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Battlefield 2042 This is the Hazard Zone

DICE provides a first look at Hazard Zone, another big game mode of Battlefield 2042. Trailer In below you take a first look at the game type, in addition to all-out warfare and Battlefield site in time for the launch of the new first-person shooter available. In the video you get to see zone and the functioning of Hazard next game scenes. An existing four-person squad must recover on the battlefield scattered data drives on and off at the same time, rival gangs and occupying forces. You collect a data drives and bring them to safety before a powerful storm sweeps across the target area. Hazard zone can be played on all seven maps of Battlefield 2,042th

About the story: In 2040, a worldwide blackout destroyed about 70 percent of all satellites; the tensions between the US and Russia are increasing. Since this incident, both sides use low-earth satellites for the collection of intelligence by means of radiation-resistant data drives. As a player, it puts together a powerful squad and take on the role of a specialist to you to save the data drives. Depending on the specialist you decide for either offensive or defensive play. While Maria Falck guarantees about mobility and healing, their backs to the fastening system and SG-36 wax gun by Pyotr Boris Guskovsky from a specific map area.

This is the Hazard Zone – mode in Battlefield 2042 | NEWS

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Battlefield 2042: trailer premiere hazard zone starts 17:00 – Watch here

Finally: DICE introduces the last mode of Battlefield 2042 with hazard zone. Here you are live. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

Battlefield 2042: New information about the mode Hazard Zone

The developer DICE will finally reveal the last game mode of Battlefield 2042 with the name Hazard Zone before the release. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

Battlefield 2042: beta build but not as old as previously thought?

It seems that the beta build is not quite as old as thought by Battlefield 2042 so far.

Other ways squads adapt in Hazard zone on their own style of play, it is with unveiling of the remaining specialist inside for the launch of giving , share the developers announcing the hazard zone of Battlefield 2042 (buy now € 57.99 / 53, 99 €) with. A round consists of five main phases. First, it determines the starting point of your commitment, selects the specialists, equipment and tactical upgrades. Then your team will be dispatched to the starting point. Once there, you activated your spy scanners and stand opposing units. Then you will receive the first of two ways to extract the data. After that, the remaining troops fight one last time to see who escapes – or eventually fails. The rounds, each lasting 15 to 20 minutes.

On Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5 and PC you are experiencing the hazard zone with 32 players on PS4 and Xbox One is having a maximum of 24 players on smaller cards. After a successful extraction teams receive a base reward and an additional reward depending on the backed-up data drives. In addition EP also you get black-market credits that you spend on new weapons, equipment and upgrades can. The upgrades include additional ammo, faster load times, more inventory space and the ability to revive fallen team members. Battlefield 2042 will be released on 19 November.

Battlefield 2042: EA shows hazard zone in the trailer

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By David Martin
10/15/2021 08:14

Hazard Zone Games

Battlefield 2042 danger zones

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone was revealed with a detailed breakdown of mode of operation of the mode as well as some of the unique features that DICE brings to this intense experience. However, since the gameplay details for Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone were dropped, players who inspire for the mode know if a unique map in Hazard Zone will appear in Battlefield 2042.

As expected, the mode will first use the seven cards of the game created for Battlefield 2042. However, if the mode prove to be a success, there is a possibility that DICE will publish further maps of the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone in the future and may even be an exclusive for the mode.

Read on what Dice said that the Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone will receive a unique map in the future and the current Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone cards.

Battlefield 2042 hazard zone cards

At the start, Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone will have seven cards, all of which are also playable in the all-out-warfare mode of the game.

The seven maps in Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone are:

Breaking out


In the course of the game season, further maps are added, although Dice has not said if they are added to the danger zone. However, it seems more than likely that you will be available in Hazard Zone and All-Out Warfare.

Does Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone have their own card?

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone has no own unique card and there is no indication of DICE that it will ever get exclusive cards in the future.

As already mentioned, the mode will start at the start of the seven cards created for Battlefield 2042. While Dice did not say that Hazard Zone will receive its own card in the future, it did not comment on whether this is a possibility now.

However, since more cards are to be added to the seasons of the game, it is unlikely that DICE will use its time to create a unique card for the mode when the existing cards are implemented.

This covers everything we know about the plans of DICE for a unique map in the danger zone. While looking for news about the mode, take a look at the full list of tactical upgrades available in the Mode for Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone.

Hazard Zone Games

Battlefield 2042 Trailer premiere to Hazard Zone today

Electronic Arts and Dice Prepare Hazard Zone for Hazard Zone for Battlefield 2042. For today s Thursday, the developers have announced the trailer premiere, which should ventilate the secrets around the last game mode in the new ego shooter. We have bound the stream below – the starting signal falls at 5 pm German time. Concrete details about the content of the stream wants to know Tom Henderson. The insiders known in the BF community for his leaks and pre-temporosites writes on Twitter that selected media representatives and content creators had already had early access to the video, which apparently has a length of just under 11:30 minutes.

Players can therefore look forward to Hazard Zone on handproof information – along with gameplay scenes from the new Battlefield 2042 mode. Henderson reports that switching off other players in Hazard Zone is not necessarily the top goal. Instead, it is in your task to obtain as many records as possible: There are two options for extracting the coveted data per match. For the transfer of opposing players you do not receive a reward. You can win the round even if you did not shot a single player, writes the insider.

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Battlefield 2042: New information about Hazard Zone mode

The developer DICE wants to finally reveal the last game mode of Battlefield 2042 with the name Hazard Zone before the release. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

Battlefield 2042: Beta-build but not as old as before?

Apparently, the beta build of Battlefield 2042 is not quite as old as previously thought. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

Battlefield 2042: Beta-build several months old, many improvements are still missing

Today, Battlefield 2042 starts in the Open Beta and is thus accessible to all players. The activation takes place delayed.

For background history of Hazard Zone reports Henderson: In 2040, a worldwide blackout led to the number of satellites decreased by 70 percent. Both the US and Russia have shot new satellites in a low alert and others Get superpower. As soon as the satellites cross the opposing territory, they are apparently shot down so that soldiers can extract the collected data. The data drives vehement of Ki players are protected. As soon as you get one of the data drives in your hands and extracts, you will receive Dark Market Credits , which earns your weapons, gadgets and upgrades for the next match. Further information should follow at 5 clock if the Reveal trailer goes to Hazard Zone live. Battlefield 2042 (Buy Now 57.99 € / 53.99 €) Should be launched on 19 November.

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