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Ikina Games Star Bates, Now our school is G -Star Demonstration

Irina Games Co., Ltd. (CEO BAE Jewish) will release the teaser of ‘Our School’, based on the RPG game ‘Star Bates’ and Never Webtoon, which will be exhibited at ‘G-Star 2022’, the largest game exhibition in Korea, which will open on November 17th. I said it was.

Orthodox RPG Game Star Bates presents a thrilling battle system through a turn-based battle using a unique mecca. The adventure of exploring dramatic stories and desert planets and discovering new areas, and the planet’s unique worldview melted the experience as if the user became a resident of Delight City on the Planet. Trailers are leading a lot of expectations by putting the scenes in the game.


‘Star Bates’, which was released through the trailer, has become a harsh environment due to the influence of the big war in the past, but it draws a variety of characters that pioneer everyday life by adapting to the environment, such as remodeling the body and crossing the desert using Mecca. A city where future backgrounds and clunky appearances coexist. Delight City, where humans, machines, and modified humans work together, conveys a rough but full human sensibility.

‘Star Bates’ aims to be launched on various platforms such as PS and Nintendo based on STEAM after G-Star.

‘Our School is now’ is a visual novel game based on the popular webtoon of the same name in Never Webtoon.

The teaser video released this time contains the process of the beginning of the zombie disaster and the desperate voices of students who are struggling to survive. In particular, the acting of the illustrations and the actual voice actors who depict a terrible school raises tension, raising questions about the story.

In this teaser video, Irina Games said that we wanted to emphasize ‘school’, which is clearly distinguished from other zombie disaster content.

The school in the background is an isolated space, and as it is a society with a special association of students and teachers, the way to cope with zombie disasters is quite different. It is said that students who are equal and strong in personality are to show that they are important factors in the story that they emotionally repeated cooperation and confrontation, and that teachers who need to lead them have to worry about survival and responsibility.

The game ‘Our School is now’ will be released in early 2023 through the Nintendo Switch and PC Steam, and you can enjoy the trial version on your PC and steam deck at the 2022 G-Star Irina Games booth (B03).

The details of the two works can be found on the Irina Games official page, Irina Games official SNS Instagram, Twitter, and Star Bates pages.

Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

Transformers & WOWS: LEGENDS collaboration 3rd. I am Optimus Prime trailer is also released

On September 1st, Wargaming has launched the third Transformer collaboration in the basic play free online sea battle action game World of Warships: Legends . At the same time, trailers that introduce the male figure and collaboration items of the collaboration captain characters are also available.

World of Warships: Legends is an online match game that takes place on various ships. In the third collaboration with Transformers, which opened this time, past collaboration items and Captain Captain Captain Captain have revived. A camouflage for Legendary ships appears. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee’s Autobot warriors, and decepticons such as megatron and lamble appear in the game. In addition, the ship is dyed to the character specification. If you like Transformers, be sure to check them out with the above-mentioned trailer.

In addition, this work is also holding a Bushido campaign. If you clear all the milestones in this campaign, you will be able to obtain Musashi as the final reward. Musashi is a ship that does the best with the battleship Yamato. In addition, Musashi has been implemented in the PC version WORLD OF WARSHIPS and the mobile version of WORLD OF WARSHIPS BLITZ, but is difficult to obtain due to sales suspension. Despite its high popularity, it is now a premium battleship that can only be obtained on very limited opportunities. For the actual rampage of Musashi, a test play report is being released in our magazine. If you are interested in the impressions of WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS and the actual touch of Musashi, you may want to read it.


WORLD OF WARSHIPS: LEGENDS is being distributed for PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The Transformers 3rd collaboration will end on October 3rd.

Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

Victoria 3 finally played: the global approach is so excellent

When it come to the scope of the video game as well as the selection of alternatives, Victoria 3, which appears in fall, holds to the virtues of his precursor. In regards to presentation, nevertheless, the global strategy game shows its modern-day side and radiates with beautiful card details and also a vibrant video game globe. Victoria 3 is also not a tactics fight event like Imaginative Assemblys Total Battle series.

In worldwide strategy games, you do not deal with the passions of a town or a big city al1. Here you regulate the fate of a whole country and its individuals. The Swedish developer and author Paradox Interactive has entirely dedicated himself to this kind of game as well as lately released a real international method exhanging graph with Crusader Kings 3. The method series Victoria, likewise created by paradox, has a virtually 20-year history. The second component published in 2010 house to a lot of appreciation for its intricacy as well as the mass of opportunities, however was likewise reprimanded for its persistent presentation as well as the cumbersome handling.

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Fifth page 5bildergalerie for Victoria 3 finally played: The strategy is so great…

Rather, you will certainly initially hang around to identify the status quo of your country. Which industry is already there? What concerning profession courses? With which states exist polite connections? Just how is your own people? After that you click through the specific locations of your country and also see which structures are already offered there.

The selection of your beginning nation is of essential importance. Each state brings private requirements with themselves-ETWA in areas such as the economic climate, population, diplomacy and likewise the existing framework.

all the beginning is…

Since here you are not a general who leads his army to the field. In this video game, you invest hrs enhancing your economic situation or manipulating various other heads of state with comprehensive diploma functions.

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Page 2Victoria 3 finally played: Preview page 2.

The Swedish designer and publisher Mystery Interactive has actually totally devoted himself to this type of game as well as just recently launched a real worldwide strategy exhanging graph with Crusader Kings 3. With regard to the scope of the game as well as the range of choices, Victoria 3, which shows up in fall, continues to be true to the virtues of his predecessor. In terms of presentation, however, the global approach game shows its contemporary side and beams with pretty card information as well as a dynamic game world. Victoria 3 is also not a strategies fight celebration like Creative Assemblys Overall War collection.