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New battlefield Battlefield 2042 Haizard Zone mode released

The information of the new mode Hazard John of the Battlefield 2042 , rumored was released.

On October 15, released information about the trailer of the Hazard zone and the detailed gameplay. A maximum of 32 players are the mode of battle royal format to fight to take up data drives in satellites falling throughout the map. According to the description of the developer, Hazard Zone is short if it is short, 5 minutes, and the length of 20 minutes.

The background of the Hazard zone is closely related to the background setting of . In 2040, a global power failure occurred, resulting in a quaternary of 70% of satellites. The relations between the United States and Russia were set up before the war when communication, operation, and monitoring of each other were impossible.

The two countries launched a temporary satellite equipped with a data drive to collect information, and satellites fell to each area after completing information collection. The player becomes a non-welfare soldier ​​and fighting against each other s soldiers. You must secure the data drive in the satellite to escape.

In addition to the player in the Hazard, there is a occupational soldier who is controlling by AI. The main area of ​​satellite, the more and more occupational soldiers are stationed, so be careful. The weather that changes to the vision is also threatened by the player. As Hazard John stays, you can collect more satellite data, but the storm also needs to be aware of it.

And there is also a uplink , which can help you get several helps in the Hazzard John. Uplinks are randomly arranged, and you can rearrange the boarding equipment by requesting the boarding equipment through the uplink.

If you have collected satellite data, you have a maximum of two escape opportunities. When you arrive at the randomly set escape point, you must block the other squad and the enemy AI unit and board the helicopter. The first escape opportunity appears in a relatively early time, but the last escape opportunity appears at the end of the game. The team left is a defeated in the round, and loses all the data drives that are collected by the storms.

If you have successfully escaped with satellite data, you can get a Dark Market Credit (DMC), and the entire partner is a bonus. With the dark market credits, you can purchase various equipment and tactical upgrades that can be set before Hazard John entry. Tactical upgrades are scheduled for a total of 15 based on formal launch. The currently published tactical upgrade is as follows.

● Increased weapons \ – The selected tube assistance facility is increased by 1.

● Inside information \ – The crashing capsule shows the landing position 30 seconds before landing.

● Roadout insurance \ – If you have a deacon, 25% of the upgrade and load-out costs are repaid.

● Commercial bounty \ – Dark market credit credit cards increase by 50%.

● Quick Draw Holster \ – Weapon is 15% faster.

Hazard Zone offers seven full-length basics standards, and eight squads consisting of four, will participate in satellite data. PC, PS5, Xbox Seires X / S participate by up to 32 people, but the PS4, Xbox One version, the Xbox ONE version, can participate a little smaller.

The Battlefield 2042, which contains Hazard Zone, is released on November 19, 2021.

Hazard Zone Game

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone is not free to

If you want to play Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042, you have to buy the shooter and can not resort to a free-to-play version.

Electronic Arts has announced that the Hazard Zone game mode will not be available as a free-to-play version of Battlefield 2042. If you want to play the mode, you have to buy a version of the shooter.

Some battlefield fans are assumed that due to the enormous success of Call of Duty: Warzone and the Inhouse Apex Legends, the new Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone mode would be published as a free-to-play version. Especially if you are still considering how much the Battlefield v Firestorm mode has failed due to missing players.

As EA officially confirmed, the Hazard Zone mode is only included in the paid main game.

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Hazard Zone Game

Presentation of the Hazard Zone mode of Battlefield 2042 time and how to watch online

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Battlefield 2042 will reveal to the world its expected Hazard Zone, Thursday October 14 mode today. EA DICE hZone mode everything ready for the launch of which is presented Zone mode one of the most anticipated FPS of the year; added to that is the most ambitious installment of the saga. Our first impressions are very positive, but we will not know the final result until 19 October. Meanwhile, it s time to get to know this new game mode. We told you how to view the live presentation .

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Viewing the presentation of the Hazard Zone mode Battlefield 2042

The presentation of the Hazard Zone mode Battlefield 2042 can be followed live from 17:00 (CET) on Thursday October 14 through the official Battlefield YouTube channel. That s when we see this third multiplayer of the title, which according to the first leaks will be similar to what offers the popular Escape from Tarkov.

At the moment, we welcome the description that facilitates the official website of the game: Form your squad and despliégate Hazard Zone, a new multiplayer experience with large risks . Apparently, it will have to survive a multitude of enemies controlled by AI and other players in a huge map. The objective? Flee by helicopter without losing our equipment.

2042 Battlefield plans its world premiere in physical and digital format for next November 19 for in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

What time is the presentation of the Hazard Zone mode worldwide?

Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): at 5:00 p.m.

Spain (Canary Islands): at 4:00 p.m.
Argentina: at 12:00 hours
Bolivia: at 11:00 hours
Brazil: at 12:00
Chile: at 11:00
Colombia: at 10:00 hours
Costa Rica: at 09:00
Cuba: at 11:00
Ecuador: at 10:00 hours
El Salvador: at 09:00
United States (WZone modehington D.C.): at 11:00
United States (PT): at 08:00
Guatemala: at 09:00
HondurZone mode: at 09:00
Mexico: at 10:00
Nicaragua: at 09:00
Panama: at 08:00
Paraguay: at 09:00
Peru: at 10:00 hours
Puerto Rico: at 11:00
Dominican Republic: at 11:00
Uruguay: at 12:00 hours
Venezuela: at 11:00