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Dunpa Mobile, the first day of release, achieved 1 million users

Nexon’s ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ released its own record of the first day of the first day of the launch.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile was ranked first in Apple App Store sales in 5 hours from 8:00 am on the 24th. Dictionary downloads 12 million cases, Dictionary characters generated by 1100 million users, and the number of users who have accessed the game on the day of launch is 1 million.

This is the largest number of the first day of the mobile game released by Nexon.

Google Play and Apple App Store The popularity of popularity is to sweep the summit, and the explosive popularity is to be exploded, and it has also been to record 4.6 Google Play rating and a high assessment of stable service environment and game performance. After the release, we are taking a pleasant server environment without checking the present.

“The appearance of the adventures filled with Elven Guard,” said Nexon Lee, said, “The appearance of the adventures filled with Elven Guard has given a great impression and pride to all of his employees,” he said, “I am thankful to the high interest and support of the high interest and support that I have shown, and to provide stable service I will spend. “

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile is a 2D action game that is a 2D action game that has been a 2D action game that is a 2D action game that is a manual manipulation, which was a ‘action pleasure’ and enjoyed a manual manipulation in the past entertainment room, and a journey of adventurers on the Arad continent that the beautiful legend and miserable war coexist.

Meanwhile, the Dungeon & Fighter, which was released in August 2005, is 850 million cumulative users, 5 million in China simultaneous users, and 5 million in China, and $ 18 billion, It is a work that is reported a game as a representative culture contents of Korea as a record of Korea.

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Detailed information on Dungeon & Fighter mobile can be found through the official website.

Dungeon fighter online

King of Fighter All Star, Street Fighter Collaboration Update Notice

Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Poji Wook) shall be held on the 17th that the Action RPG ‘The King of Fighters All-Star (Ching of Fighter All-Star) will be conducted on the Street Fighter.

The King of Fighters Allstar X Street Fighter V Collab Teaser Footage
In the coming collaboration update, various collabority fighters, including the popular character ‘Ryu’ and ‘Chunley’ of the Street Fighter, are scheduled to be added. Users have been expecting a lot of expectations as updates using Street Fighter IP (intellectual property), which have been desired for a long period of time.

On this day, the teaser site of the collaboration update was also opened. This game is scheduled to perform update pre-registration since March 15, and also provides Street Fighter Collaboration for Street Fighter Collaboration through teaser sites.

On the other hand, King of Fighter All-Star has also released new directions to future updates through developer notes. The newly released developer notes reflect the opinions of users, we have been preparing to reduce the amount of fun and maximize the fun elements, and have shown that new content ‘dispatch’ and PVP event ‘Dream Match’ and the like.

For more information about games, see King of Fighter All Star Official Communities.