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Czech the official SPIDER poster

Originally, last weekend I was brand new Spider-Man: no way home, but this changed due to the pandemic. However, Marvel did not forget this date, since during the last moments of yesterday the official poster of this tape was published, which confirms the return of an iconic villain.

Several rumors have pointed out that No Way Home will have Six SINISTER such as the main villains. During the first trailer, the return of Alfred Molina was confirmed as Dr. Octopus. Now, The poster of this tape has revealed that the Green goblin, Antagonist who was hinted in the previous advance, will also be back.

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Although Willem Dafoe, actor who played this character in the first film of Spider-Man in 2002, has not confirmed him, the design that the poster shows us seems to indicate that this will be the version we will see in no way home. Next to this, You can also see thunder and sand, which indicates that Sandman, played by Thomas Baden Church, and Electron, by Jamie Foxx, will be back.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released on December 17, 2021. On related topics, this is the duration of the tape. Similarly, Spider-Man will finally arrive at MARVEL S AVENGERS this month.

Author s Note:

Although it is great to see these actors once again in their villain papers, there are still doubts about how the tape manages to balance all these characters, something that is not easy. Recall that the worst Spider-Man films have been characterized by having several villains and multiple narratives in one place.