Grand theft auto

GTA IN GTA ONLINE A new monthly subscription for PS5 and Xbox Series X

The first approximately EUR 5.5 per month’s monthly GTA + subscription begins on March 29 until April 27th.

Rockstar’s grand theft AUTO ONLINEEN The upcoming monthly fee will bring exclusive prizes along with a wide range of benefits. In each month, subscribers receive new objects and bonuses such as money, improvements and special discounts. Members also have access to better Shark Carde, which can take the game micro-fee. Subscribers must redeem each month’s awards from traders in the game unless you want to risk their disappearance when the month changes.

Approximately five and a half-euro’s price monthly agreement is continuous, but according to Rockstar, it can be interrupted at any time. GTAA + will be available only for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’s owners.

Gta Online Character Transfer To PS5 Or Xbox Series X|S

Rockstar released from the GTA + order’s first month benefits can be found here. The listings of the following months are similar to, but with different objects and bonuses.