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SV Waldhof Mannheim Kientz is to be positive Corona

Chaos at the SV Waldhof Mannheim: The President of the third division, Bernd Breetz, has commented on the outward of sports chief Jochen Kientz. He had a positive corona test secretly.

Silent or here, now bursts the collar. A Corona test was concealed. Employees were instructed not to inform the management, Breetz said at a fan fraghealth and pushed a very clear violation, there The Supervisory Board could not respond otherwise.

Actually, the club had agreed not to call exact details. There was an incident, Betz had said last Wednesday in the run-up to the Cup Game against Union Berlin behavior, but not further expressed for the exact reasons for Kientz release.

The incident had come to light because an employee is no longer stood up to the pressure and a few days later had informed the management, Betz: The Managing Director (Markus Compp, d. Red.) Then informed the Supervisory Board, and we have that Immediately contact the DFB and the health department, because a threatening point deduction was not an option.

Subsequently, the Supervisory Board had no choice had to be exempted as Kientz. First, the separation with the recent developments had been justified. Whether the concealed case of the trigger for the Corona outbreak within the team was in mid-October with up to 17 infected players, is not known.

Waldhof Mannheim: Kientz engages lawyer Schickhardt

Kientz has now been engaged by lawyer Christoph Schickhardt. The allegations are so difficult and at first glance so lush that I will now take a thorough exam again before there will be an opinion from our side, said the sports rights in the rheinpfalz.

Breetz had committed a gross violation of labor law guidelines with his statements, Scheinhardt adopted: The association will have to replace the reputation damage Mr Kientz suffered.

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Despite the exemption, Breetz emphasized that he had very well collaborated with Kientz: He made a good job and put together a great team.