on YouTube. Meinmmo records on the job of the streamer and also exactly how he does today.

From the community supervisor to the well known twitch celebrity

That was a risky action after that: Drdisrespect had simply obtained a youngster with his spouse and they stayed in a tough community in which they could see out of the home window, as medicines are offered outside. DRDISRESPECT informed in 2019 on Twitch, he was trying to find a job in the video gaming sector in 2015, however discovered none with his return to. He made a decision to go with each other with his other half, “completely in streaming.”

As he played in 2010 COD: MW2 in his streams as well as video clips, he worked at the follow-up title Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare actively with and also produced multiplayer maps for the shooter.

Just how did it proceed? In March 2011, charm supervisor was designated area manager of the well-known Studio Sledgehammer Gamings. Sledgehammer Gamings is liable for the “Call of Duty” collection and ultimately brought out the shooter Call of Duty: Vanguard (2021 ). A little later, improved was promoted to the level designer.

It went steep uphill.

In 2015 his job was completed with Sledgehammer Games. If Drdisrespect made a decision that on your own or whether it was made a decision for him, you do not truly know. In any kind of case, he determined whether willingly or needs, now full-time banner on Twitch.

What do the numbers claim?

In 2017, nonetheless, Drdisrespect took a two-month break, as he dedicated a major mistake.

  • 2016: Average viewers – 2,050
  • 2017: Average viewers – 18,166
  • 2018: Average viewers – 22,991
  • 2019: Average viewers – 21,661
  • 2020: Average viewers – from January to June regarding 26,000, up until his spell

Return offered him ridiculous spectator record

Which mistake is? Just how the Doc introduced itself, he was unfaithful to his 2017 female.

Whether Drdisrespect and also his wife “Mrs Assassin” are still married today, is not understood as he intends to maintain his personal life as independently as possible. The neckline of his admission can you see right here:

Return apprehended Drdisrespect Viewer Document: When he returned on February 5, 2018, 363,980 people viewed him. A lot of viewers who could ever before record the DOC today on his twitch network.

Long-term spell by Twitch Forced Drdisrespect on YouTube to stream

Gamings like H1Z1, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or Pubg helped him to further boost its recognition. Nonetheless, it never thought about a shooter specialist, but instead as a crazy performer.

DrDisrespect FINALLY opens up about you know what.

Over 500,000 spectators sought the return of the banner Drdisrespect. A brand-new spectator record for perfectly. Return brought him over 1.1 million customers to YouTube as well as numerous thousand dollars. The years after that he included 20,000-80,000 customers month-to-month.

In March 2020, it was time: DRDISRESPECT signed a probably numerous millions, multi-year contract with Twitch, after which the LiveStream system Mixer drove numerous various other popular streamer. He commemorated the whereabouts on Twitch due to his spectators and also it seemed ideal for him to run.

In June 2020 he was completely prohibited by the LiveStream platform – and also until today. However, the spell is still a mystery in 2022. There was no well-known part of the Twitch’s still component of the DOC, why he was prohibited, there were only hot rumors and great deals of wild theories.

What occurred after his record? The DOC ended up being one of the most famous faces on Twitch.

According to his own statements he remained in time “the face of Twitch.”

In mid-July 2020, Drdisrespect recognized that he does not return to Twitch. He relocated to YouTube for streams. A platform known for him, as he has actually been playing them with videos for many years. He did not start without spreader – even on the contrary.

So it’s Drdisrespect in 2022 on YouTube

County in 2022 even sat down the intent to take legal action against twitch along with debuting as well as a thick payment (via Twitter). None of the two parties after as well as on March 10 introduced DRDISRESPECT on Twitter that he is leaving this chapter behind.

Does he actually feel much better? Dimely-technical possibly, but he has kept in mind in past streams that he directly goes worse on YouTube as well as taking him to take him.

If it goes to numbers, the effort speaks for himself, because according to the stats, wonderfully looks more individuals than previously on Twitch. In between 25,000 and 40,000 viewers, his streams are presently going after Youtube, which is substantially greater than concerning his twitch times.

What are his present plans? In December 2021, he announced a rival to COD Warzone as well as Pinnacle Legends: his very own AAA studio called “Midnight Culture”.

He says it’s excellent to him on YouTube monetarily, but no longer so glossy as at Twitch: Apparently he lacks both the profitable unique contract, along with the enroller deals he received at Twitch.

He also intends to enter into the bourbon business and release a songs album. He swipes about 3 times a week on YouTube and also tons diligently new videos on his channel high.

Exactly how is the DOC today? For two years, Drdisrespect has now streamed on YouTube, although it was clearly a lot more job than on Twitch. He had to call his team to check formulas, established key phrases and placed hashtags. On Twitch you might simply go real-time, see collection as well as have success.

Whether Drdisrespect can actually leave the Twitch-Bann completely behind or if he still pesters in breastfeeding is not clear. On youtube, he most definitely mimizes the macho player with strong self-confidence and loud organ, while he reduces the next shooter:

Drdisrespect wishes to build AAA workshop – makes the stupidest novice mistake for an NFT game

DRDISRESPECT, bourgeois known as Herschel “Man” appeal IV, was an ascending star, which also authorized a multi-year special contract in the LiveStream platform in March 2020. The DOC ended up being one of the most well-known faces on Twitch. Just how is the DOC today? For 2 years, Drdisrespect has actually now streamed on YouTube, although it was plainly extra job than on Twitch. ** Dimely-technical possibly, however he has noted in past streams that he personally goes even worse on YouTube and taking him to take him.

Call of duty

The new Call of Duty report is bad news for Modern Warfare 3 fans

In 2019, Activision and Infinity Ward restarted, with a massive success, Call of Duty 4 Modern War with _Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mi. According to reports, in 2022, the couple will continue with a restart of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s Successor, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. If this is true, the expectation will be that a reboot of the duty: Modern War (3 will continue in a few years. And this is a reasonable expectation, and they currently have it. That said, a new report has bad news for those with this expectation. More specifically, a new report has revealed that Activision and Infinity Ward do not have plans to restart mw3. Rather, the intention is to conclude the reinitiated series with this year. Obligations, the aforementioned reset of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

The report comes from the hand of outstanding Obligations, who, unfortunately, does not have any additional information. The only other thing mentioned by the report is that, according to reports, Infinity Ward is not interested in bringing back any previous game. Contemporary 2. Then, it is not just about Modern Warfare 3. For this purpose, the study apparently is “looking further”.

Ralph is a well-known _Obligations, but that does not change the fact that everything here is not official and is subject to change, and therefore must be taken with tweezers. At the time of publication, no part involved has touched this report with any kind of response or recognition. We do not expect this to change, but we will keep you informed if he does it.

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