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GTA RP: Cidade Alta wins Battle Royale mode open to the public

The MIDADE Alta server, one of the most popular GTA RP servers within the azilian community of the game, has signed a partnership with the SnackClub startup to launch a Battle Royale that was open to the public.

The new game mode featured a championship that was titled Os Kings of the Tank, which made 16 Squads play a prize of $40,000.

Presented by content creator Gaberdine, the tournament took place last Sunday (06), and the oadcast of the event accumulated over 200,000 unique visitors. The award was divided into the top three, so that the champion team, Greta, was awarded $25,000 and two exclusive skins from the server.

Already the CDA and Turkey teams received, respectively, $10,000 and $5,000 for the second and third place.

This is the first action that the MIDADE Alta server performs open to the public, not limited to RP members. Battle Royale developed for the server is the most popular, with air heel and equipment search.

The launch of Battle Royale’s map came from an opportunity we saw with SnackClub of creating more spaces for consumers of our Web3 initiatives, as well as creating a competitive and more accessible public scenario. All this within an extremely popular game mode among us azilians. We will allow any MIDADE High NFT, from Skins to Cars, can be used in this Battle Royale, said Paulo Benetti, CEO of Outplay, owner of the server.

Clash royale

Naraka: Bladepoint: Temulch offered in the Hero Display Trailer

The Battle Royale fighting game Naraka will appear on Thursday: BladePoint for Xbox consoles including the Xbox Game Pass as well as allow players battle for triumph with 60 others.
In a new hero showcase trailer, programmer 24 Enjoyment now presented the personality Temulch more precisely and also shows the attacks with which strikes he tornados on his opponents.

On the day on which Temulch awakens its inner strength, the meadow will certainly be haunted by angry storms.
The legends of his forefathers burned themselves right into his mind, as well as the popularity he is looking for is so close that it can nearly taste it.

The gray wolf will certainly strike once more.