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Blacksmith Sim Anvil Saga -Not faithful to history, but passion for history triggered the development of this work [Developer Interview]

This project interviews the developers of new indie games that interest you. This time, we will deliver a mini-interview to the developer of the blacksmith simulation Anvil Saga , which was developed by Pirozhok Studio and started early access for PC on June 21st.

This work is a simulation game that runs a blacksmith in the Hundred Years War. As a blacksmith, players will respond to the needs of all customers, from bandits to merchants, priests, and soldiers, while expanding the blacksmith by managing workers and improving facilities and tools. It also features that every player’s decision influences the story and gameplay. Japanese is not supported at the time of writing the article.

Anvil Saga is available for early access for 1,420 yen.

――First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game? **

Daniil Zevakin (Daniil) This is Daniel Zevakin, the publishing producer of this work. He was also a creative producer and game designer. Regarding my favorite game, when it comes to genres, I’m omnivorous and I don’t want to group games in the favorite frame. I love Capcom, which makes stylish games, I love the creativity of Nintendo’s game system, and of course I love Rockstar in terms of scale, detail, and cinematicity.

Timur Shakirov (Timur) Timur Shakirov, the leader of Pirozhok Studio. He is 22 years old and has been playing strategy and simulation games for a long time, as far as he can remember. He can’t choose one of his favorite games, but he has a few that he loves. Warcraft III, Civilization series, Total War series, Factorio, Prison Architect.

――Why did the development of this work start? **

Timur I’ve always liked history games, but I’ve never seen one about the Hundred Years War. Suddenly one day, I came up with the concept of a blacksmith simulator and thought it would be interesting to set the stage in the Hundred Years War.

――Please tell us the features of this work. **

Daniil The most interesting thing about this game is that it combines the randomness of gameplay with a simple yet effective story. Thanks to that, you can have a unique experience every time you play. I also like the fact that it depicts the gloomy medieval era in a cute and colorful art style!

Timur players must always balance factions such as England, France, bandits and more. Churches and witches will also appear. Players need to carefully choose their ally factions, but in random events enemy factions can occupy your village. Every choice is important. It’s okay to be on your side with your favorite faction, but be careful!

――What kind of person do you want this work to be played by? **

Daniil To be honest, when making a game as a product, I don’t assume a specific target. My goal is to make it fun to play, and I always give a GO sign, even if I try to add something strange to the genre or the players. So my answer is I’ll do my best to make everyone enjoy it!

Timur I hope that as many people as possible can play this game. I think it’s a dream for any developer to have many people enjoy their work.

――How long do you plan for early access? What kind of elements will be added in the future? **

Daniil Our plan for the content of this work is to publish a roadmap on the Steam page. We aim to complete it in the next 5 to 8 months.

――Please tell us your impressions of releasing it as Early Access. **

Personally, as a Daniil producer, I don’t like early access. There is resistance to putting it out in public before it becomes the best thing. But on the contrary, I think it’s good to get direct feedback from the community. It tells us that we are moving in the right direction, and sometimes we need to rethink. It’s so cool!

Timur So far, I’m completely successful. There was a save bug and it took a while to launch, but the players really understand us and help us. We’ve cleared most of the bugs in a week, 10 days after launch at the time of the interview, with 350 reviews and 80% positive ratings!

Early access went smoother than I had imagined, but there’s still a lot to do. Big updates are coming soon, so I don’t have time to rest.

――Are there any works that influenced this work? **

As I mentioned on Timur, I’ve always been interested in history. He plays historical games and often reads books on medieval battles and the manufacture of armor and weapons. This work is not true to history, but my passion for history is what triggered the development of this work.

――Are there any plans to support Japanese for this work? **

Daniil It’s just a word about how interested the Japanese community is. Voluntary translations are accepted, and we are also looking forward to hearing from individual translators for this work and other titles. Please email us here.

――Did the new coronavirus have any impact on development? **

The new Timur Corona had no impact on development. Everyone on the team is working remotely.

――Is it okay to distribute and monetize this work? **

Daniil Of course! We welcome any content that uses this work.

――Please give a final message to Japanese readers. **

Daniil I hope you’ve already enjoyed this game, and I’m very happy if you play it in the future! Thank you for reading this interview. Keep an eye out for Game * Spark as we’ll continue to post cool game interviews!

PS: Personally, I wish I could visit the wonderful country you live in next year!

Timur Thank you for your interest in our project and for reading this interview. Please look forward to Arthur’s success until the end!

–thank you very much. **